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World premiere of electrified Lexus LF-Z


The world premiere of the Lexus LF-Z Electrified concept marks a new era in the development of the brand. Lexus has achieved a unique market position while developing the world's largest lineup of premium hybrids and high-performance F-series models, with the LFA supercar as its first legendary entry. To date, Lexus has sold nearly two million hybrids since the debut of the RX 400h hybrid in 2005.

Lexus LF-Z Electrified

By implementing the Lexus Electrified concept, the brand will build on its scientific and technological achievements to achieve the goal of creating an environmentally neutral zero-emission economy, as well as providing customers with access to high-quality vehicles with luxurious design and finishes.

The new LF-Z Electrified combines the handling, design and technology features that Lexus aims to bring to the production line by 2025. It will be a new and even more exciting version of the Lexus Driving Signature, which will combine the experience gained in the development of sports cars and the new possibilities offered by the electric drive. With this combination, the LF-Z delivers a unique driving experience and the feeling that driver and vehicle are one. This is made possible thanks to advanced technology and a specially designed platform for electric vehicles. For example, the optimal arrangement of the battery and electric motor, as well as the use of the DIRECT4 all-wheel drive, distinguish the LF-Z Concept from conventional vehicles in terms of performance and handling. The car received an advanced multimedia system, which will soon be available in production Lexus models.

World premiere of electrified Lexus LF-Z

Lexus will launch 20 new or improved models by 2025, including more than 10 electric vehicles (BEVs), plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and free-charge hybrids (HEVs). They will meet the requirements of government authorities and customers in individual countries and regions. The brand will expand its range of sedans and SUVs and explore the possibility of bringing new models to market, such as sports and driving cars from entirely new segments.

Lexus plans to introduce electrified versions of all its models by 2025. The brand predicts that electrified vehicles will account for more than half of its global sales by then. By 2050, all models must be environmentally neutral throughout their entire life cycle, including the production of materials and parts, logistics, disposal and end-of-life recycling. When selecting materials for each vehicle, Lexus will consider their environmental impact and the way they are produced.

World premiere of electrified Lexus LF-Z

In March 2024, Lexus will open a new technology and business center in Shimoyama, Aichi Prefecture, accelerating the planning and development of new vehicles. The new facility will improve collaboration between next-generation vehicle planning, design and development teams and promote open collaboration with external partners. The focus on teamwork will make new products more attractive to customers, incl. unleashing the full potential of the Lexus Driving Signature concept.

“I want to express my deep gratitude to the people around the world who are working hard in the face of today's difficulties. Focusing on our mission of achieving climate neutrality, we will continue to build vehicles that are fun to drive and fun to drive. Starting with two new vehicles debuting this year, our future models will be sustainable, innovative and add color to our customers' lives,” said Koji Sato, president and brand director of Lexus International.

Lexus LF-Z Electrified - a new concept car brand

The LF-Z Electrified Concept provides a glimpse into the future of Lexus. Its design, handling and cutting-edge technology herald a new generation of brand models that will debut by 2025.

World premiere of electrified Lexus LF-Z

The purpose-built EV platform is the cornerstone of the Lexus Electrified concept, which uses electrification technologies and the new DIRECT4 all-wheel drive to achieve unique vehicle dynamics that are clearly distinct from conventional vehicles.

The combination of electrified drives and driving control technologies that Lexus has developed over the years has resulted in the unique Lexus Driving Signature driving characteristics that give the driver the feeling of being directly connected to the car. The exterior design is based on bold lines that express emotions. A powerful electric motor was installed behind.

The interior is an open, minimalist space, and the cabin is designed in accordance with the Tazuna concept, which reflects the driving characteristics of electric vehicles and the philosophy of people-centricity that lies at the heart of the Lexus brand. The artificial intelligence of the car was designed to talk to the driver and thus learn about his preferences and lifestyle. Thanks to this, the car will support the person behind the wheel with additional tips while driving or information about the destination. Artificial intelligence will also take into account security issues.

World premiere of electrified Lexus LF-Z

Communication between man and vehicle

Lexus Driving Signature gives the driver a direct connection to the car. The vehicle responds linearly and accurately to the driver's actions when accelerating, braking and steering. The design of the LF-Z Electrified, including the optimal arrangement of the battery and engine, as well as the technologies used, contribute to the quality of driving and the ideal inertial characteristics of the car. Thanks to the electric drive, the distribution of elements on the platform is not determined by the layout of the gasoline engine and gearbox. This made it easier to develop the car in line with the Lexus Driving Signature concept.

