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Debut Kia Stonic in the GT Line version


Kia introduced the new Stonica in the top version of the GT Line. Prices for a city SUV in this version start at $85,490. (4 c.u. = 1 USD) with a 1.0 T-GDi engine with 100 hp. A more powerful 20 hp option. with a mild hybrid drive costs 4500 USD. (4 c.u. = 1 USD) more expensive. Inside and out, the Stonic GT Line features elements reserved exclusively for this model. Like the rest of the versions, the Stonic GT Line also offers customization options.

Kia Stonic GT Line

The Stonic has proved to be a great success for the Kia brand in Europe, with more than 150,000 units purchased since the launch in 2017. In 2019, the city SUV became the fourth best-selling Kia Motors model in Europe. In Russia, this car is sold even better. After the Ceed and Sportage models, the Stonic ranks third in the Vistula sales rankings. There are many indications that the GT Line variant will make the Stonic even more attractive.

Debut Kia Stonic in the GT Line version

Production of the Stonica GT Line will begin in October at the Sohari plant in Korea. Like all Kia models, the Stonic GT Line comes with a 7-year warranty or 150,000 km as standard.

The exterior design is inspired by the GT series models.

As for the urban crossover, the exterior of the Kia Stonic GT Line looks very sporty and is reminiscent of the Stinger GT, Ceed GT and ProCeed GT models.

On the outside, the Stonic GT Line features different front and rear bumpers compared to the other versions. At the front, LED fog lamps are integrated with three additional radiator air intakes. The metal trim on the lower edge of the bumper is also new. The tiger-nosed grille also features GT Line-specific trim, as do the exterior mirror housings. In addition, the Kia Stonic GT Line comes standard with new full LED headlights featuring a new daytime running light design. The rear bumper is more expressive than the other options, not only with a fake diffuser, but also with two solid exhaust pipes.

Debut Kia Stonic in the GT Line version

Since a third of all Stonics sold to date have two-tone bodywork, the GT Line is also offered in this version. There are as many as 9 color combinations for the body and roof to choose from. In addition, the Stonic GT Line features colored air intakes in the front bumper painted in the same color as the roof. The top version of the Kia urban crossover is equipped as standard with 17-inch alloy wheels with 205/55 tires.

New details in the interior and new functions thanks to Internet access

Salon Stonica GT Line differs not only carbon dashboard. Also new and exclusive to this version are the upholstered seats, which are a combination of black fabric and synthetic leather with white stitching. Also new is the flat-bottom steering wheel in perforated leather with contrast stitching and GT Line logo. The 4.2-inch display in the instrument cluster is also new.

The Kia Stonic GT Line is offered as standard with a set of digital services with free access for 7 years and a new multimedia system. At the top of the center console is an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, equipped with the second generation UVO Connect function, which provides communication with the outside world and allows you to control selected vehicle functions.

Debut Kia Stonic in the GT Line version

The new multimedia system is available with satellite navigation as standard. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect two mobile devices at the same time - one with hands-free phone support and multimedia capability; the second is only for receiving multimedia.

The second generation UVO Connect system offers real-time access to traffic information, weather forecast, points of interest (POI), fuel prices and parking information (price, location and availability). The new Online Navigation service uses both real-time and historical traffic data. As a result, it's better than ever to suggest a route and predict arrival times.

The UVO app, compatible with Android and Apple smartphones, also offers a new Last Mile Navigation feature to help you continue your journey to your destination even if you've parked and left your car. Thanks to this, with a smartphone in hand, it is easier to get from the parking lot to the store, cafe or restaurant.

Debut Kia Stonic in the GT Line version

A turbocharged engine and a mild hybrid powertrain are available.

The Stonic GT Line is available with a new mild hybrid (MHEV) from the EcoDynamics+ family. The 1.0-litre Smartstream T-GDi (turbocharged, gasoline direct injection) engine and 48-volt electrical system provide greater efficiency through energy recovery. A compact lithium-ion battery powers the electric motor, which also acts as a starter and generator (MHSG).

The MHSG is connected by a belt to the engine crankshaft and smoothly switches between "engine" and "generator" modes. In "motor" mode during acceleration, MHSG helps reduce engine stress and reduce emissions. Under certain conditions, when the vehicle slows down, the MHSG can switch to "generator" mode and regenerate crankshaft power to recharge the battery.

The new Smartstream engine is equipped with CVVD (Continuously Variable Valve Duration) technology, i.e. infinitely adjustable valve opening time. This allows the engine to seamlessly switch between different combustion cycles depending on the load, improving performance in any driving situation. The engine from the Smartstream family produces a maximum power of 100 or 120 hp.

Debut Kia Stonic in the GT Line version

Stonic GT Line 120 hp fitted as standard with a new manual transmission (iMT) with an electronically controlled clutch. The surcharge for the optional 7-speed dual clutch transmission (7DCT) is 6000 cu. (4 c.u. = 1 USD). The iMT gearbox helps reduce fuel consumption. Instead of a mechanical drive, the clutch is electronically actuated. The iMT transmission works with MHSG and allows you to shut down the engine earlier than the start-stop system during engine braking.

In economy mode, both transmissions engage what is known as "Float" with the engine off to conserve fuel. The system operates at speeds up to 160 km/h. The engine restarts when the driver presses the accelerator, brake or clutch pedal.

The Kia Stonic GT Line is also available with a 1.0-liter T-GDi engine that develops a maximum output of 100 hp. and mated to a six-speed manual transmission as standard (optionally with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission). .

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Дебют Kia Stonic в версии GT Line
Debut Kia Stonic in the GT Line version