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Predatory Ford Pro Electric SuperVan with 2000 hp

2022-Ford E-Transit-Supervan

Ford today opens an electric chapter in the history of the legendary Supervan series with the performance of the Ford Pro Electric SuperVana at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK.

Ford Pro Electric Super Van

The Ford Pro Electric SuperVan harnesses the full potential of its electric propulsion system and extensive communications systems, demonstrating the highest performance of any Ford van and highlighting the company's commitment to electrification.

Four electric motors, a 50 kWh liquid-cooled battery and a specially developed power management system generate around 2,000 hp, enabling a 0-100 km/h sprint in less than two seconds. The car differs not only in its characteristics, i.e. thanks to a specially designed track chassis that uses components from the recently introduced E-Transit Custom, the first all-electric version of Europe's best-selling commercial vehicle. In the cabin, you'll find Ford's SYNC touch-screen control system, known from the brand's production models, as well as additional systems that allow you to control the electric SuperVan's ultra-average capabilities.

Predatory Ford Pro Electric SuperVan with 2000 hp

Comprehensive networked systems provide the driver with real-time information and data transmission to enable remote driving and improve vehicle efficiency, as well as Ford Pro Integrated Services that can improve the productivity of more than 125,000 customers across Europe. The car allows you to select the driving mode, and also has a regenerative braking system similar to that used in electric vehicles manufactured by Ford.

The impressive all-electric show car was developed under strict confidentiality by Ford Performance and the Austrian company STARD, which specializes in preparing electric vehicles for rallies and racing, while the exterior design was done by the Ford Design team in Cologne, Germany.

Predatory Ford Pro Electric SuperVan with 2000 hp

“We're taking the SuperVan into the 21st century by giving it 2,000 hp of power generated by an all-electric drive for unparalleled emotion enhanced by a unique design inspired by the new E-Transit Custom. But performance isn't just about horsepower - the computing power of the Electric SuperVana means engineers can use real-time data coming from the car to tune the car just like a top-notch race car," said Mark Rushbrook, Ford Performance . Global Director of Motorsports.

Ford SuperVany

The first Ford SuperVan was introduced in 1971. It was equipped with a mid-mounted engine from the infamous Le Mans winner Ford GT40 - just like the Transit Mk. 1 unlike any other Transit. This formula was developed in SuperVana 2; Transit Mk. 2 made of fiberglass was mounted on a supporting structure, and the Cosworth V8 power unit, delivering 590 hp, was carried over from the racing Ford C100. Later, this car was reborn as a modernized Transit Mk. 3 with a similar appearance to the SuperVan 3, powered by the 650 hp Cosworth HB engine used in the F1 cars of those years.

Predatory Ford Pro Electric SuperVan with 2000 hp

"Ford Pro's goal is to increase the productivity of our customers, so why not create a new electric SuperVan that will showcase the power of electric propulsion and networked systems," said Hans Schep, General Manager of Ford Pro Europe. “This amazing show car takes the advanced engineering and distinctive look of the E Transit Custom to a level never seen before and is direct proof of the power of the Ford Pro Communications Services system.”

The Ford Pro Electric SuperVan was unveiled today at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where the next-generation Ford Ranger Raptor will also make its debut. The electric SuperVan will be driven by Romain Dumas, record-breaking electric driver, to showcase his abilities at Goodwood.

Customize E-Transit Custom Performance

The Ford Pro Electric SuperVan is a one-of-a-kind show car that allowed the Ford design team to create a predatory style that would draw attention and reflect its extreme capabilities. Wide wheel arches, a muscular stance and a unique paint job are the most extreme manifestations of the Transit's design. The all-electric powertrain allowed more freedom for the development team due to the reduced component placement and cooling requirements that an internal combustion engine requires.

“It was a great opportunity to be part of the history of the iconic SuperVan and reimagine what it could be like in the 21st century,” said Amko Lenarts, Design Director of Ford of Europe. “We wrote the fourth chapter of the SuperVan story with the idea of creating the fastest and most extreme model while maintaining the Transit DNA. The body proportions are more dramatic than the E-Transit Custom and the front light bar looks very futuristic, making the Electric SuperVan the absolute pinnacle of the Transit's design language."

