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Hyundai ELANTRA next generation


Hyundai unveiled the new generation Elantra and Elantra Hybrid at the official world premiere at The Lot Studios in Hollywood. The next-generation Hyundai Elantra features a bold Sensuous Sportiness design philosophy, electrified hybrid drive, and first-in-class wireless connectivity with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Production of the Elantra Next Generation will begin in the fall at the Ulsan plant in Korea and Alabama in the US.

Hyundai Elantra new generation - the most important features

  • All-new seventh generation ELANTRA with a new platform
  • Longer wheelbase, wider body, lower roofline.
  • ELANTRA is called AVANTE in the domestic Korean market
  • Exotic four-door coupe look paired with the latest technology
  • Hybrid drive also available for the first time
  • Wireless with Android Auto and Apple Car Play
  • The optional digital key for ELANTRA allows you to use your smartphone or NFC card to unlock and lock the car, start the engine and start driving without a physical key.
  • Start of production in the fall at the Ulsan plant in Korea and Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama in the USA.
  • Extensive natural language voice command recognition system using speech-to-meaning and deep meaning understanding technologies
  • Wide range of SmartSense systems for safety and comfort
  • Two new 10.25-inch displays are hidden under one glass

“We have sold over 3.4 million ELANTRA models in the US and over 13.8 million ELANTRA models worldwide. A completely new, mesmerizing look of the car will provide the emotions of a new generation of buyers. On the other hand, inside, users will enjoy all the latest technologies used.” This was stated by Brian Smith, COO of Hyundai Motor America.

Hyundai ELANTRA next generation

The new generation Hyundai ELANTRA is a car for pragmatic and intelligent buyers, and at the same time avant-garde and modern. This bold and out-of-the-box thinking is reflected in the progressive and exciting new generation of the ELANTRA model.

To achieve the four-door coupe's new look, Hyundai's engineers and designers lengthened, lowered and widened the car compared to the sixth-generation model. The new generation ELANTRA has an overall length of 5.5 cm and a wheelbase of 2 cm, while the overall width has been increased by 2.5 cm. The overall height has been reduced by 2 cm, and the front of the mask has been moved back by almost 5 cm. These small changes have fundamentally changed car shape. Most of the key cabin dimensions have also increased.

A philosophy of sensual sportiness defined by Parametric Dynamics design.

Parametric dynamics is a term that describes the expressive appearance of the new generation ELANTRA.

“Like the first generation, the seventh generation of ELANTRA has a special character. The vehicle's fresh aesthetic is complemented by unconventional lines and a front end that break taboos in the automotive industry. The new generation ELANTRA features a silhouette that looks like a combination of geometric crystals and divided surfaces, which makes it evoke strong emotions.” This was stated by Luke Donkerwolke, executive vice president and head of design at Hyundai Motor Group.

Hyundai ELANTRA next generation

The combination of three lines in one point is one of the features of the colorful design of Parametric Dynamics. The use of this in the design was a bold procedure and perfectly reflected the "avant-garde spirit" of the model.

The front end features Hyundai's signature wide cascading grille with parametric gemstone design. The grille is equipped with turn indicators that merge seamlessly into the headlights, giving the front end a distinctive character. The hood extended forward was lengthened and its line lowered. The characteristic ribbing is present not only on the hood, but also runs along the entire side of the body. Individual parts of the case give the impression of parametric surfaces, known from polished gemstones. All this is complemented by specially selected alloy wheels in 15", 16" or 17" sizes. There is a black insert behind the rear side windows to help create a coupe look. The dynamically sloping roof line merges into expressive ribs that continue all the way to the tailgate. At the rear, there is a distinctive H-shaped light bar that echoes the light from the Hyundai logo.

The Immersive Cocoon interior surrounds the driver like an airplane cockpit. Located at the bottom of the cab, a wide strip surrounding the driver runs from the door through the dashboard to the central tunnel. At the disposal of the driver are two 10.25-inch screens, harmoniously interconnected by double-glazed windows, which emphasize the futuristic character of the car. The first screen serves as a digital clock, and the second, touch, allows you to control the multimedia and navigation system. For better visibility and ergonomics, the multimedia screen is turned towards the driver for ease of use. The salon is optically expanded by an elegant bar in which ventilation holes are hidden. Under the strip is an ambient lighting that can illuminate the interior in one of 64 colors.

Hyundai ELANTRA next generation

Hyundai Elantra Hybrid

For the first time, ELANTRA will also be available with an electrified hybrid powertrain. The new Hyundai ELANTRA Hybrid is another model that demonstrates the company's commitment to expanding its range of environmentally friendly vehicles. The new ELANTRA Hybrid is powered by a 1.6 GDI Atkinson cycle 4-cylinder petrol engine and a 32 kW permanent magnet electric motor powered by a 1.32 kWh lithium polymer battery under the rear seats. The maximum total transmission power is 141 hp, and the torque is 265 Nm. The petrol engine is paired with a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission (6DCT) for good driving dynamics.

