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Golf GTI with new Driving Dynamics Control


Dynamic engine, excellent suspension, distinctive styling, excellent ergonomics and pure driving pleasure are typical features of a real sports car. In Volkswagen, such cars are marked with three letters: GTI. The eighth generation of this classic Golf variant has just arrived. The new Golf GTI is even more digital, even more connected to the environment, even more expressive in style and offers even better driving performance. The turbocharged engine delivers 180 kW (245 hp) and the new Driving Dynamics Control intelligently manages the transmission and shock absorbers with variable damping characteristics. The new Golf GTI combines maximum dynamics with maximum comfort.

Golf GTI with new Driving Dynamics Control

Golf GTI - improved front-wheel drive

The eighth generation Golf GTI features an even more advanced front-wheel drive system. A decisive role in this is played by the new driving dynamics management system.

“This system has a decisive influence and coordinates the work of numerous electronically controlled functions,” explains Carsten Schebsdat, Head of Driving Dynamics, Steering Systems and Electronic Systems. “With a newly tuned suspension, a locking differential and a dynamic driving control system, we have been able to take the outstanding driving performance of the Golf GTI to an even higher level. Especially if the car is equipped with DCC suspension with variable damping shock absorbers and a new control system for them.”

Golf GTI with new Driving Dynamics Control

Thanks to the standard driving profile selection system and the optional DCC Adaptive Suspension, the driver of the new Golf GTI can adjust the suspension according to their preferences. Even sharper handling results in greater steering precision: the understeer typical of front-wheel drive vehicles - the natural tendency of the front wheels to slip in very fast corners - is virtually non-existent.

The new design reflects the vehicle's sportiness and functionality.

The new styling of the Golf GTI is perfectly matched with even more dynamic performance. Klaus Bischoff, head stylist at Volkswagen, said:

“In the new Golf GTI, the center of gravity seems to be very low, we have achieved this effect by using wide cooling air intakes at the front and a clearly defined line at the rear. This sporty look perfectly reflects the potential of the new GTI.”

Golf GTI with new Driving Dynamics Control

Standard LED headlights are placed low; IQ.LIGHT LED matrix lights are available as an option. Together with the radiator grille, they form a characteristic strip that runs across the entire width of the front of the body. Above is the narrow red line that is a hallmark of the GTI models. For the first time, the grille is illuminated by a narrow LED strip that extends to the daytime running lights on the headlights. This decision is a new bright distinctive feature of the new model. On the side stand out the standard 17-inch (Richmond) alloy wheels. At the rear, there is a roof spoiler that juts out to the rear to keep the rear axle wheels pressed to the ground. The GTI model also differs from other Golf versions in terms of the diffuser and the GTI-specific solution, i.e. the left and right rear exhaust tips.

Golf GTI with new Driving Dynamics Control

Digital interior and classic plaid upholstery

The first Golf GTI, introduced by Volkswagen in 1976, had a distinct style. Even today, this unique atmosphere is preserved in the modern digital interior of the eighth generation model, with many typical GTI elements. The new Golf no longer has the classic ignition lock, instead using the standard engine start/stop button. A brand new feature is that when you open the car door, the button flashes red until the engine starts. The three-spoke steering wheel used in the past has evolved into a leather multifunction sports steering wheel with touchpads and an optional "Travel Assist" button that activates a semi-automatic 210 km/h function. The steering wheel's three silver spokes are retained, while the red center interior is a hallmark of the GTI. Other features specific to these models include the Scalepaper upholstery that covers the eighth generation model's newly designed sports seats.

Golf GTI with new Driving Dynamics Control

Digital gauges appear on the screen when the doors of the new Golf are opened. The car has a standard digital cockpit (a new feature is the ability to individually activate a version with typical GTI graphics with a centrally located tachometer) and a multimedia system. Composition comes standard with an 8.25-inch screen, and the Discover Pro 10-inch infotainment system is available as an option. Regardless of the type of media, thanks to the visual and functional combination of the clock screen and the multimedia system screen, the interior of the new GTI acquires a modern, digital character. Both the gauges on the Golf's screen and many other areas inside the car can be illuminated with colored light with a choice of 30 color options.

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Golf GTI с новой системой контроля динамики движения
Golf GTI with new Driving Dynamics Control