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From Formula 4 to the road - the new Abarth F595


From the racetracks of Europe comes the roar of the new Abarth F595, a new special edition F.4 for the brand's youngest fans bearing the Scorpion logo. Under the hood is a 165 hp 1.4-litre Euro 6D-Final high-performance jet engine, which is used in Tatuus cars competing in the Italian and German F.4 Championships Powered by Abarth Certified by FIA.

New Abarth F595

The "F" in the name should be a tribute to Formula 4, for which Abarth is the exclusive engine supplier and title sponsor. It is a highly successful format created as a training ground for young drivers, karting talents and future professionals, inspired by the legendary Formula Italia, created in 1971 with the same philosophy of giving young drivers cheap access to the world of racing. cars.

From Formula 4 to the road - the new Abarth F595

The new F595 is the quintessence of racing accents. It is designed for younger customers who expect maximum performance and driving pleasure from their vehicle, as well as for tech aficionados and those looking for the latest multimedia features.

165 HP pure adrenaline "powered" by a Garrett turbocharger.

Outstanding performance and reliability are the main features of the 1.4-liter Euro 6D-Final T-engine with 165 hp, equipped with a Garrett turbocharger with a geometric compression ratio of 9:1. At the same pressure, this architecture optimizes the temperature in the combustion chamber and delivers maximum torque of 230 Nm at lower revs, or 2250 rpm, while maximum power is achieved at the highest revs. This translates into a top speed advantage of 218 km/h and, above all, a better start: in fifth gear, the new Abarth F595 accelerates from 80 to 120 km/h in 7.8 seconds.

From Formula 4 to the road - the new Abarth F595

The engine is paired with a manual transmission, but a 5-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters can be installed on the car if desired. The result: acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds for the manual transmission and 7.4 seconds for the sequential automatic version.

New "Record Monza Sovrapposto" exhaust system with vertical tailpipes and new design.

The blockbuster Abarth F595 features the iconic Record Monza exhaust system, now in a new configuration with four tailpipes, two on each side, arranged vertically. The roar of the engine is still unique, the one that has accompanied generations of Abarth fans and has long been synonymous with power and performance. The active exhaust system valve is controlled by pressing the "Scorpion" button on the dashboard.

From Formula 4 to the road - the new Abarth F595

The driver can choose between the "gentleman driver" sound and the heavier and sportier sound the Abarth is used to. The result is pure music, a powerful and punchy sound made possible by the perfect combination of technology and design.

Racing even in stylistic accents

Available as a hatchback or convertible, the new Abarth F595 features Rally Blue accents on the side mirror caps and on the front and rear bumper covers. The sporty look is accentuated by sporty 17-inch matte black wheels, an "F595" badge at the rear and fog lights that come as standard.

From Formula 4 to the road - the new Abarth F595

The same boldness can be found in the interior: a leather-wrapped steering wheel and carefully crafted Abarth sports seats, as well as optional racing-style Sabelt seats, underscore the sporty interior, complete with black details such as a new infotainment display bezel and a new instrument panel. in matte black.

The new Rally Blue components will be available in Gara White, Campovolo Grey, Pista Grey, Scorpione Black, Record Grey, and Asphalt Grey.

Standard technical equipment for maximum driving pleasure, safety and connectivity

In the new F595, all the technical equipment required for typical Scorpion driving pleasure comes as standard. It belongs to him among others Koni Rear Suspension with Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) technology that enhances performance by providing excellent traction, improved handling and stability, all in total safety.

From Formula 4 to the road - the new Abarth F595

The Scorpion Drive Mode button on the dash affects maximum torque delivery, power steering calibration, and engine response to the accelerator pedal, making them more responsive. The braking system developed by Abarth, consisting of 284 mm ventilated front discs and 240 mm rear discs, provides optimal response and enhanced safety. What's more, for young tech enthusiasts, the car offers the best connection to the world: the F595 is equipped as standard with a 7-inch HD Uconnect™ multimedia system with DAB radio, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™.

F4 in Italy and Germany: Abarth prepares future drivers for racing

The number of Abarth powered cars is constantly growing, averaging over 28 drivers per race, with a maximum of 34 cars per track. For the Italian F4 Powered by Abarth Championship, the 2021 season was the eighth consecutive season in which all experts on the subject rated the chassis-engine package so highly that it was selected for numerous Formula 4 national championships, including the German ADAC F4 series, seventh which will be released in 2021. Founded in 2014 from the idea of FIA President Jean Todt, Formula 4 has chosen Abarth as its technical partner for the supply of engines. Thanks to the excellent power-to-weight ratio, the powerful and reliable Abarth turbo engine with 160 hp in cars, Tatuus guarantees high performance (top speed 240 km/h; acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in about 5 seconds).

From Formula 4 to the road - the new Abarth F595

Thanks to its reliability, the costs of each season are under control in terms of teams and riders. Thus, the engine meets the FIA's requirements for training future F1 drivers, and the total cost of training is lower, in line with the FIA and Abarth's values of supporting the development of young talent. Since 2014, more than 350 young racers have shown their skills on the circuit. Some of them have reached the pinnacle of their specialty, such as Lance Stroll, the first winner of the 2014 Italian Formula 4 Championship based on Abarth, who is now a Formula 1 driver. Mick Schumacher from Germany, ex-Ferrari son Michael also raced F4 in 2016 and won the Formula 2 World Championship in 2020.

Formula Italy was founded 50 years ago.

In 1971, the Italian Motorsport Commission (CSAI), in collaboration with the Fiat brand, created a new championship exclusively for young Italian drivers with the aim of democratizing motorsport by offering a car identical to all of them at a low price. . In August of the same year, the Abarth brand, meanwhile, merged with Fiat, so the first prototype was built, designed by Mario Colucci under the direction of Carlo Abarth, called the Abarth SE025.

From Formula 4 to the road - the new Abarth F595

Powered by a Fiat 1.6-liter 4-cylinder DOHC engine, the same as the Fiat 124 Sport, the car had a very strong tubular steel frame with an integrated roll bar. All components were selected by Carlo Abarth and taken from the production models of Fiat, Lancia and Abarth. One of the first testers to mention was the famous Arturo Merzario. Formula Italia was an immediate success: demand was so great that the first deliveries were made only in mid-May 1972. The new car made its racing debut on June 29, 1972 at the Monza circuit, which was won by Paolo Bozzetto. By 1979, there were many young drivers on the circuit and some of them, such as Bruno Giacomelli, Riccardo Patrese, Siegfried Stor and Piercarlo Ghinzani, went on to qualify for the Formula One World Championship.

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Из Формулы 4 на дорогу — новый Abarth F595
From Formula 4 to the road - the new Abarth F595