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Corolla Cross expands the Toyota lineup in the C-segment.


With the new Toyota Corolla Cross, the Corolla family, the world's best-selling car, is joined for the first time by an SUV variant that offers space and practicality as well as an attractive design. The new model not only complements the Corolla lineup, which already includes hatchback, TS station wagon and sedan variants, but also makes Toyota's SUV lineup the widest in the European market.

New Toyota Corolla Cross.

The car was based on the Toyota TNGA architecture. Based on the latest iteration of the GA-C platform, it has influenced the car's styling, interior, technology and driving performance.

Design and interior

The expressive and massive body of the new Toyota SUV was created with the European market in mind. Corolla Cross has a length of 4460 mm, a width of 1825 mm, a height of 1620 mm and a wheelbase of 2640 mm. Its dimensions lie between the Toyota C-HR and RAV4 models, which forms the basis of the C-SUV segment, offering the convenience, practicality and versatility that are so important for families with children.

Corolla Cross expands the Toyota lineup in the C-segment.

Every passenger has excellent visibility, plenty of headroom and legroom. The rear doors open wide and the optional panoramic sunroof creates a feeling of spaciousness and additional lighting in the cabin. Access to the trunk is easy thanks to the low sill and high-opening trunk lid, so stowage of bulky items such as prams or bicycles will not be a problem.

Fifth generation hybrid drive

The Corolla Cross is Toyota's first global model to use a fifth-generation hybrid drive.

Toyota's new generation of front-wheel drive or intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD-i) rechargeable hybrid system takes advantage of its predecessor, but has more torque and more electric motor power. This drivetrain is more efficient and more fun to drive than its predecessor.

Corolla Cross expands the Toyota lineup in the C-segment.

The transmission has been redesigned along with new lubrication and oil distribution systems that use a low viscosity oil. This helps improve efficiency and increase power by reducing electrical and mechanical losses.

Using the latest lithium-ion battery technology, the battery is more powerful and 40 percent lighter than before.

Corolla Cross expands the Toyota lineup in the C-segment.

The capacity of the internal combustion engine and the electric motor has increased, resulting in an increase in the total capacity of the entire system by 8 percent. In the front-wheel drive version, the 2.0 hybrid drive produces 197 hp. (146 kW) and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.1 seconds.

The AWD-i variant has an additional rear axle electric motor with an impressive 40 hp. (30.6 kW). The rear engine engages automatically, increasing traction and increasing the feeling of safety on low-grip surfaces. The AWD-i version has the same acceleration characteristics as the front wheel drive car.

Corolla Cross expands the Toyota lineup in the C-segment.

The fifth generation hybrid drive offers even better driving performance. Acceleration has become more linear, predictable and controllable. The system also better matches engine speed to vehicle speed for a more intuitive and natural driving experience. This was achieved by re-calibrating the relationship between the applied gas pedal and the response of the transmission.


Corolla Cross is equipped with many advanced technologies. The vehicle uses an advanced HMI (Human Machine Interface) system with the latest multimedia and a European-designed dashboard layout that includes a Digital Cockpit, a 12.3-inch digital dashboard display and a 10.5-inch multimedia system screen.

The 12.3-inch digital display on the dial has brand new software and hardware. It is the largest display of its kind in the segment, so it is capable of displaying a large amount of data at the same time. It is also flexible - it can be personalized, for example, in terms of fuel consumption, hybrid system operation or navigation.

Corolla Cross expands the Toyota lineup in the C-segment.

The 10.5-inch HD touchscreen multimedia system is equipped with a new, faster processor. It connects wirelessly to Apple CarPlay® and wired to Android Auto™ and provides Toyota Smart Connect functionality. The multimedia system has been enhanced with cloud navigation, traffic information, voice agent and internet updates. What's more, along with the car app, MyT offers a wide range of phone services such as driving style analysis, vehicle location, and the ability to remotely control the air conditioner or door lock.


The new Corolla Cross is equipped with Toyota's T-Mate suite of safety and driver assistance systems, which combines the latest generation Toyota Safety Sense package with other driving and parking assistants. These systems not only make traveling easier and safer, but also protect all passengers and other road users in many situations.

For the first time, the Early Warning System (PCS) includes acceleration suppression, intersection crossing assistance, as well as advanced approaching vehicle detection (oncoming traffic detection) and intersection turning assistance.

Corolla Cross expands the Toyota lineup in the C-segment.

Toyota Safety Sense features also include Emergency Vehicle Stop Stop (EDSS) as well as online updates that keep safety and driver assistance systems up to date and add new features throughout the life of the vehicle. The Adaptive Cruise Control (FSR ACC), Lane Keeping Assist (LTA) and Road Sign Recognition (RSA) systems have also been improved.

Corolla Cross expands the Toyota lineup in the C-segment.

T-Mate supports the driver with Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) with Safe Exit Assist (SEA), Automatic High Beam Assist (AHB), Toyota Teammate Advanced Park System, 360 Degree Panoramic Camera (PVM), Rear Cross traffic alert system. with automatic braking (RCTAB) and maneuvering obstacle detection system (ICS).

The high level of passive safety of the new Corolla Cross is provided by the rigid GA-C platform, and the new central airbag between the seats prevents the driver from colliding with the passenger in the event of a side impact.


Since the premiere of the Corolla in 1966, more than 50 million copies of this car have been sold worldwide. The Corolla Cross will strengthen Toyota's position in the C-segment and help it achieve its sales target of 400,000 vehicles. compact cars by 2025, corresponding to a 9% share in the most competitive segment in Europe.

The new Corolla Cross has been delivered to its first customers in Europe in autumn 2022.


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Corolla Cross расширяет модельный ряд Toyota в С-сегменте.
Corolla Cross expands the Toyota lineup in the C-segment.