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Gender difference in interrogation

WithThis morning my right headlight went out. Lasted a year. These beautiful new bulbs (+100%, night vision, bluish, etc.) always last a year. The left one will go out soon. Standard. But I'm not talking about that...

This morning the lady I was shuffling with in the morning traffic (once behind her, once next to her, once in front of her) beckoned me to open the glass. I crouched down and told me about the lack of light. I thanked you. It was pleasant, although I knew it well. But I'm not talking about that...

Well, there is a stereotype that a woman is driving something like a Bomb, God forbid, DPS does not scare her and in general it is better to drive by. There is no control, he drives at random, looks only ahead, sees nothing next to him when he walks, others have to wait. Meanwhile, this lady (driving a Peugeot 208) reacted like a purebred guy: eye contact, polite attention, smile, full of ease. But I'm not talking about that...

The problem is that when she told me this attention, when stereotypes about frivolous and asocial blondes driving small city cars exploded in my head, she suddenly found herself in this lazy traffic jam ... trick ... from the left lane she jumped through the middle right, right, she stopped, clicked her left turn signal (yes, the left one, not the emergency one), and left the car, leaving her. She needed to go to the bakery for a minute.

How everything shut down when two cars blew the horn, I was surprised by the magnitude of the event.

And be smart here. On the one hand, she popped out only for a moment - if others are in such a hurry, let them leave the house 15 minutes earlier. On the other hand, I admire her assertiveness and self-confidence. As for the third, I don't think I would have thought of something like that.

And then we come to the conclusion - we are guys lamers, breams, some kind of cool primates that stand at the door from the hall until troublesomely holding on to the door handle throughout the break. When we are given rules, we more or less obey them. We think about others. Such a soft soft supple option.

On the other hand, women are one big out-of-the-box thinking. This is creativity. Assertiveness is beyond our scope and understanding. And such a cool human approach to this ubiquitous strain.

I'll bet—unfortunately, I never saw her again—that when she returned to the car after those few minutes, she nodded her head in charming pity at the indignant drivers, saying something like: "everything, calmly, done."

She did what she had to do. I would like to know as well. Although women behind the wheel are different.

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  1. As a woman, I will say this - Women are not all the same and Women driving a car are also not all the same. Unfortunately, we women have a very different view of the world, and this probably leads to behavior that you men don't understand. In the end, she just jumped in for a moment for a bun 🙂

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Гендерное различие на допрогах
Gender difference in interrogation