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Mercedes-AMG GT4: a new version of the famous model


Following the launch of the new GT3 racing car, Mercedes-AMG is introducing the next iteration of the world-famous GT4 model. In addition to the updated design, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 has undergone technical optimizations to improve performance in endurance racing, among other things. With improved engine and brake cooling, the new GT4 can reliably deliver peak performance even in extremely hot temperatures.

Mercedes-AMG GT4

363 races, 137 podium finishes, 151 class wins and 53 overall wins: the list of achievements of the Mercedes-AMG GT4 since its market launch in 2018 is truly impressive. Over the past two years, the "little brother" Mercedes-AMG GT3 has established itself as one of the most recognizable racing cars in the growing GT4 segment worldwide. To date, the high-performance sports car brand Affalterbach has delivered more than 120 units to private teams. With the new incarnation of the GT4, Mercedes-AMG is further raising the level of competitiveness of its highly acclaimed car.

Mercedes-AMG GT4: a new version of the famous model

Better engine and brake cooling

The benefits of the new Mercedes-AMG GT4 include optimized front axle brake cooling as well as a more efficient engine cooling system. Both the larger air intake that cools the brakes and the dimensionally stable, larger diameter air ducts prevent overheating of the brake system components. The result: better driving performance and reduced wear, especially important in endurance racing. A new carbon fiber air duct, well-matched thermal insulation and optimized clamp adapters improve airflow around heat-sensitive components. Optimized brake cooling is complemented by newly developed front axle discs designed for increased reliability and longer life. A new oil cooler arrangement, as well as a new carbon exhaust duct and a new bonnet contour made of natural fibre-reinforced material, contribute to even more efficient cooling of the time-tested 4.0-litre AMG V8 biturbo engine. As a result, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 can reliably maintain its performance even at extremely high temperatures.

New lighting concept

The Mercedes-AMG GT4 update also includes redesigned front and rear lights to match the modules used in the Mercedes-AMG GT3. Their design matches the current road-going versions of the Mercedes-AMG GT. In addition to the updated design, the new lighting concept also has practical advantages: the new high-performance LED headlights provide much better illumination of the track. In the dark or in conditions of poor visibility, this offers decisive advantages in terms of safety and productivity.

Mercedes-AMG GT4: a new version of the famous model

Optimized Control

Another optimization carried out concerns the modification of the rear wishbones, which are also similar to those used on the new GT3. They have a much longer service life. The result is a Mercedes-AMG GT4 that, among other things, three class wins at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring makes it even better prepared to compete in endurance marathons. Another new feature of the 2020 GT4 is the use of a larger brake fluid reservoir, optimized for the specific requirements of endurance racing.

The highest safety standards

In addition to further technical development, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 has been distinguished by a number of advantages since its introduction to the market, including exceptionally high safety standards. A safety cage made of high-strength steel is bolted to the aluminum space frame, and there is a hatch in the roof. The carbon fiber driver's roll cage with integrated headrest offers a much higher level of protection than traditional racing seats. An effective fire extinguishing system completes the comprehensive safety concept. The proven racing electronics used in the GT4 are easy to operate and maintain. The car was equipped, for example, with a special traction control system and multifunctional ABS. These systems are based on GT3 technology, as is the variable differential sequential gearbox. Double wishbone suspension and sag and rebound dampers provide very precise handling and exceptional responsiveness. The innovative torque control system of the V8 biturbo engine guarantees precise dosing and delivers the desired response. As a result, drivers of all skill levels quickly gain confidence in their vehicle.

Mercedes-AMG GT4: a new version of the famous model

Specifications for the new Mercedes-AMG GT4**:

  • Engine - 4.0 V8 biturbo AMG
  • Working volume - 3982 cm3
  • Power - up to 350 kW (476 hp)**
  • Torque - up to 630 Nm**
  • Drive - transmission system: engine in front, gearbox on the rear axle, torque tube connection
  • Transmission - AMG 6-speed sequential gearbox with mechanical (adjustable) self-locking differential and magnesium alloy housing, steering wheel paddles, pneumatically actuated
  • Body - Aluminum space frame, high tensile steel roll cage, carbon fiber body
  • Safety - Latest FIA-compliant carbon fiber driver roll cage, integrated seat upholstery, integrated headrest, sunroof, effective fire suppression system.
  • Suspension - Aluminum double wishbones front and rear, rebound and sag adjustable dampers, new heavy duty rear wishbones
  • Electronics - racing electronics with new torque control system, optimized driver assistance systems: AMG TRACTION CONTROL, racing ABS, race start function, service friendly racing, reinforced beam
  • Steering system - electromechanical power steering
  • Brakes - racing braking system with adjustable ABS; self-ventilated composite discs; optimized cooling with larger air intakes and stable air ducts; newly designed front discs, new carbon air hose and optimized caliper adapters, larger brake fluid reservoir; 6-piston front calipers and 4-piston rear calipers; Disc diameter 390 mm front / 355 mm rear
  • Wheels - Lightweight AMG 11×18″ forged wheels
  • Tires - Front: 305/660-18 / Rear: 305/680-18
  • Own weight - <1390 кг**
  • Length, width, height - 4619 mm / 1996 mm / 1284 mm
  • Wheelbase - 2630 mm
  • Fuel tank capacity - 120 l (safe racing tank)
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h - less than 4 s**
  • Maximum speed - over 250 km/h**
  • Price - 209,000 euros (factory specification, without VAT)

** depending on performance rating balance

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Mercedes-AMG GT4: новая версия знаменитой модели
Mercedes-AMG GT4: a new version of the famous model