The longitudinal installation of the battery under the floor increases the rigidity of the structure, lowers the center of gravity and additionally isolates noise and vibrations coming from the road surface. This makes the interior of the car even better soundproofed and more comfortable - in keeping with the long tradition of the Lexus brand. This method of fastening the batteries also increases the capacity of the cabin and luggage compartment.

The new DIRECT4 all-wheel drive allows the power and torque of the electric motor to be transmitted independently to each axle. This system can steer only the front wheels, only the rear wheels, or all wheels, freely adapting performance to road conditions, improving vehicle stability and responsiveness and facilitating dynamic cornering.

World premiere of electrified Lexus LF-Z

The electronic steering system, without a mechanical connection between the steering column and the chassis, ensures that the vehicle reacts directly to the steering wheel even with slight steering movements. Improved steering precision ensures a pleasant driving experience. The all-electronic system eliminates unpleasant vibrations on the steering wheel from the road surface, while providing the right level of resistance so that the driver has confidence in driving.

Future Lexus Design Trends

The LF-Z Electrified is a study of the evolution of Lexus design for the brand's future models. The design is based on simple yet attractive shapes based on proportions related to dynamics and power. The streamlined interior follows the expressive lines of the downward-facing front and upward-facing rear. This design will be reserved for electric vehicles.

The large wheels are located close to the ends of the car, which gives the model short overhangs, a wide silhouette and a low center of gravity. The instantly recognizable hourglass shape that now characterizes every Lexus grille extends the entire silhouette of the car on the new LF-Z. The shape of the rear is oriented horizontally, emphasizing the large wheels. The new Lexus logo is integrated into the horizontal arrangement of narrow lamps.

World premiere of electrified Lexus LF-Z

Tazun cockpit and open interior concept

To expand on Lexus's founding people-centered philosophy on a larger scale, the driver's cab is designed around the new Tazun concept. The steering wheel controls and head-up display on the windshield are further coordinated to create a space that helps the driver focus on driving while using the various functions and information provided by the system without having to look from place to place.

The driver's cab is the main part of the car interior. The instrument panel and other components are located relatively low from the passenger's point of view. This gives the impression of openness and hospitality in line with the Omotenashi concept. The seamless transition from the instrument panel to the front and rear doors creates a clean, luxurious shape, accentuated by the panoramic glass sunroof. The augmented reality (AR) head-up display, infotainment touch screen and other components form a compact unit, while driver assistance controls are grouped around the steering wheel.

A new dimension of driving thanks to modern technology

Lexus LF-Z Electrified artificial intelligence provides the driver with constant support based on verbal interaction, during which he learns his preferences and lifestyle. The voice communication system uses the latest artificial intelligence that adapts to the habits and preferences of the driver, supporting him in planning a route or choosing a destination and providing additional information. This system is capable of natural conversation while offering personal assistant-level support.

World premiere of electrified Lexus LF-Z

The digital car unlock system allows you to share your car with family or friends without giving them a physical key. Vehicle functions, including opening and closing doors, can be controlled remotely using your phone. The digital key also makes it possible to make the car available to service personnel and makes it easier to include the car in the car sharing system.

The door is equipped with an automatic handle that extends from the body when a person with a key approaches the car. It is enough for a person to touch the sensor inside the handle to open the central lock. When exiting, the door opens at the push of a button. Vehicle sensors monitor your surroundings and warn you when a car or bike is approaching. This prevents accidents when leaving the car on the side of the road.

The panoramic sunroof is made of electrochromic glass, so clear glass may become opaque. It can also be illuminated with illumination that imitates the starry sky. A touchpad in the center of the roof facilitates communication between people in the first and second rows. The rear seats with massage function can be folded into a reclining position.

The next-generation Mark Levinson audio system reproduces world-class concert hall sound. Precise speaker control allows both the driver and all passengers to enjoy excellent sound quality. The Noise Canceling Sound Control feature reduces background noise, making it easier for you to talk.

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Мировая премьера электрифицированного Lexus LF-Z
World premiere of electrified Lexus LF-Z