Predatory Ford Pro Electric SuperVan with 2000 hp

The design of the motorsport show car combines the Ford E-Transit Custom floor panel with a spacious steel frame and lightweight composite skin panels. A specially designed 50kWh liquid-cooled battery pack has been installed for optimal weight distribution and a low center of gravity and is fully charged using a standard charger in approximately 45 minutes. The driver has access to charging and battery information via a touch screen in the cab.

Four electric motors together transfer about 2000 hp to the ground. through an all-wheel drive system – enough to get this amazing van from 0 to 100 km/h in less than two seconds, making it the fastest supervan ever and the most environmentally friendly at the same time. .

Like any good truck, the Electric SuperVan has a cargo area behind the driver; side doors make loading and unloading easy, and Ford has developed a secure electromagnetic locking system that can be opened and closed using the SYNC screen.

Predatory Ford Pro Electric SuperVan with 2000 hp

Thanks to the on-board camera, viewers from all over the world will be able to follow SuperVana's extremely fast runs. As with the Ford E-Transit, the driver can display multiple cameras on a screen in the cab and switch between them to determine the vehicle's position.

Ford Performance and STARD's contributions to sporty design are immediately noticeable; a predatory front splitter, side sills and rear diffuser would suit a racing car, while rear bracing and a roof fin that merges into the rear spoiler create downforce and help the Electric SuperVan stay on the track.

Sporty solutions can also be found in the suspension, which is equipped with four double wishbones of different lengths. The front and rear subframes, brackets and brakes used in high performance vehicles provide stopping power and handling that can handle tremendous speed.

Data to improve productivity and save money

The interior of the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan features a full roll cage and sports seats that comply with FIA safety standards, as well as a large SYNC touchscreen carried over from stock Ford vehicles such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E, which is used to control advanced communications. and information systems. If necessary, the driver can take a break from driving the Electric SuperVana to plan a route, find a charger, connect to a Wi-Fi network and make a phone call - all through the SYNC screen.

The touchscreen also allows you to select driving modes that adapt torque maps, regenerative braking system settings and the Electric SuperVan's response to different driving scenarios:

  • Road - (road) is used in rare cases of "normal" driving
  • track - (track) provides the best performance at high speed and in corners on the track with slicks.
  • pole - (parallel racing) provides maximum acceleration in parallel racing on radial tires
  • Drifting - spectacular drifts, maneuverability and driving on snow
  • Rally – (rally) optimal performance on asphalt and gravel rally sections with special tires

Predatory Ford Pro Electric SuperVan with 2000 hp

A suite of systems is responsible for further boosting performance, including traction control, take-off control, a pit lane speed limiter and a three-stage regenerative braking system that transfers regenerative energy to the battery - similar to the L Mode feature on the E-Transit. At low speeds, ECO mode maintains optimum engine efficiency, activates the most economical regenerative braking mode, and disables rear-wheel drive. For maximum speed, all you have to do is press the E-Boost button, which instantly increases power and torque.

Tire cleaning mode can give you an immersive experience; this new feature completely brakes the wheels of one axle while the other is moving, which burns the tires on the front or rear axle - this allows the tire to clean and warm up before the competition.

Like a modern race car and Ford's industrious vans, the Electric SuperVan can feed real-time data into the vehicle's remote control software. Companies can use Ford Pro E-Telematics or FordPass Pro systems to monitor the health and safety of their fleet; Similarly, Ford Performance engineers can control the Electric SuperVana on the track with custom-designed control software that converts real-time data into speed, lap times and system performance.

Predatory Ford Pro Electric SuperVan with 2000 hp

The Electric SuperVan not only demonstrates Ford's cutting-edge knowledge of electric vehicles and communications, but is also a science experiment to explore the challenges of high speed. The complex driving scenarios the vehicle is exposed to and the unrestricted design concept allows Ford to expand its EV and communications competencies to enhance future racing and production vehicles, software and services.

At Goodwood, behind the cab of this hot truck will be Romain Dumas, an experienced driver tasked with unlocking the full potential of the Electric SuperVana. Dumas' track record in electric car racing is unparalleled; He set records in the Goodwood and Pikes Peak mountain races and holds the record for the Nürburgring Nordschleife, where he won four 24 hours. Dumas' wealth of experience also includes a 24 Hours of Le Mans distance record, an FIA World Endurance Championship title and a class win at the Monte Carlo Rally.

Photo: Ford

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Хищный Ford Pro Electric SuperVan мощностью 2000 л.с.
Predatory Ford Pro Electric SuperVan with 2000 hp