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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV World Debut


The only plug-in SUV coupe in its class, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV, which debuted a few days ago, boasts avant-garde styling that is reminiscent of the company's Japanese DNA. The all-new rear end, front end and dynamic side profile are highlighted by subtle details such as the ultra-modern design of the LED headlights.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV

The Eclipse Cross PHEV is a car for the environmentally conscious individualist who wants to stand out from the crowd and experience the unrivaled comfort of plug-in hybrid travel. The new interior with larger luggage compartment offers a wide range of equipment for demanding premium customers, including a head-up display, adaptive cruise control with radar, BSW, RCTA, heated steering wheel, leather interior and power seats, SDA with CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces and TomTom navigation.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV World Debut

The most important feature of the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV model is the unique drive - electric and hybrid with fast charging - in 25 minutes - with direct current up to 80% battery capacity from public chargers. The car is driven by two electric motors located on the front and rear axles. The internal combustion engine is mainly used to charge the battery and support the electric drive. Like electric vehicles, the Eclipse Cross PHEV does not have a gearbox, but a single-speed transmission that provides smooth acceleration without jerks when shifting gears.

It is worth noting that the Mitsubishi PHEV hybrid technology is the most popular technology in Russia in 2020, as the Outlander PHEV is the best-selling plug-in model. This is the only such advanced technology on the market that provides the highest level of battery charging safety through the use of an additional cooling system. The high-capacity battery allows you to drive up to 45 km in the electric mode of an electric vehicle with zero emissions. The total range of the car is about 600 km, and the cost of a standard 100 km trip can be up to 3 times lower compared to the combustion engine version. The built-in 1500W 220V socket allows you to power external devices, turning the car into an energy storage device.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV World Debut

The S-AWC all-wheel drive is also available in EV mode, and unlike the competition, the 4×4 drive can be operated without firing the internal combustion engine. It is an innovative solution for the direct drive of both axles, mainly by electric motors, which transfer all their torque to the wheels without delay, ensuring a quick start and safety. The car offers 3 driving modes, which are automatically selected according to road conditions.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV, which will debut in Russia in April 2021, is offered with a 5-year warranty (up to 100,000 km) for the entire vehicle, as well as a 5-year Mitsubishi assistance package without mileage limitation and an 8-year warranty. (up to 160,000 km.) on a traction battery charged from a power outlet.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV World Debut

* in accordance with the Electric Mobility Act, we can only refer to vehicles with an external power source as hybrid vehicles, i.e. plug-in. Other HEV and MHEV hybrids are conventional drive vehicles).

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Мировой дебют Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV World Debut