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Toyota vans: PROACE and PROACE CITY


Toyota offer includes not only economical hybrid passenger cars, but also a wide range of vehicles designed for hard work. In a market where cold-blooded calculus matters and where competitors compete by the millimeter, Toyota is at the forefront with conventional and electric vans and trucks. Toyota PROEYS and Toyota PROEYS CITY models that should be brought closer to those buyers who expect reliability, versatility and a favorable price from a car. Thanks to these values and the support of qualified dealers in Toyota Professional, PROACE and PROACE CITY dealerships, it is like vans to order for every industry.

Why Toyota Van?

Why is the commercial vehicle market much more demanding than the passenger car market? Because a client who comes to a car dealership for a branded van often has a tape measure in his pocket, and the table helps him choose the right car. The offer for a company car should be the best, and the car should guarantee not only a large cargo area, inexpensive and reliable operation, but also richer equipment than competitors.

Toyota PROACE and PROACE CITY are vehicles with standard equipment that allows you to work comfortably and comfortably, and a wide range of configuration options allow you to adapt the car to different types of activities. Factory-prepared for Toyota, the cargo bay mounts will allow you to enjoy your vehicle as soon as you leave the dealership. Food safe floor? No problem. Or maybe durable protective door panels that will keep the cargo area in top condition after years of use? All this can be found in the offer of the PROACE and PROACE CITY models. It is also worth mentioning that the equipment options do not end with the engine and equipment. We can choose from various options for sliding side and rear doors. Glazed or sheet metal, sliding on one side or on both sides are just some of the options from which you can choose your vehicle configuration.

Toyota vans are also equipped with economical engines. In each model, we have a choice of different drives that combine moderate fuel consumption and good dynamics. The flexible engines ensure that riding with loads and road conditions is not terrible, and points are collected at gas stations a little less often.

Finally, it is impossible not to mention what Toyota is famous for. Delivery vehicles, like cars, promise peace of mind, excellent warranties and reliability at the highest level. Choosing Toyota is a guarantee of buying a vehicle that is ready for years of hard work, and is an invaluable asset in the delivery vehicle market. The Toyota Professional lineup offers vehicles of various sizes and for different tasks. What options and models should I pay special attention to?


Available in 11 body and length combinations, the Toyota PROACE is the ideal vehicle for any business. PROACE Active is a budget car option.which offers, among other things, a factory radio with Bluetooth connectivity, a driver's seat with height and lumbar adjustment and armrest, as well as air conditioning, central locking, cruise control, ABS, VSC and BA systems and power windows. In what variants is Toyota PROACE Active available?

Toyota vans: PROACE and PROACE CITY


Although Medium body is a shortened version. Toyota PROEYS, its cargo compartment holds up to 3 Euro pallets. The length of the vehicle is 4,959 mm, while the length of the cargo compartment is 2,512 mm, which can be extended by another 1,162 mm thanks to the Smart Cargo system. The length of less than 5 meters makes this version of the car maneuverable even in the city, and the height of the car is within 2 meters, so you can drive it to any underground parking.


Toyota PROACE in the longer version has a length of 5,309 mm and a cargo compartment measuring 2,862 mm. Like the Medium variant, we can use the Smart Cargo system, which provides an additional 1162mm. This is an excellent choice for those who need a roomy vehicle and a long cargo area.

Long brigade van

This version of Toyota PROACE combines the advantages of a delivery vehicle with the capabilities of a passenger car. The crew van has 6 or optionally 5 saloons, convenient sliding doors and a 1.5-liter or more powerful 2.0-liter diesel engine under the hood. Powered by 120, 144 or 177 hp units, PROACE excels in tasks that require both the transport of people, goods and tools.

PROEYS Comfort

For those who want more comfort and style, the Toyota PROACE Comfort is also available with optional equipment. In this version, we can count on, among other things, the Toyota PRO-Touch multimedia system with 7-inch color touchscreen and Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto, rain and dusk sensor, and 17-inch alloy wheels.


Small delivery truckthat guarantees exceptional payload capacity, large cargo space and equipment right from the comfort of your own compact car? This is perhaps the most concise description of Toyota PROACE CITY. This trusted employee, like its larger cousin, is available in many trim levels, and a variety of factory enclosures make it adaptable to any activity. Under the hood is a dynamic 1.2 turbo-petrol engine (110 hp) and a very economical 1.5 diesel engine in two power options - 100 and 130 hp. The most powerful option can be combined with an automatic transmission.

Toyota vans: PROACE and PROACE CITY

Comfort - Standard Van

recommended Comfort variety available in two body styles. The standard version is 4403mm long and has 1817mm of cargo space for items. The maximum capacity of the cargo compartment is 3.3 m3. The car is available with single-leaf sliding side doors or double-leaf doors - on the right and left side of the body.

Comfort - Extended van

The Comfort version in the Long version of the body has the same equipment (8-inch multimedia system, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, rearview camera, air conditioning and a range of security systems, including active cruise control) as the shorter version, but the dimensions of the cargo compartment are clearly larger. The length of the car is 4,753 mm, and the length of the cargo compartment has increased to 2,167 mm. In the Long variety, you can also talk about a cubic capacity of 3.9 m3. This is the capacity of the cargo hold. Like the PROACE CITY Standard body, the Long variant can also be equipped with single or double side doors.

Other Toyota Professional models

The offer at Toyota Professional showrooms is exceptionally diverse, and representatives of any field of activity will find a car made to order for themselves. Other models include passenger cars, city vans, electric or flatbed models.


Toyota PROACE Verso is a car that can accommodate up to 9 people. and is the perfect 24/7 solution when we need one car for all occasions. The possibility of configuring the seats means that at any time we can convert a vehicle for transporting people into a vehicle ready for transporting goods. The superior equipment and comfort of the 8- and 6-seater versions means that the PROACE Verso will also excel in missions requiring exceptional conditions and passenger comfort. The equipment of the base version is one of the best in the class, while the top options offer near-luxury amenities such as leather upholstery, captain's chairs, a head-up display, electric and contactless opening of the side doors or LED ambient interior lighting.


This model offers similar performance to, but smaller than, the PROACE Verso described above. The combivan is the perfect family car, always ready to go and haul cargo when you need it. It will be good on the track, on the way to vacation. Universality is the middle name of personality Toyota PROACE CITY Versowhich comes in a 5- or 7-seater version, and ISOFIX anchorages can be found on each of the three seats in the rear seat.

PROACE Electric

The larger van is also available in an electric version. The Toyota PROACE Electric is a completely emission-free model with a pleasantly quiet interior. The electric motor has a power of 136 hp, and in the city it will travel up to 398 km! The average range of the model with a 50 kWh battery is up to 211 km (or 304 km in the city), and the version with a 75 kWh battery will travel an average of 303 km (or the mentioned 398 km) on a single charge. in the city). It's a great alternative for those delivering the last kilometer who want to enjoy the benefits of electric vehicles. Free parking in city paid parking zones or the ability to use bus lanes are strong arguments for couriers or suppliers.

PROACE Platform

Built for the toughest challenges Toyota PROACE platform body choice for demanding customers. The lightweight roofbox has many configuration options and is also extremely durable. A roomy cargo area can be customized to suit your needs, and accessories available from dealers will equip the car with everything you need for hard work. An economical 144 hp diesel engine runs under the hood. Bluetooth radio, central locking and air conditioning.

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Фургоны Toyota: PROACE и PROACE CITY
Toyota vans: PROACE and PROACE CITY