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Haldex vs Quattro - Infiniti Q30S gravel test

EIf you have read for a long time how I tested the Audi A6 Allroad twice (for the first and last time), then you probably remember what the conclusions were and how my friend Yegor works. Well, you put him behind the wheel and he either sits in the car and talks about the technical intricacies, or the bottom pedal and the bomb. This time it was different.

My idea was to compare a 211hp Infiniti Q30 all-wheel drive. with Audi A4 with more or less the same parameters. And the fact that our track was dismantled, how could I know - I don’t watch the news, I almost don’t read blogs anymore, and YouTube is just a skateboard and Neistat - but he somehow didn’t mention it.

Briefly, the conclusions of the comparison are as follows:

  • The Infiniti Q30's Haldex-powered 4×4 drives out of corners as smoothly as a real Quattro in the Audi A4.
  • The Q30 has more power on the bottom, so throwing out the rear is easier and faster.
  • Although the A4 is heavier, it gets off the ground faster and wins races that started slower.

Plus an additional observation - when you go along the snail with full throttle, in the Q30 you just keep the pedal to the very bottom and no tension - the car goes as fast as it can. And the A4 is different in that around the middle of the turn, the car begins to fold into a 4-wheel skid, slightly releasing the rear end and so on. This is perhaps the only easily noticeable difference between the drives - Quattro at some point begins to favor the rear, Haldex remains more front-wheel drive, helping only the rear.

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Haldex против Quattro - гравийный тест Infiniti Q30S
Haldex vs Quattro - Infiniti Q30S gravel test