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World premiere of the new Volkswagen Amarok


Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles presents the new Amarok. Designed and built in Germany and Australia, this versatile vehicle is designed and built in South Africa and can be used as an off-road vehicle or a comfortable road car. This premium pickup has been built for customers in Australia and New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

New Volkswagen Amarok.

Numerous features, more than 20 new driver assistance systems, online mobile services, fuel-efficient and powerful engines, dual all-wheel drive systems, "tailor-made" accessories and a clear Volkswagen design DNA make the new Amarok one of the most versatile and stable pick-ups in the world. The new Amarok will hit its first sales markets later this year. In Russia, the market launch is scheduled for May 2023.

Volkswagen Vans in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, North Asia, South and Central America have sold over 830,000 units of the first generation Amarok. It is now in its second generation. All new. But the design of Volkswagen is immediately clear: this is an Amarok. The car has become larger, more powerful, sportier and more charismatic.

World premiere of the new Volkswagen Amarok

“For the next generation, we have significantly changed the Amarok design archetype. It is now more expressive and even more impressive,” says Albert Kirzinger, head of design at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The best showcase of the new design features is the expressive front end of the new pickup, which will be available in Amarok, Life and Style trim levels, as well as the top trim. "PanAmericana" (off-road style) and "Aventura" (exclusive version) versions.

The new Amarok will be available on the market with a four-door double cab (DoubleCab) and a two-door single cab (SingleCab). The most striking features of its silhouette are the wheel arches, which until now have been semi-circular in both body styles. As if wrapped in fenders over 21-inch alloy wheels, they have a powerful look, and the edges of the wheel arches are finished with durable plastic.

World premiere of the new Volkswagen Amarok

The long wheelbase improves the proportions and off-road performance of the vehicle.

With a length of 5350 mm, the new Amarok is 96 mm longer than its predecessor. The 3270mm wheelbase means an increase of 173mm. This gives more space, especially in the second row of double cab seats. Thus, the wheelbase has increased much more than the overall length. As a result, the body overhangs were shortened. The result is sharper proportions and better off-road performance with a higher angle of attack. The off-road capability of the Amarok, which will come standard with all-wheel drive in many markets, has also been improved with much greater fording depth. It used to be 500 mm, now it's 800 mm.

Quality Volkswagen interior designed for professional tasks

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles design team created a functional and high-quality interior with clearly arranged controls and digital displays. The range of displays includes 8.0" digital gauges (Digital Cab from Styles and up, 12.0" all-digital) and a modern tablet format touchscreen (10.0" from Styles and up ( standard 12.0 inches)). from which the infotainment systems are controlled. Volkswagen Vans has created an intuitive combination of digital functions and ergonomic buttons or knobs in the Amarok. With these physical buttons, for example, you can control the volume of the infotainment system and all-wheel drive settings. Depending on the equipment variant, these elements are robust and of high quality and finished in aluminium.

World premiere of the new Volkswagen Amarok

This collection of high-quality parts pairs perfectly with other items such as the Harman Kardon audio system, standard on the Amarok PanAmericana and Aventura and available as an option on other equipment lines. This system is only used on the Amarok. The Amarok PanAmericana and Aventura also come standard with a leather instrument panel with elegant contrast stitching. The driver and front passenger of the new Amarok sit on ergonomically designed seats that can be electrically adjusted on higher trim levels. The rear of the DoubleCab offers enough space and comfort for three adult passengers to enjoy an enjoyable journey. Style seats have ArtVelours upholstery as standard, while Amarok PanAmericana and Aventura Volkswagen Vans use premium leather.

Lots of cargo space: up to 1.16 tons of cargo

The space behind the double or single cab is also impressive: in the cargo area. As with the previous model, there is enough space in the cargo area between the wheel arches for a cross-travel Euro pallet. In the version with one cabin, even two Euro pallets arranged in this way can be loaded. The cargo is secured with points on the cargo body, each of which can withstand a load of up to 500 kg. The maximum payload of the Amarok has increased from 1 ton to 1.16 tons. The loading box can be protected by electric roller shutters. The roller blind can be opened and closed from the cargo area itself, from inside the car, or remotely using the car key.

World premiere of the new Volkswagen Amarok

New range of accessories meets all customer requirements

Interesting data for travelers is the roof's static load capacity of 350 kg, which is enough, for example, to accommodate a four-person rooftop tent, which will be available as an accessory. Both the factory version and range of accessories will include aluminum rims up to 21 inches, off-road tires (up to 18 inches) and a wide range of trailer mounts. Other items of equipment in the cargo area include a bike holder, a multifunctional carrying system, a manual version of the cargo area roller shutter and a very diverse range of decorative trims. Once again, a hardtop with a cargo bed will be available, turning a pickup truck into an SUV with the capacity of a delivery truck. On the other hand, off-road performance can be further optimized with front pipes, underbody protection, an all-terrain chassis, towing eyes and a snorkel attached externally to the left A-pillar to supply fresh air to the engine. when moving through the water.

World premiere of the new Volkswagen Amarok

Five "tailor-made" turbocharged engines for specific global markets.

Four turbocharged diesel engines (TDI) and one turbocharged petrol engine (TSI) have been developed for the new Amarok. Efficiency and high torque are common features of all five engines. In the African market, for example, the engine will be offered as standard: a four-cylinder 2.0-litre TDI with 110 kW (150 hp). Another engine offered in many markets around the world is the 2.0-litre four-cylinder TDI with 125 kW (170 hp). As a third level, Volkswagen Vans will offer a supercharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder TDI engine; it develops - depending on the market - 150 kW (204 hp) or 154 kW (209 hp). The TDI's top drive offering is the 3.0-litre V6. It delivers 177 kW (241 hp) or 184 kW (250 hp), also depending on the market. The 2.3 liter turbocharged spark engine with 222 kW (302 hp) was developed specifically for traditional gasoline markets.

New 10-speed automatic transmission and 4MOTION all-wheel drive system

All versions of the Amarok from the 154kW version will come standard with a new 10-speed automatic transmission controlled by an electronic drive mode switch (by wire). This automatic transmission will be available as an option in the 150kW version. A new 10-speed gearbox replaced the previous model's 8-speed automatic. In addition, a 6-speed automatic transmission and a 6- or 5-speed manual transmission will be available for different engines.

In many markets, the Amarok will come with all-wheel drive (4MOTION) as standard. Depending on the region and engine version, two different 4MOTION systems will be available: selective – situational – all-wheel drive and permanent all-wheel drive. Thanks to drivetrain technology, the new Amarok can handle any terrain and, depending on the engine version, can tow up to 3.5 tons.

More than 20 new driver assistance systems make driving easier.

Up to six different driving modes are available to the Amarok driver in different situations, such as when driving on slippery surfaces or on rough terrain. Assistance systems also make the new Amarok easier to drive. More than 20 of these systems, such as ACC + Adaptive Cruise Control (turns road signs into automatic speed control by scanning the camera image) and "IQ.LIGHT - LED Matrix Headlights" are new to the Amarok and make driving easier than any other. pickup truck is sold in world markets.

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Мировая премьера нового Volkswagen Amarok
World premiere of the new Volkswagen Amarok