3rd Generation K3 Compact Platform

The third generation platform for Hyundai vehicles significantly improves the vehicle's appearance, safety, economy, performance and handling. Thanks to the new next generation ELANTRA platform, it is lighter, consumes less fuel and is stiffer than the previous model. The use of the new platform also allowed the engineers to lower the center of gravity, which also improved ride quality. However, collision safety has been improved by using multiple energy dissipation paths.

Hyundai ELANTRA next generation

Benefits of the new third-generation K3 platform

  • Best Proportions
  • Improvement with shortened front overhang
  • Longer wheelbase
  • Lowered driver position
  • Low center of gravity, which has a positive effect on driving stability and driving pleasure.
  • Increase safety by using multiple energy dissipation paths in frontal collisions
  • Improved suspension design for improved steering response
  • Lowering and shifting the bonnet mount for a four-door coupe look
  • Adaptation to the use of internal combustion engines and hybrid drive


The new generation ELANTRA suspension is firm yet comfortable, minimizing unwanted body roll and providing maximum road cushioning. The new ELANTRA Hybrid offers a fully independent multi-link suspension and is fitted as standard with 16" light alloy wheels, making it even more exciting for dynamic driving. Whether it's winding mountain roads or the new generation ELANTRA motorway, it's always ready.

Hyundai ELANTRA next generation

Driving dynamics

The aim of developing the new generation of ELANTRA was to create a car that would be fun to drive and would be fun to drive. The combination of a new platform and modern drive systems allows the vehicle to respond quickly to driver reactions and ensures stability and quietness when driving on the highway. Good driving dynamics complement the daring exterior.

More spacious, ergonomic interior

The elegant interior of the new generation ELANTRA provides exceptional comfort, functionality and practicality. Despite a sleek roofline that usually limits headroom, the car has more headroom in the front row, and rear seat space is the same as the previous generation. The longer wheelbase provides more legroom for rear passengers, while the longer wheelbase provides more shoulder room in both the first and second rows. The new generation ELANTRA is one of the segment leaders in terms of capacity.

Hyundai ELANTRA next generation

Two 10.25" screens

The new generation ELANTRA has two screens located under the glass. The digital clock screen can work in several modes: utility, driver assistance and navigation. The optional multimedia system has a useful split-screen feature that allows you to display more information at the same time. The navigation system has the ability to display a bird's eye view and also presents alternative routes and updates them in real time. With the ability to connect to servers, on-board navigation works similarly to popular smartphone navigation apps. The standard screen works great with Android Auto and Apple Car Play, which are a first in the segment to use wireless connectivity. The new generation ELANTRA also offers wireless charging for smartphones. On the other hand, the Bluetooth system allows you to connect two devices at the same time, one for making phone calls and the other for streaming music.

Hyundai ELANTRA next generation

Features of the Hyundai SmartSense safety and driving assistance systems:

  • Forward Collision Avoidance (FCA) with pedestrian and cyclist detection
  • Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)
  • Driver Awareness Monitoring System (DAW)
  • High Beam Assistant (HBA)
  • Rear view camera (RVM) with dynamically displayed guide lines
  • Active Blind Spot Monitor (BCA)
  • Safety exit assistant (SEW)
  • Intelligent Cruise Control (SCC)

Blue Link®

The next generation ELANTRA is equipped with the Hyundai Blue Link connectivity system, which uses built-in telemetry to allow drivers to remotely start the vehicle and set the interior temperature using the MyHyundai smartphone app. The app also allows users to remotely lock or unlock doors and locate a car in a crowded parking lot.

Hyundai ELANTRA next generation

Voice recognition system

The extensive natural language voice recognition system uses speech-to-meaning and deep meaning-understanding technologies. To activate the functions, the driver just needs to press the talk button on the steering wheel and say a command. Example commands are: “Turn on the air conditioner”, “Set the air flow to the face”, or “Turn on my seat heating”. There are also more requests that the system can process. The user can also ask through Blue Link: "What is the temperature in St. Petersburg." Louie?”, “When is Mother's Day?”, “Find the nearest Starbucks,” or “Who won the LA King's game yesterday?”

digital key

The new generation ELANTRA is the first Hyundai model to feature an optional smartphone-based Hyundai digital key. The digital key uses a dedicated mobile application, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to unlock doors, start the engine and operate without a physical key through the corresponding Android smartphones. The digital key also allows you to securely share virtual keys with family and friends.

Hyundai ELANTRA next generation

New generation ELANTRA owners can customize the vehicle settings available for each shared virtual key. The vehicle owner can set the vehicle use time or restrict the vehicle to only certain functions when renting the vehicle, and virtual keys can also be obtained remotely.

Note. Model specifications and accessories shown in this press release are for the US market only and may vary by country.

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