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Mitsubishi Space Star 2020 debut in showrooms


The new Mitsubishi Space Star 2020 has just debuted in Russian car dealerships under the sign of the Three Diamonds. The main stylistic changes in line with the new "Dynamic Shield" design strategy covered the entire front of the car up to the windshield (hood, air intakes). , bumper, grille).

Mitsubishi - space star

The key advantages of the new 2020 Mitsubishi Space Star are its low curb weight combined with dynamic petrol engines that deliver good performance with very low fuel consumption of 5 l/100 km.

The continuously variable automatic transmission, which is not offered by competitors in this segment, makes the Mitsubishi Space Star even better, meeting customer expectations. Small overall dimensions and a turning radius of only 4.6 meters make it easy to park. All of this is backed by a 5-year backed warranty and a very competitive price starting at $40,990. (4 c.u. = 1 USD).

Mitsubishi Space Star 2020 debut in showrooms

Response to current customer demand

EU regulations regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions have significantly narrowed the range of city cars offered in Russia and Europe. At the same time, the demand for city cars with low maintenance costs and individual transport is growing. It is the city car segment that is expected to show the largest sales growth in the coming months.

Thus, the new Mitsubishi Space Star is an excellent proposition for customers in segment B, who are looking for a car without unnecessary equipment in simple technical specifications, and for segment A, who, for a little extra, will become the owner of a larger car. , more convenient and practical car.

The price list for the Space Star starts at $40,990. (4 c.u. = 1 USD), which makes the car cheaper up to 10,000 c.u. (4 CU = 1 USD) than the competition, offering radio and air conditioning, a 5-year warranty, a dynamic engine, low fuel consumption, convenient parking and the amount of space needed for daily commuting, school or shopping .

The new model fits perfectly in times of budget and spending rationalization. Unlike many competitor models, the offer includes a large number of configurations and combinations of powertrains with manual and automatic CVT transmissions.

It is the presence of CVTs in various modifications that gives an advantage over competitors who offer this convenience only in the highest equipment options. The new Mitsubishi Space Star 2020 model, attractive prices and CVT versions will help increase sales and interest in the Three Diamonds brand.

Mitsubishi Space Star 2020 debut in showrooms

New dynamic design

Building on the success of its new design concept, Mitsubishi Motors decided to restyle the Space Star city car by introducing a new visual identity. The design of the front belt "Dynamic shield", used on all MMC vehicles, both in cars and in key cars, SUVs, minivans and pickups, was highly appreciated by customers, which confirmed its relevance and versatility.

Replaced the entire front of the car in front of the windshield (hood, air intakes, bumper, grille). Lighting - LED (depending on market and version) completely redesigned. This significant effort in terms of investment and production turns the Mitsubishi Space Star into an elegant and dynamic looking small car with compact dimensions (just 5cm longer to 3845mm), seats 5 people and has a total legroom of 1651mm.

At the rear, there is a new, wider and more expressive bumper that makes the car appear lower and wider, with new proportions enhanced by a new L-shaped LED taillight design. long roof spoiler with integrated brake light also contributing to excellent aerodynamics (Cd: 0.27).

It is worth emphasizing that the consistently implemented weight management strategy, which consists in optimizing the design and extensive use of high-strength steel (60%) in the entire supporting structure instead of a typical body sheet with a strength of 200/250 MPa, due to which the weight of the lightest version of the car was reduced to 860 kg.

In terms of looks, the 2020 Space Star also features new, refined, wide-spoke 15-inch aluminum wheels that emphasize dynamic styling and fill the wheel arches better than before. This brighter new "personality" was further emphasized by the use of two new colors: Metallic Sand Yellow and White Diamond, which use a new and very complex multi-layer/multi-layer process, first introduced on the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (in red) in 2017, then in L200 (white) in 2019.

Finally, MMC's design department expanded the range of Genuine Accessories to match the new character of the car: a front bumper skirting board with a red stripe pattern on the upper grille, body-coloured front bumper corners, and carbon fiber doors and rear bumper doors. thresholds and corners red stripe.

