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E-Ducato is a new model of Fiat Professional


It has been a year since the unveiling of the prototype E-Ducato, an all-electric BEV (battery electric vehicle) created by Fiat Professional that paved the way for zero-emission vehicles. Over the past year, despite the complexities of the global pandemic, work on the new Fiat Professional model has continued with the help of simulation tools. Professional Fiat sales representatives took part in in-depth and extensive virtual lectures to familiarize themselves with the new van, which is now ready to be launched on the market through pilot projects for selected customers.

E-Ducato is a new model of Fiat Professional

New Fiat E-Ducato

The E-Ducato is the result of an extended series of measurements and tests that take into account all operating parameters for different types of customers, as well as dynamics, load capacity and environmental impact. June 5th World Environment Day is a great opportunity to focus on the new 100% electric vehicle solution, the 100% Ducato, designed to ensure the future of sustainable mobility and business. The latest electric vehicle will soon join Ducato Natural Power's range of methane-fueled alternative powertrains to address market challenges.

Visual expression of revolution: new logo

To mark the beginning of a new "electric" era, the FCA Style Center logo will debut, symbolizing the link between the future and the present of the bestseller. The logo itself is made up of two distinctive elements: an 'E' in blue, traditionally associated with innovation and sustainability, preceded by a 'D' like a Ducato in polished silver, to highlight the strong, recognizable character of a car that doesn't need headlights to shine. This all-electric delivery van opens a new chapter in the great history of Ducato, a legend that first appeared 39 years ago and is constantly fueled by its own commercial successes and breakthrough technologies. The "E-Ducato" logo is a visual expression of the revolution that will lead the brand to the transport of the future. The electric version of the Ducato will be Fiat Professional's flagship product in terms of electric mobility. The shift from "car choice" to "mobility choice" motivated by job or business specific factors changes the concept of car purchase from "total cost of ownership" to "total mobility cost". In this way, Fiat Professional demonstrates, more than ever, its total commitment to developing vehicles that best meet the requirements of its customers.

E-Ducato is a new model of Fiat Professional

Created by professionals with the support of professionals

Work on the E-Ducato included over a year of road research and data analysis of over 28,000 vehicles. Measurements from the customer's point of view were carried out by a dedicated team of professionals on vehicles with internal combustion engines that have been driven over 50 million kilometers in order to be able to take into account all the variables related to the way of use as well as dynamics. , payload and environmental impact.

The analyzes focused on mileage, model fitness for purpose, fuel costs, vehicle operation and temperature.

Following this approach, Fiat Professional aims to offer complete solutions in the field of electromobility. After analyzing the energy demand, these solutions will not only solve specific problems, but also provide answers both at the vehicle level and at the infrastructure level, not to mention the full range of everyday services associated with new mobility.

Ducato Electric offers, among other things, a complete range of versions. also modular battery size options with a range of 220 to 360 km (depending on battery options and usage). All this combined with impressive performance: speed limited to 100 km/h to optimize energy consumption, maximum power of 90 kW and maximum torque of 280 Nm. The new electric drive does not affect in any way what is Ducato's strength, ie. the largest in its class with a capacity of 10 to 17 m3 and a load capacity of up to 1950 kg, also the best in its category. In addition, the E-Ducato on the 100% is associated with a unique set of features to meet the professional and electrifying requirements of every group of customers, from selective users to large fleets using a fleet management system.

E-Ducato is a new model of Fiat Professional

Fiat Professional has successfully used its technological advances and experience to develop an electric version of its bestseller that meets the requirements of every professional user, offering innovation, performance and flexibility, following the motto of the Ducato model: "more technology, more efficiency, more". quality" to offer customers the most efficient and versatile zero-emission van on the market.

Flagship model without limits

The new E-Ducato is an uncompromising vehicle that is Fiat Professional's electric flagship. With an increasingly visible shift from "choice of vehicle" to "choice of mobility", the focus is now not only on "Total Cost of Owning a Vehicle" but also on "Total Mobility Cost".

Virtual Lectures: From Training Development to Business Development

Given the current precautionary measures and social distancing, Fiat Professional has continued its training in a virtual format: the development of training, as in the case of the E-Ducato, represents an advance in the industry. During each lecture, the product was presented in detail in preparation for the rest of the events. The specifications and product range of the E-Ducato are discussed in detail, with particular attention to its innovative aspects. The virtual lectures were very successful and all the students participated diligently. 310 salespeople from Germany, 120 from Poland and 210 from countries outside the EMEA region have already completed the training, and online training will also begin in other European markets, including Spain, France and the UK.

E-Ducato is a new model of Fiat Professional

To continue its journey to European markets, the E-Ducato will soon undergo extensive field trials conducted by business partners under natural operating conditions.

Based on this, the E-Ducato is gearing up for market launch in the coming months, with orders soon to begin in major European markets.

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E-Ducato — новая модель Fiat Professional
E-Ducato is a new model of Fiat Professional