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Renault MORPHOZ concept car


This futuristic Renault car is a vision of a personal car to be shared with others in the near future, after 2025. This is MORPHOUS. The developers used Alliance's upcoming modular CMF-EV electric vehicle platform and developed multiple configurations for power, utility, range, cabin and trunk capacity.


In keeping with the brand's DNA, Renault's design strategy reflects the next stages of life. The MORPHOZ concept car symbolizes "family" time. However, this is not only a vision of future mobility. The design, details and appearance of the cabin portend a new range of Renault electric models in the coming years. The main barrier to buying an electric vehicle is the reach or perception of the customer about the vehicle's range. This barrier will soon disappear. The Renault MORPHOZ concept car is a prime example.

Renault MORPHOZ concept car

“The MORPHOZ concept car draws attention with its bold modular structure, innovative design, human-centeredness and facilitating family and social contact. It perfectly reflects Renault's new LIVINGTECHTM design philosophy. Technology in every form - design, on-board artificial intelligence, connectivity, interior design - is a new travel experience for all users. Daily and during weekends or holiday trips. The MORPHOZ concept car allows you to experience a new life.” — Laurens van den Acker, Director of Industrial Design, Renault Group

“MORPHOZ heralds our future high performance electric models. The modular CMF-EV platform for electric vehicles ensures optimal energy efficiency, while the long wheelbase with wheel end and flat floor opens up new possibilities for designers. The result is a car with a record-breaking spacious interior and attractive design.” — Gilles Norman, Head of Electric Vehicles and Mobility Services, Renault Group

Renault MORPHOZ concept car

Platform for electric vehicles

The vision of electric mobility and the realization of future Renault vehicles would not be possible without the right platform. Renault MORPHOZ uses the new CMF-EV modular platform exclusively for electric vehicles.

Like the new CMF-B platform introduced in Clio last year and used in New Capture, it was developed by the Alliance. It allows optimal design and production of electric vehicles and has a great advantage over platforms designed for vehicles with combustion engines or adapted for both types of drive (combustion and electric).

Renault MORPHOZ concept car

First, it offers new stylistic possibilities: an innovative platform design provides a long wheelbase with wheels offset to the ends of the body, significantly shortened front and rear overhangs and a flat floor. This gives the car new proportions, and its silhouette attracts attention. Together with a thinner battery, the CMF-EV platform allows cars to be built with a lower suspension and lower roof while maintaining a spacious interior. This greatly improves the aerodynamics of the car. The short bonnet allows for a longer interior and more elegant body lines.

The new platform also delivers a more dynamic drive through optimized chassis and body design based on the requirements of an electric vehicle. Placing the batteries under the floor at the rear of the vehicle lowers the center of gravity.

Renault MORPHOZ concept car

The platform also creates new opportunities for arranging the interior and adjusting its dimensions. The electric motor is smaller than the internal combustion engine and allows for a thinner and forward-facing instrument panel. Thus, there is more space for storage and for passengers, especially for the legs in the rear seats. No transmission tunnel - flat floor provides more legroom. This means that now every low-end car will have the same spacious interior as before for high-end cars!

MORPHOZ - a car that you can modify depending on your needs

Renault MORPHOZ is a modular studio crossover, all-electric, with the possibility of inductive charging even while driving. It provides access to the Internet and mobile services, as well as Level 3 autonomous driving capability. Like the SYMBIOZ concept introduced in 2017, this is a car designed for the individual user with the ability to share it with others.

Renault MORPHOZ concept car

The modularity of MORPHOZ is a transition between two versions: a short City version and an extended Travel version. The car adapts to the expectations of users who need a vehicle for short everyday trips and long trips, such as vacations.

The City version has a battery with a capacity ideal for everyday use, while the Travel version has an extra battery to cover long distances, such as motorways.

city mode

The short version of the City Renault MORPHOZ has a length of 4.40 m. A record wheelbase of 2.73 m of this length allows you to easily install a 40 kWh battery. This makes it easy and avoids unnecessary costs. The interior is as spacious as in a higher class car.

Renault MORPHOZ concept car

The MORPHOZ configuration features a distinctive light pattern with a distinctive "look" illuminated by additional LEDs. The car has a unique style thanks to the short hood, sporty bumpers and the far end of the wheels, which have virtually no overhang. It's even an icon of the city's electric car.

Driving mode

The extended version of the Travel Renault MORPHOZ is 4.80 m long. The wheelbase is proportionately longer (2.93 m) to make room for a larger battery and passengers. This allows an additional 50kWh battery to be installed (to increase the total battery capacity to 90kWh) while still offering more legroom and two additional luggage spaces. In this version, the car is prepared for long-distance travel. In addition, the transformation makes the silhouette and rear thinner, and aerodynamics better. The Travel version has a different front design.

Renault MORPHOZ concept car

Travel Extender Concept

The rated battery capacity of Renault MORPHOZ in the City version (40 kWh) provides a range of 400 km, which is more than enough for everyday driving in and around the city. It is so versatile that it meets more than 90% user needs.

The rest of the 10%s are related to long distance travel. MORPHOZ then gets an extra battery in line with the "Travel Extender" concept. At the service station, the car is transformed into a Travel version. A special hatch in the floor opens exactly above the corresponding device of the station and an additional battery with a capacity of 50 kWh is installed under the floor. Just a few seconds and MORPHOZ leaves the station with batteries that allow you to travel 700 km along the highway.

Renault MORPHOZ concept car

After returning, the user drives up to the station, checks in the extra battery, and the car returns in the City configuration with a capacity of 40 kWh. Returned batteries are charged to be ready for the next use. When not in use in cars, the station can also use them to charge city e-bikes, store renewable electricity, light infrastructure or a building next to it.

RENAULT MORPHOZ Concept Technical Data

  • Length: 4.40 m (City version) / 4.80 m (Travel version)
  • Width: 2 m
  • Height: 1.55 m
  • Wheelbase: 2.73 m (City version) / 2.93 m (Travel version)
  • Engine: 1 electric motor
  • Traction battery: 40 kWh (urban version) / 90 kWh (tourist version)
  • Power: 100 kW (City version) / 160 kW (Travel version)
  • Charging the traction battery: inductive vehicle charging while stationary and while driving
  • Driving wheels: front
  • Internet: 5G
  • Internet access: WiFi G5

Photo: Renault

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Концепт-кар Renault MORPHOZ
Renault MORPHOZ concept car