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The Ducato Motorhome is the perfect companion for summer and holidays

Summer 2020 will be a season of slowly and carefully gaining freedom and a long-awaited return to outer space, but with the awareness of comfort and peace in one's own circle and surroundings.

Fiat Ducato Camper 2020

How to combine these aspects with a hike and a thirst for new adventures, perhaps with a breathtaking view in front of you? The solution is a holiday aboard the Fiat Ducato, where every experience is a guarantee of safety and comfort. A motorhome based on the Ducato model is the key to a successful holiday, the best way to reboot after many months at home. A motorhome is a secure, “self-sufficient” place that is easy to clean and sanitize, making it safe to travel with family or friends.

The Ducato Motorhome is the perfect companion for summer and holidays

New Star Holidays Campaign

These simple assumptions are the slogans of Fiat Professional's new communication, consisting of a very promising press campaign with direct, attention-grabbing photographs highlighting all the exceptional added value of a motorhome holiday: dinner under the stars, like in a first-class restaurant. enjoying your own open-air bar that never closes, camping by the sea, immersing yourself in nature, a real escape from everyday life.

Word of the leading experts

Fiat Professional is the only brand with a dedicated team that boasts in-depth knowledge of the recreational vehicle sector. The brand also specializes in products and services for motorhome owners, giving its customers maximum flexibility and freedom. In addition, the Fiat Ducato MY2020 is a technical evolution that continues the success story of a model that has been continuously produced since 1981 at the Sevel plant in Val di Sangro. The model occupies the undisputed leading position in the industry. Over the past 10 years, over 500,000 families in Europe have chosen Ducato as the built-in base for their motorhome.

The Ducato Motorhome is the perfect companion for summer and holidays

Travel freedom and comfort on board

Among the model's biggest innovations, which are sure to delight RV buyers, is a new nine-speed automatic transmission that delivers a pleasant and smooth ride without sacrificing performance, while also optimizing fuel consumption in all situations. The engine range offers a 2.3-litre Euro 6d-TEMP truck-mounted diesel unit, strong and durable for the performance and comfort of a passenger car, in four power levels: 120, 140, 160 and 180 hp. All engines are equipped with Multijet 2 technology, which improves efficiency and fuel economy, but each engine also has unique design features such as turbocharging, piston and fluid dynamics. In addition, the most advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are available to ensure a safe and comfortable journey, as well as special suspensions for campers and a long list of accessories for maximum comfort.

"Freedom Leader"

The styling of the Ducato MY2020 is based on modern design, which, combined with the concept of a real light commercial vehicle, creates a feeling of dynamism, safety, quality and reliability.

The Ducato Motorhome is the perfect companion for summer and holidays

Thus, the new Fiat Professional car expands the concept of "design plus functionality". The interiors of Ducato-based motorhomes are mini-masterpieces of engineering and creativity. The Ducato motorhome can be equipped with a special swivel seat for the driver and front passenger, ideal for a comfortable journey. After turning off the engine, the Ducato becomes a comfortable "living room", just turn the seat towards the day zone in the car. This is just one of the amazing solutions developed by Fiat Professional and the coachbuilders who make the Ducato-based motorhome a true “Leader of Freedom”. Its position is evidenced by a number of international awards, including the prestigious "Best Embedded Base", which Ducato won in 2020 for the thirteenth year in a row. This prestigious award was given by the readers of the German trade magazine Promobil, which for more than 25 years has been a kind of barometer measuring trends in recreational tourism and confirming customer loyalty to the Ducato model as an ideal base for recreational tourism. goals.

Adventure without problems: Fiat Professional Services

"Leader of freedom" is a concept with a well-defined meaning. “Freedom” is a promise to the customer that Fiat Professional delivers on by providing closeness and a solution to any problems that may arise during the holidays.

The Ducato Motorhome is the perfect companion for summer and holidays

Fiat Professional not only provides the best motorhome base, but also ensures that all motorhome owners can travel with complete peace of mind. Based on years of experience, Fiat Professional offers a unique set of services dedicated to all those who travel in the brand's motorhomes, to make it easier for them to organize each trip, share experiences and receive assistance. For years, Fiat Professional has provided a dedicated multilingual customer support service. There is also a website, a Fiat Ducato Motorhome Facebook page and a rich Instagram profile. When inspecting or repairing Fiat Professional motorhomes, you can count on the brand's network of 6,500 service centers, which are available throughout Europe. Of these, more than 1,800 are Fiat Motorhome Assistance points specializing in motorhome maintenance. The multilingual roadside assistance service, available 24/7, is free of charge for the first two years after vehicle registration and provides quick assistance when needed, such as in the event of an accident, flat tire, empty tank or breakdown.

In collaboration with Mopar, Fiat Professional has developed the Maximum Care Camper package, which extends the warranty beyond its expiration date, giving you true peace of mind while traveling.

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Дом на колесах Ducato — идеальный компаньон для лета и отпуска
The Ducato Motorhome is the perfect companion for summer and holidays