Mitsubishi Space Star 2020 debut in showrooms

Higher interior quality

Changes in appearance, resulting from extensive improvements to the exterior design, have been made to the interior of the car - this is a response to the opinions of European buyers. Highlights include new upholstery (available in black or grey), standard combination of geometric fabric pattern (center) and jersey effect (sides), with or without seams, depending on the finish, optional combination of graphic fabric pattern (in center) and synthetic leather (sides) with stitching and piping, new door trim with fabric insert, fabric armrest with carbon fiber accents, new switch layout and storage on the dashboard, and new semi-contrast instruments with carbon fiber dials and more clear signs.

Engines and gearboxes

The new Mitsubishi Space Star 2020 is powered by lightweight, high-performance 3-cylinder petrol engines (1.0L/71PS/88Nm and 1.2L/80PS/106Nm) equipped with Mitsubishi Motors Variable Valve Timing – MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Electronic Valve Timing) and Auto Stop & Go (depending on equipment version).

The new Space Star model offers 2 efficient transmissions - manual and continuously variable automatic. The 5-speed manual transmission helps reduce fuel consumption with less oil (lower viscosity) than competitive models and a low gear ratio.

The state-of-the-art INVECS-III CVT transmission features a wide range of gears for improved performance and reduced fuel consumption, a flat-plate torque converter with a special soft muffler for reduced fuel consumption, and an integrated (liquid-cooled) oil cooler.

The continuously variable automatic transmission is compatible with Auto Stop & Go and improved driving performance analysis when driving downhill or uphill (by increasing the RPM target to prevent engine rev drop). Implementation of the “Neutral Idling Control” system minimizes variator friction losses. These losses are due to the resistance force created by the torque converter when the clutch is operated at idle in the "D" position.

Mitsubishi Space Star 2020 debut in showrooms

Maneuverable - turning radius 4.6 meters

The new Space Star is well suited to the role of a nimble commuter, offering the driver a driving experience with an emphasis on comfort and agility. The car is characterized by good visibility - thanks to the combination of a specially profiled front end, where the driver can see both ends of the engine hood, and a low line of windows allows you to maneuver on the road. with high precision.

Front A-pillars and a lowered waistline at the front of the body significantly increase the driver's field of vision both in front of the car and to the side. High maneuverability is achieved thanks to a turning radius of 4.6 meters - one of the best results in its class. The new Space Star makes it easier to maneuver through intersections, winding roads and parking lots (3.48 turns of the steering wheel between lock positions).

Safe city car

The new Space Star is built on a highly efficient architecture that is light, strong and safe. The starting point is MMC's patented RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body structure, which is designed to effectively absorb and dissipate impact energy from all directions.

The Space Star model also uses a reinforced front frame enriched with massive cross members. Together with a reinforced interior cage, these elements are responsible for better dissipation of impact forces in a frontal collision. The Space Star's front seats provide a high level of safety enhanced by the use of dual tensioner seat belts (retractor and force limiter) and a design that reduces back injury caused by jerks.

The door and trunk locks are equipped with a function that prevents accidental opening in the event of an accident. Another advantage of the lightweight design of the new Space Star is the high efficiency of the optimally tuned braking system, both in terms of stopping distance and stability.

The new Space Star is equipped as standard with 6 airbags (including side airbags and air curtains) and active safety systems - ABS, Vehicle Stability Control (ASC), Traction Control (TC), Emergency Brake Assist (BA) and Hill. Start Assist (HSA) and ESS emergency braking system.

Mitsubishi Space Star 2020 debut in showrooms

In terms of pedestrian safety, the new Space Star complies with EU regulations: head protection - a high hood line allows more space between the soft hood and the rigid engine, and the sloping and energy-absorbing body structure of the windshield / wiper and front wheel arches, as well as leg protection An energy-absorbing frame is installed behind the front bumper, and the headlight design absorbs energy.

The new generation 2020 Mitsubishi Space Star brings a high level of safety to the small car segment with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) often unavailable in this segment, including:

  • Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM) with Pedestrian Detection
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  • Automatic High Beam AHB
  • Rear View Camera

10 configurations starting at $40,990 (4 c.u. = 1 USD)

Mitsubishi Space Star 2020 is available in 10 trim levels and 5 equipment options - it is worth noting that as many as 4 versions are offered with an INVECS-III automatic transmission, and the cheapest one costs 51,990 USD. (4 c.u. = 1 USD).

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Дебют Mitsubishi Space Star 2020 в автосалонах
Mitsubishi Space Star 2020 debut in showrooms