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BMW i4 concept

BMW i4 Concept

The BMW Concept i4 heralds the BMW i4, which will start production in 2021. Range up to 600 km (WLTP), power up to 530 hp, 0 to 100 in about 4 seconds, top speed over 200 km/h. The near-silent power delivery creates a whole new sense of dynamics.

Certain design elements on the outside and inside of the concept car will appear on both the BMW i4 and other electric series models.

The most important elements of the exterior

  • The modern, elegant exterior creates a conscious contrast with an extremely dynamic driving experience. The four-door BMW Concept i4 offers not only high functionality, but also a much more spacious interior than its dynamic proportions suggested.
  • Precise, flowing lines and strictly modeled shapes form a modern silhouette and create a clear style.
  • The modern paintwork in light matt copper is reminiscent of the color nuances of the BMW Vision iNEXT and clearly emphasizes the play of light and shadow on the surface.
  • Blue elements at the front, sides and rear are reminiscent of the origins of the BMW i. They recreate typical BMW i trademarks while highlighting the technology behind them.
  • Numerous aerodynamic solutions ensure maximum electric range. In addition to the closed grille and the pronounced aerodynamic edge, the most striking features are the rims specially designed for the BMW Concept i4.
  • The attractive closed grille brings together the past and the future of BMW. Instead of cooling the engine, it now serves as a hiding place for various sensors. The design reserved for this model reflects the technology behind it.
  • BMW will showcase the brand's new design for the first time at the launch of the BMW Concept i4. The new communication logo also serves as the basis for the two-dimensional and clear BMW Concept i4 logo.
  • At the rear, BMW i Blue diffusers indicate the car's purely electric drive. Their shape consciously refers to BMW i Vision Dynamics.

The most important interior elements

  • At the front of the cabin, the new BMW Curved Display, together with the steering wheel, creates a new form of driver orientation. We already find the serial display of BMW iNEXT and BMW i4.
  • As part of the reduction of controls as much as possible, almost all functions, including air conditioning functions, are integrated into BMW's curved display.
  • The economical use of different materials and the thoughtful layout of the controls create a modern yet luxurious look.
  • The warm golden brown color with chrome accent strips creates a noble accent in the interior.
  • The center console - now without a gear lever - has only one slider. Elements such as the iDrive controller or the seat memory buttons in the door are made of crystal.
  • Seats upholstered in microfibre and leather with line graphics and natural olive-tanned leather complete the interior in an equally noble and sustainable way.
  • The rear offers unexpectedly generous head and legroom for a coupe. The openings in the head restraints are a noble detail, reminiscent of modern BMW sports models.

BMW i4 concept

The most important user interface features

  • BMW's curved display offers three experience modes that illustrate different aspects of electric drive. They already give a glimpse of what the next generation of BMW's operating system will look like from 2021.
  • Part of the very clear visual distinction between the three modes "Basic", "Sport" and "Efficiency" is expressed in the use of different types of displays, different graphic symbols and different interior lighting. Ambient lighting on the instrument panel, in the doors and indirect lighting under the display highlight the vehicle's technical changes.
  • The Efficient mode will feature for the first time an Assisted Driving view that provides a deeper understanding of the vehicle's technologies, such as how it interacts with the environment.
  • Under the brand name BMW IconicSounds Electric, the sound of the BMW Concept i4 is created by world-renowned composer Hans Zimmer in collaboration with BMW sound designer Renza Vitale. Part of this palette of sounds is the sound that accompanies opening a door or starting an engine.

BMW i4 concept

BMW i4 announcement

  • The BMW i4 and therefore the future of electromobility will be based on the fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology. The electric motor, power electronics, battery charger and high-voltage battery are completely new developments with which the BMW Group is making significant progress in the field of electric drives.
  • The electric motor developed for the BMW i4 delivers up to 390 kW (530 hp) while reaching V8 levels in current BMW combustion engine models. The spontaneous release of power provides the BMW i4 with exceptional performance and exceptionally high efficiency.
  • The high-voltage version of the battery developed for the BMW i4 features an extremely flat design and optimized energy density. With a weight of about 550 kg, its power consumption is about 80 kWh, and according to the WLTP cycle, it provides a range of up to 600 km.
  • Series production of the new BMW i4 will begin in 2021 at the BMW Group headquarters in Munich. About ninety percent of the existing sheet metal production equipment has been adapted to produce this model. However, the remaining ten percent, and especially the devices for the production of the rear, require new equipment. Serial production of the BMW i4 at the Munich plant will cost a total of about 200 million euros.

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Концепт БМВ i4
BMW i4 concept