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Ford has developed a concept car Mindfulness


For some, the car has become a haven during the pandemic, a place to spend time away from the worries at home, which has become both a workplace and a school class, and a way to allay fears about traveling by public transport. transport.

Ford Mindfulness

Ford developed the Mindfulness concept car to explore how such techniques can reduce driving stress and make driving more enjoyable. The vehicle offers a range of features and functions such as a decontaminated filtered cabin air, an electrically activated driver massage seat that can stimulate breathing and heart rate, and mindful driving tips.

Ford has developed a concept car Mindfulness

“Mindfulness helps people concentrate better, calm the mind and become more clear, and when you’re driving, it can help you become a better driver,” said mindfulness trainer Mark Coleman, who created the meditation guides for the concept car. “You become more aware and react faster, while significantly reducing the likelihood of distraction. Better informed drivers can make driving safer and more enjoyable for all road users.”

Mindfulness concept car

Many drivers may have already used the mindfulness technique in their daily driving practice without even realizing it. This may include being able to breathe calmly in a stressful situation, or even stopping by the side of the road to enjoy a great view. Based on the Ford Kuga SUV, the Mindfulness concept car complements these activities with a range of specially designed features that enable users.

Ford has developed a concept car Mindfulness

Achieve a clean and uniform environment in the car in advance

  • The Unlock Purge function, activated by remote control or phone app, provides clean and fresh air to the passenger compartment through the air conditioning system even before getting into the car,
  • The premium filter helps remove nearly all dust, odors, smog, allergens and bacteria-sized particles.
  • UV-C LEDs neutralize viruses and germs on smartphones, screens and other surfaces, providing a more hygienic car interior environment.

Ford has developed a concept car Mindfulness

Pick a mood and feel it

  • Interior lighting combined with temperature control creates a specific atmosphere in the interior, for example, the impression of a bright morning, a peaceful blue sky or a starry night,
  • The four-actuator driver's seat can stimulate and collect respiration and heart rate information and display this information on the car's screen.
  • Sensors linked to the driver monitor heart rate and other physiological parameters that can synchronize the heartbeat with seat actuators and interior lighting.
  • Special interior decoration using ecological materials, natural colors and thoughtful stylistic accents.

Ford has developed a concept car Mindfulness

Enjoy relaxing and stimulating music

  • The B&O Beosonic™ Sound Equalizer lets you choose your acoustic space to suit your mood, offering sound modes such as Vibrant, Energetic, Relaxed and Warm, among others.
  • The B&O headrest speakers reproduce sound close to the driver's and passenger's ears, and when combined with the headliner speakers, they provide excellent sound quality.
  • Playlists are adapted to the situation and location, such as the sound of the sea while walking along the pier or soothing music in traffic.

Stay calm and fresh

Adaptive air conditioning provides cool, soothing air after driver assistance systems have helped avoid a traffic accident, such as by emergency braking or evasive maneuvers, falling asleep and waking up refreshed. Special guides for light physical yoga exercises and short meditation sessions during stops. Graphic elements draw the driver's attention to the movement.

Ford has developed a concept car Mindfulness

“These systems help the mind, body and spirit turn driving time into “time for me,” says Carsten Starke, technical interior materials and satisfaction expert, Ford of Europe Research and Advanced Engineering. “The principles learned and practiced in this unique vehicle can be applied to a variety of situations outside the cockpit to enhance not only everyday driving, but every other experience.”

Ford believes a thoughtful approach to in-flight technology can help develop future electrified and autonomous vehicles, allowing passengers to travel and relax in a much more rewarding and relaxing way.

Ford has developed a concept car Mindfulness

Attentive Presence and Ford

Ford is already promoting the benefits of mindfulness techniques to its employees through the Ford Mindfulness Club, offering employees around the world mindfulness training and regular meditation sessions. Ford's "Share The Road" campaign aims to promote greater understanding among road users to make streets safer for all road users.

“The machine itself is not rational. But the way the car is used and the behavior it supports can already be. The goal of Ford's concept is to evoke feelings that will contribute to the enrichment of consciousness. With unique features and built-in technologies, Ford offers drivers and passengers new ways to be mindful while driving anywhere on the road,” said Mark Higbee, Senior Advisor at Ford Motor Company, who helped raise awareness of the working environment at Ford.

Mindfulness's concept car was at the IAA Mobility Show in Munich, Germany from 6 to 12 September 2021.

Photo: Ford

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Ford разработал концепт-кар Mindfulness
Ford has developed a concept car Mindfulness