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The car looks like the lion king of the jungle

I I am of the opinion that complaining about the quality and durability of cars is a sign of ignorance. There is no other car in the world that can withstand such erratic, aggressive and often thoughtless handling as ordinary passenger cars. There are also no other machines in the world that make such absurd demands (they must circle the Earth again and again without coughing, grunting and God forbid any unplanned stop), while giving them into the hands of often completely brainless people.

Hey, but do you know that now I'm more into tomorrow and that's why the blog is down, that I realize myself in making videos? Not all of them are strictly about cars ... in fact, most of them are some kind of lifestyle or other vlog derivatives of surfacing ... but what can you do, it happened to me, I lost my soul from the written word. Perhaps someday shooting will do me good, and I will return here, but for now this will not happen. This is not very convenient for me either, because the films are stupid and banal, and a good text does not say anything, almost like literature, the highest art. But what is, is.

So follow my channel, on average something appears once a week. In my opinion, it works fine for me. In any case, I beg you, my sons-in-law, I watch myself with undisguised pleasure. The hashtag of narcissism.

But returning to the ascent about cars ... well, trucks, mine vehicles, planes, missiles, container ships - maybe they are in tougher conditions than a regular local road - but their service is professional, random and unforeseen, in principle, there are no situations, inspections are usually always are carried out on time, parts and service are first-class, and use is carried out in accordance with strictly defined standards only by trained personnel.

And the operation of a passenger car is very often a complete bomb in the cold, if you are in a bad mood, you do not bypass the hatches, if you are pinned, you jump onto the curb if you can’t afford it, fill it with baptized slurry or fry it when you fly to a business meeting, no mercy - always 100% power and no time to cool the turbine. Passenger cars are treated not as a complex mechanism, but as a forged Chinese lighter that should work, bring me back, warm in winter and cool in summer. Simple zero-one requirements without understanding how complex the mechanism is. The Lord requires, the subject must.

Nevertheless, such an ordinary passenger car makes 2 revolutions of the Earth around the equator without any problems. And then, after a thicker, but cheaper (compared to prices from the professional market) repair (suspension, maybe some blunders in the engine, maybe exhaust), another 120kkm passes. And not just once. Sometimes you need to fix something in the process, sometimes you have to call a tow truck, sometimes something starts knocking ... but cases of almost zero breakdowns are in the thousands, if not millions.

I'm serious ... in my opinion, there is no more durable product in the world than an ordinary civilian passenger car. The people who design these cars are goddamn geniuses because even though they don't have the ability to anticipate all the possibilities (thousands of driving styles, millions of road types, billions of odd events), they create a product that can handle it all. .

That's how I look at one movie and I'm shocked by it. Start processing a raw coffee maker from a technological point of view, and in a week it will die. Start racing through the wilderness on a regular bike (a crude tool like a hammer) and you will break the frame. Even such a phone for active lumberjacks (in rubber, with keys and an antenna) will not last even a month if you treat it the way a lady treats her usual city Clio. What's more, even a bowling ball would give up after a quarter if you did to it what Mr. does to his Passat.

An ordinary passenger car is a masterpiece of engineering, it is the culmination of a thousand years of our development, it is a level of strength even to the point of absurdity, it is the KING of PRODUCTS, LIKE THE LION IS THE KING OF THE JUNGLE.

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  1. I completely agree with you! The truth is that people, especially those who have old cars, think they have nothing to lose with them and decide to drive them on the worst dirt roads. More and more people are giving up their driver's license and they really should be driving with a green leaf on their windshield for half a lifetime 😉

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Легковая машина похожа на короля льва джунглей
The car looks like the lion king of the jungle