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The debut of the new BMW M2


The debut of the new BMW M2 marks the next stage of the model offensive for the 50th anniversary of BMW M GmbH and offers an even more compelling entry into the world of sports cars.

New BMW M2

The compact dimensions combined with the transmission and running gear taken from the BMW M3/BM4 M4 give the new version of this two-door model amazing agility and handling to the limit. This characteristic is also reflected in the coupé's expressive, sporty-proportioned exterior. In addition, the modern control concept, which allows you to adjust the parameters, allows you to very intensively perceive the capabilities of the car. With these features, the new BMW M2 continues the tradition of extraordinarily sporty compact cars that began in 1973 with the turbocharged 2002 BMW. It should also be a continuation of the market success of its predecessor, which sold almost 60,000 copies worldwide.

The global debut of the new BMW M2 will begin in April 2023. The car will be produced alongside the new BMW 2 Series Coupé at the BMW Group plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

The debut of the new BMW M2

Compact size, extremely muscular proportions

The sporty appearance of the new BMW M2 is due to its compact dimensions, extremely muscular proportions and typical M design features. The wheelbase is 110 mm shorter and the vehicle length is 214 mm shorter than that of the BMW M4 Coupé. At the same time, the width and track width are significantly larger than those of the new BMW 2 Series Coupe.

At the front, a large frameless BMW grille with horizontal slats and a three-piece lower air intake with almost rectangular contours create a typical M appearance. The design is based on technical requirements for cooling air supply and aerodynamic balance. When viewed from the side, clearly defined surfaces, strongly protruding sills and muscular wheel arches catch the eye. The rear of the new BMW M2 is also powerful and compact. The distinctive aerodynamic lip on the boot lid and the vertical reflectors create original accents, as do the simple diffuser insert and the two narrowly spaced tailpipe trims.

The five colors available for the new BMW M2 include exclusive non-metallic Zandvoort Blue and Toronto Red metallic finishes. An M carbon fiber roof is available as an option, which reduces the car's weight by around 6 kg.

The debut of the new BMW M2

6-cylinder in-line engine with fast power delivery and speedy character

The six-cylinder in-line engine of this compact top-of-the-range vehicle boasts the typical M power curve and high-revving concept with M TwinPower Turbo technology. The 3.0-litre engine differs in only a few details from the engine used in the BMW M3 / BMW M4 and impresses with its spontaneous response, easy revving and linear power delivery up to maximum loads.

With 338 kW (460 hp), the new BMW M2 outperforms the base engine of its predecessor by 66 kW (90 hp). The maximum torque of 550 Nm is available from 2650 to 5870 rpm. The new engine reaches its maximum power at 6250 rpm and its top speed is 7200 rpm. The dynamic power delivery is accompanied by the exhilarating sound of the M exhaust system with motorized flaps. Like the cooling system, the lubrication system has been designed for dynamic driving on the race track.

8-speed M Steptronic with Drivelogic as standard, 6-speed manual as an option

Power is sent to the rear wheels via Drivelogic's 8-speed M Steptronic transmission as standard. High shifting dynamics, direct connection to the engine and the possibility of shifting into several gears at the same time to the lowest possible speed in a given situation create ideal conditions for exciting acceleration. The gearbox is controlled by a gear lever in current M design and paddles on the steering wheel. The Drivelogic function offers the possibility of choosing one of three gearshift programs.

The debut of the new BMW M2

A 6-speed manual transmission is available as an option for classic driving and extremely intense driver-vehicle interaction. It contributes to a sporty driving style not only with precise lever movements, but also with a shift assistant that boosts revs when downshifting, eliminating clutch slip when downshifting before cornering. If necessary, the shift assistant can be disabled in the M Setup menu.

Equipped with an 8-speed M Steptronic transmission, the new BMW M2 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds; in combination with a 6-speed manual transmission in 4.3 seconds. Acceleration from 0 to 200 km / h is 13.5 seconds (automatic) or 14.3 seconds (manual transmission). The top speed of the new BMW M2 can be increased from 250 to 285 km/h with the optional M Driver Package.

