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Dacia Bigster Concept announces the opening of the brand to new horizons


During the presentation of the Renault Group Renaulution strategic plan, the Dacia brand presented its strategy for the next five years. With the creation of Dacia and Lada business divisions, Dacia will increase its efficiency and competitiveness. It will be able to enter new markets and expand its product range, especially in the C segment. Bigster Concept announces that the Dacia brand has opened up to new horizons.

Dacia Bigster Concept

Dacia will always be Dacia and will continue to offer reliable vehicles that meet the rational needs of its customers. It is a smart choice that gives you the best value for your vehicle. With the creation of the Dacia and Lada business units, we maximize the potential of the CMF-B modular platform, increasing the efficiency and attractiveness of our products. We have all the cards in hand to aim even higher. The Bigster concept paves the way. — (Denis Le Vot, CEO of Dacia and Łada brands during the presentation of the Renaulution plan)

A unique and efficient business model that works in any environment

For nearly 15 years, Dacia has been offering modern, solid and attractive vehicles. It benefits from unique know-how, proven technology components and synergies within the Renault Group and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance that deliver cost savings.

Known for its simple distribution model, Dacia has made a name for itself in 44 countries. Over 7 million vehicles have been sold and many bestsellers are on offer. In the European consumer market, the Sandero has been the best-selling vehicle in all segments for many years, while the Duster is No. 1 in the SUV segment.

Dacia Bigster Concept announces the opening of the brand to new horizons

Dacia has always been able to offer a proposal that meets today's requirements. In order to strengthen the offer, so that the brand's vehicles continue to meet the real needs of customers and be the answer to the current challenges facing the automotive sector, Dacia is betting on:

  • a strict approach to pricing applied in product development,
  • the newly created Dacia and Łada business unit with the support of the global automotive group, especially in the field of technology, which will increase the potential for synergy and the use of common components (transfer),
  • the use by both brands of the competing CMF-B Alliance platform, which offers a wide range of applications and will reduce the number of platforms used from four to one, and the number of body versions from 18 to 11,
  • vehicles developed on the CFM-B platform and equipped with alternative fuel or hybrid engines, meeting the requirements of changing standards and customer expectations,
  • the competitive, modern range has expanded with the introduction of the new Sandero and the new Logan and Spring in 2021, the most attractively priced all-electric city car in Europe, as well as three new models that will be available on the market by 2025,
  • a strong entry into segment C, symbolized by the Bigster concept.

Dacia Bigster Concept - a breath of fresh air in the C-segment

True to the philosophy of the Dacia Bigster Concept, this is a solid and spacious 4.6m vehicle. Perfect for off-road and sandy driving, it offers everything an SUV in this segment needs without the extra gadgets.

The new SUV is Dacia's recipe for an affordable C-Class car at a lower price.

The Dacia Bigster concept embodies the changes taking place within the brand. It offers everything you need with a touch of freshness and outdoor style. This proves that an affordable price does not necessarily mean giving up on attractiveness. We at Dacia are deeply convinced of this, and this car is the best proof of that. — (Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Dacia Design Director)

Dacia Bigster Concept announces the opening of the brand to new horizons

Bigster Concept has in its genes important brand values that have allowed it to build strong relationships with customers and fans: simplicity, honesty and authenticity. The body proportions of the Dacia Bigster Concept are timeless and modern. From the place you can see the strength of the structure. The body line is straight and gives a sense of security. He doesn't pretend anything.

The shape of the body promises a spacious interior, one of the largest in this category. The extended Y-shaped light pattern gives the vehicle an off-road look with a distinctive design. The dark green color of the exterior emphasizes the love of open spaces and adventure. This spirit of freedom is very typical of the brand's DNA.

You don't need extra bells and whistles, chrome or materials that pretend to be aluminum. The Bigster Concept is the quintessence of an authentic SUV that uses recycled materials to a large extent, for example in all covers and body protection.

Dacia Bigster Concept announces the opening of the brand to new horizons

Using the Alliance platform, Dacia's future flagship model will be equipped with alternative or hybrid fuel engines. In this way, the brand will be able to fully meet customer expectations and comply with changing regulations.

With the Bigster concept, Dacia becomes synonymous with escapism and offers customers a simple, authentic and unique experience. It represents freedom of movement more than ever and is a symbol of a thoughtful purchase that meets the real needs of buyers and their most important aspirations. This is an example of responsible consumption. The Dacia brand is - as always - everything you need, now in an even more attractive form.

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Dacia Bigster Concept объявляет об открытии бренда новым горизонтам
Dacia Bigster Concept announces the opening of the brand to new horizons