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Ferrari SF90 Stradale by Carlex Design


Carlex Design has completely redesigned this extremely fast Ferrari SF90 Stradale. The Ferrari SF90 Stradale, with its well-known and award-winning 4.0-liter V8 internal combustion engine, develops 780 hp. and maximum torque of 800 Nm. To such an impressive arsenal, Ferrari decided to add three more “modest” electric motors with a total power of 220 hp, which, in combination with an internal combustion unit, gives a huge power of 1000 hp.

Almost the entire interior of the SF90 Stradale has been redesigned. As usual, the whole process began with sketches, with the participation of the owner. A complete interior design was created reflecting the quality and aesthetic expectations of the owner of this beautiful car. After the design was developed, it went into production, where, with the participation of designers and employees of the Carlex Design prototyping workshop, the project came to life. The whole thing took three weeks of work. We leave the effect for you to evaluate.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale by Carlex Design

The first thing that catches your eye and takes your breath away are the seats designed from the ground up. The black perforated leather upholstery with silver lining contrasts perfectly with the silver and red accents, echoing the black smooth leather bodywork. The sports steering wheel has a new upholstery that matches perfectly with the dashboard upholstery. An all-new Alcantara roof lining is complemented by red and silver leather accents to complete the look. Under the feet of the driver and passenger installed floor mats of a new design. The carbon elements of the interior are accentuated by aggressive lines in silver-red lacquered. All these modifications give the interior an even sportier and more luxurious look, which is certainly expected by every individual buyer.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale by Carlex Design

Ferrari SF90 Stradale by Carlex Design is not only super fast, but also unique and meets the aesthetic and quality requirements of the customer. Owners of such cars expect the highest quality, and that is what Carlex Design promises. He promises and keeps his word.

Photo: Carlex Design

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Ferrari SF90 Stradale от Carlex Design
Ferrari SF90 Stradale by Carlex Design