Rear-wheel drive, M Traction Control and active M differential

Regardless of the choice of transmission, rear-wheel drive also provides traditional driving dynamics. The linear increase in lateral forces typical of the M helps the driver, for example, when cornering in controlled skids. The standard M Traction Control feature also ensures the most controlled driving possible. It allows the driver to individually set the thresholds for limiting wheel slip in ten levels.

The debut of the new BMW M2

The active M differential on the rear axle, which is also standard, ensures maximum driving pleasure thanks to smooth adaptive locking up to 100 percent. For example, it optimizes traction on surfaces with different traction of the right and left wheels of the rear axle, as well as the transfer of power to the road during dynamic acceleration in corners.

Advanced Chassis and Precise Control

The compact dimensions, short wheelbase, almost perfectly balanced 50:50 weight distribution and improved suspension of the new BMW M2 contribute to light and precise handling. The high torsional rigidity of the bodywork and suspension attachment points also ensure agility, dynamics and steering precision.

The debut of the new BMW M2

Both the double-link suspension strut front axle and the five-link rear axle feature M-specific kinematics. Control (DSC) with M Dynamic mode and high performance M braking system with floating discs and six-piston fixed calipers at the front and single-piston floating calipers at the rear. The integrated braking system provides two characteristics of the brake pedal stiffness. The new BMW M2 is equipped with 19-inch alloy wheels at the front and 20-inch at the rear. Therefore, they are one inch larger than the standard BMW M3 and BMW M4 models. Track tires are also available as an option.

The debut of the new BMW M2

Advanced sports cockpit with standard BMW curved display and optional M carbon bucket seats.

The new BMW M2 offers a driver-oriented cockpit with M-specific displays, controls and settings, as well as BMW's advanced curved display. Important information for the driver, including the shift indicator, is shown in a new graphical form on the 12.3-inch information display. The 14.9-inch control display can display M widgets, including vehicle settings and tire status. The optional BMW head-up display also offers typical M.

Like the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, the BMW curved display is part of the latest generation of BMW iDrive. It is based on the BMW 8 operating system and is constantly being improved for an intuitive interaction between driver and vehicle through touch controls and natural speech. The new BMW iDrive system enables personalization with a BMW ID profile and the My BMW app, as well as the use of a personal eSIM in the vehicle. Smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ is also standard on the new BMW M2. Optimal connectivity is ensured by a 5G-enabled antenna system.

The debut of the new BMW M2

As standard, the driver and front passenger sit on distinctive sports seats upholstered in Sensatek and Alcantara. Alternatively, M sports seats with integrated headrests and upholstery in perforated Vernasca and Sensateku leather are available. M carbon bucket seats, also available as an option, feature carbon fiber structural elements in the seat and backrest area as well as openings in the side bolsters and under the headrest. These seats reduce the vehicle's weight by approximately 10.8 kg.

3-zone automatic air conditioning, BMW Maps navigation system, setting button and M Drive Professional as standard.

The standard equipment of the BMW M2 includes, among other things, 3-zone automatic air conditioning, BMW Live Cockpit Plus with BMW Maps navigation system, ambient lighting and Hi-Fi sound system. Automated driving and parking systems include Forward Collision Warning, Speed Limit and No Overtaking Indication, Lane Departure Warning and Park Distance Control as standard. Optional features include Driving Assistant, Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function and Parking Assistant with Reverse Assist.

The "Setup" button on the center console provides direct access to the engine, chassis, steering, brakes and M Traction Control settings with optional Shift Assist. Two general vehicle settings can be stored and activated using the M buttons on the steering wheel.

The debut of the new BMW M2

The standard M Drive Professional system, in addition to the M traction control system, also includes the M Drift Analyzer and Laptimer M. In addition, the M Mode button on the center console allows you to change the operation of driver assistance systems and information and head-up displays. The options are ROAD, SPORT and TRACK.

An M Race Track package is also available as an option. In addition to the M Driver Package, it also includes an M carbon roof, carbon M bucket seats, carbon fiber trim strips and track tyres.

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Дебют нового BMW M2
The debut of the new BMW M2