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Hyundai Reveals New i20 Details

Hyundai i20-2021

The next-generation Hyundai i20 features a sleek interior with a tall instrument panel and built-in lighting for a spacious feel. One of the most distinctive elements is the panel that hides the vents, with horizontal lines running across the entire width of the cabin.

The interior of the new generation i20

We can also see two large displays, a 10.25-inch digital clock dial and a 10.25-inch multimedia touchscreen that create a digital landscape around the driver. Under the central screen is a platform for wireless charging of smartphones. Excellent sound quality is provided by the Bose Premium audio system with eight speakers, including a subwoofer.

Hyundai Reveals New i20 Details

The photos also showcase the new i20's spaciousness and comfort. The luggage compartment has increased by 25 liters compared to the previous generation i20 to 351 liters. There are also smart storage solutions for a shelf that hides a luggage compartment that can be tucked away behind the rear seat when not in use. The new photos show the Lime Green interior with distinctive light green accents. Also available are Black Mono interior trims in black and Black-Gray bi-tone black and gray.

State-of-the-art technology and economical 48V hybrid drive

The new generation Hyundai i20 features a new dynamic design and improved proportions. This is the first Hyundai model in Europe developed in accordance with the Sensuous Sportiness design philosophy.

The vehicle is also equipped with a range of new SmartSense active safety features, making the new generation i20 the most comprehensive safety package in its segment. New features include Navigation-based Intelligent Cruise Control (NSCC), used to maintain the correct speed on motorways, and Intelligent Speed Limit Alert (ISLA), which automatically adjusts speed.

Hyundai Reveals New i20 Details

For the first time, the new generation i20 is available with a 48-volt hybrid drive for improved fuel efficiency. Hybrid technology is available with a 1.0 T-GDi engine with either 100 or 120 hp. Another new feature is the Intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT). Combined with the 48V hybrid system, iMT disengages the engine from the transmission when the driver releases the accelerator pedal, allowing the vehicle to coast and conserve fuel.

Photos: Hyundai

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Hyundai раскрывает подробности о новом i20
Hyundai Reveals New i20 Details