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Ferrari 812 GTS by Carlex Design


Custom interior design studio Carlex Design has just finished modifying the beautiful, unusual and completely naughty Ferrari 812 GTS.

Ferrari 812 GTS - Carlex custom makeover

The Ferrari 812 GTS is the brand's first production convertible in fifty years to feature a V12 engine up front. The car is equipped with a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with 800 hp. and 718 Nm of maximum torque, making it the most powerful serial convertible in the world.

The interior of the Ferrari 812 GTS has changed, or rather, almost all of its elements. The design principles were clear: the interior had to reflect a clean classic style with a touch of vintage, so as not to lose the sporty and aggressive character of the car. After reading the tips, we immediately realized that the best and, in fact, the only choice was to use kudu leather - the original, durable, extremely soft exotic leather obtained from African species of kudu antelopes.

Ferrari 812 GTS by Carlex Design

Ferrari 812 GTS by Carlex Design

An added bonus is that it ages gracefully and the natural scars and scratches give it a vintage feel. The warm, rich caramel color fits perfectly into the background of the project and harmonizes beautifully with the gray color of the Ferrari exterior. The interior is also made of black, the same soft buffalo leather. Everything is decorated with original stitching, laser motifs and metal plates. All plastic parts are finished in high-gloss black. In addition, the car received a wrapping of the body, emphasizing its sporty and unique character.

The final result of the modification of the Ferrari 812 GTS is breathtaking not only for the customer, but also for us. It invites you to sit inside, immerse yourself in its luxurious leather-smelling interior and start this extraordinary engine.

Photo: Carlex Design

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Ferrari 812 GTS от Carlex Design
Ferrari 812 GTS by Carlex Design