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World premiere of the new electric Volvo C40


Volvo Cars is committed to zero carbon emissions. The new C40 is another concrete step towards this goal. What other features, besides zero emissivity, does this hot automotive novelty have?

Volvo C40

The C40 has all the features that SUV users are looking for. Ground clearance is identical to the electric XC40 Recharge. The driver's seat is also placed high. However, the roofline runs much lower and slopes gently back. The body is 69mm lower than the electric XC40 and more streamlined. It also has a lower drag coefficient. And in an electric car, this is a very important parameter.

World premiere of the new electric Volvo C40

The C40 is the first Volvo model to have no internal combustion engine at all. Volvo Cars announces that new models will soon be added to the two current electrics. By 2025, our brand's 50% sales will come from pure electric varieties. And five years later - 100%.

The C40 Recharge shows where our brand is heading. The all-electric car is available online with a wide range of additional services and short delivery times from the time of ordering. Owning a new Volvo has never been so easy and attractive,” said Henrik Green, Chief Technology Officer of Volvo Cars.

World premiere of the new electric Volvo C40

External and internal design

The C40 is based on the XC40 technology, but stylistically differs greatly from it. The C40's roofline slopes gently to the rear, where it ends abruptly, as if ending in a vertical cutout. Above the rear window are two separate spoilers. The third, larger one, was placed on the edge of the trunk. The taillights have a completely different shape than those of the XC40. The ones in the C40 are even more futuristic. The headlights also have their own unique shape. By the way, they use the latest pixel LED technology. The presented model also has plastic protection elements on the bumpers and around the wheel arches. The model seen in the first press photos has a brand new lacquer shade with a Scandinavian name: Fjord Blue Metallic.

World premiere of the new electric Volvo C40

The center of the C40 is located in the same way as in many Volvo models. The command center is a vertical touch screen. There are few physical buttons. We at Volvo are already used to this. There will be no genuine leather upholstery in the C40. Animal skins will be replaced with other attractive upholstery. The C40 will get its own set of decors and color palettes to liven up the look of the cabin.

Android based operating system

The XC40 Recharge was one of the first two cars in the world with a Google-based operating system. Not to be confused with Android Auto. This new Volvo system also appeared on the C40. This is one of the best infotainment systems in the world. Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google Play Store are now part of the car's operating system. The manufacturer also provides unlimited access to data transfer so that you can take full advantage of these features. C40 will also download OTA update i.e. just wirelessly, over the Internet. Cars will be able to automatically download optimizations and updates that improve their performance after leaving the factory.

World premiere of the new electric Volvo C40

Engine power? No battery!

The Volvo C40 is available with two electric motors with a total output of over 400 hp. and a torque of 660 Nm. Electricity is stored in a battery with a capacity of 78 kWh. It can be charged up to 150 kW. Then it only takes 40 minutes to charge it up to 80% capacity. Estimated WLTP range is 420 km and may increase with further updates. Acceleration to 100 km / h will be less than 5 seconds. The maximum speed is 180 km/h. This is not only Volvo's standard, but an increasingly popular solution in the BEV segment of other brands.

World premiere of the new electric Volvo C40

You can buy it online. And the salons?

The Volvo C40 will be available online only, but will be available for pickup at a selected dealership. What if someone wants to buy a car from a car dealership? Then the employees of these facilities will help such a person to order an online car on the spot, which will be handed over to the client on the spot. In addition to the classic purchase, you can also choose the Care by Volvo service, which is a comprehensive subscription covering all car-related services. It's not just about tires, service, warranty, assistance or insurance. In many markets, it will also be possible to include services related to charging the car at home in installments.

World premiere of the new electric Volvo C40

The priority is the ease of ordering and short delivery times from the moment the order is placed. The site provides recommended configurations. The configurator should be simple, the number of options and packages should be simplified to the required minimum.

Production of the C40 will begin this fall in Ghent, Belgium. It will be a worldwide model, but its main market will be Europe.

Photo: Volvo

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Мировая премьера нового электрического Volvo C40
World premiere of the new electric Volvo C40