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Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC for sale in Poland


Mercedes-Maybach is expanding its portfolio with a luxury SUV. The GLS 600 4MATIC offers travelers unique luxury – a spacious interior trimmed with the highest quality materials, excellent soundproofing and a choice of two comfortable suspensions, for the first time with a Maybach driving mode tuned for the comfort of rear seat passengers. The Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC uses an electrified 4-liter V8 biturbo engine with 557 hp. Prices for the model in Russia start at $802,400. (4 c.u. = 1 USD). Production will begin in January 2021, but in the last quarter of 2020, the cars will be shown at Russian Mercedes-Benz showrooms.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC

Cars signed with the Maybach name for almost 100 years represent the highest level of luxury and comfort combined with the latest technology. The principle of company founder Wilhelm Maybach was to create the best of the best. Since 2014, this tradition has been carried on by the Mercedes-Maybach brand and its valuable Mercedes-Maybach S-Class limousine, which today has about 50,000 vehicles worldwide. buyers. Now joined by the first luxury SUV with a distinctive double M, the GLS 600 4MATIC.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC for sale in Poland

The new model combines a comfortable, elevated seating position with luxury worthy of a high-end limousine. Its grandeur is emphasized by numerous chrome inserts and 22- or 23-inch wheels, as well as two-tone paint. Cabin components are trimmed in nappa leather as standard, while a panoramic sunroof and ventilated massage seats are also standard. Second-row passengers have at their disposal, among other things, electric rear window blinds and folding outer seats on the sofa, also with electric drive. On request, an extended rear center console with tables and even a refrigerator is available. Comfort and entertainment functions can be intuitively controlled from the rear seats using a standard MBUX tablet. Access to the cab is facilitated by automatically folding steps, specially widened in the area of the rear doors.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC for sale in Poland

The technical architecture of the new SUV is based on the latest developments from Mercedes. However, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC received, among other things, additional extensive noise insulation, a separate air conditioning unit for the rear seats, and a special Maybach driving program for the suspension and transmission; its configuration provides a particularly high level of comfort for rear seat passengers.

The GLS 600 4MATIC is powered by a 4.0 V8 twin-turbo hybrid engine with 557 hp. speed 250 km/h. Its gasoline consumption in the combined cycle is 13.0-13.4 l / 100 km.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC for sale in Poland

Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC costs in Russia from 802,400 USD. (4 c.u. = 1 USD). As is customary for Maybach-signed vehicles, buyers can choose from an exceptionally wide range of visual personalization and special high-quality accessories.

Photo: Mercedes-Maybach

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Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC продается в Польше
Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC for sale in Poland