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Nissan JUKE ENIGMA - new special edition


ENIGMA, the latest version of the Nissan JUKE Special Edition, is a prime example of expressive design that redefines the style of the iconic urban crossover. ENIGMA is equipped with systems that complement the wide range of modern technologies available on the JUKE.


It is also the first JUKE vehicle to be compatible with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Nissan Skill, available on ENIGMA and all JUKE models equipped with the NissanConnect multimedia system, allows users to remotely control selected vehicle functions from a smartphone or a device paired with the Alexa voice assistant. The user can ask Alexa a question to remotely check, for example, whether his car door is open or closed, check how much fuel is left in the tank, send the selected address from home to the on-board navigation system, which is not only convenient, but also provides the user with peace of mind.

ENIGMA: expressive style with a touch of style

The dark futuristic styling of the ENIGMA version is inspired by the unique character of the JUKE.

Nissan JUKE ENIGMA - new special edition

Everything, including the wheels and the roof, is designed to attract attention on the road. Thanks to these stylistic devices, ENIGMA can be associated with a vehicle for special tasks. The lacquered 19-inch deep black wheels with Akari pattern (Japanese for light) emphasize the sporty character of the Nissan JUKE. The sloping roof line is reminiscent of a coupe body, while the side mirrors are adorned with original graphic motifs.

The eye-catching ENIGMA badge on the A-pillar is clearly visible thanks to the two-tone body paint, which emphasizes the car's elegant silhouette: Gun Gray body with black painted roof.

Nissan JUKE ENIGMA - new special edition

ENIGMA is equipped with a number of advanced technologies that can be controlled from a "state of the art command center". You can enjoy a range of smart notifications and connectivity features through the NissanConnect Services app on your smartphone. The NissanConnect in-car infotainment system not only supports all of these features, but also offers easy smartphone integration so you can use it safely while driving.

Introducing Amazon Alexa

JUKE ENIGMA is the first Nissan model in Europe to feature an even more advanced in-flight infotainment system compatible with Alexa voice assistant and Nissan Skill functionality.

When Nissan Skill is activated in the Alexa app and linked to the vehicle's own NissanConnect account, the driver can connect the Nissan JUKE to their home Alexa device to control multiple vehicle functions with 13 personalized commands. The user can ask Alexa to send the address to the NissanConnect navigation system with TomTom Traffic, turn on the lights, determine where the car has been parked, check how many miles it has enough fuel, and whether the doors have been closed.

Nissan JUKE ENIGMA - new special edition

“NISSAN JUKE offers attractive design and advanced technology in a very attractive package. The unique styling of the ENIGMA version and intelligent technology that keeps you connected takes the driving experience to the next level,” emphasizes Marco Fioravanti, VP Product Planning, Nissan Europe.

Prices for the Nissan JUKE ENIGMA start at $97,330. (4 c.u. = 1 USD).and the car will be available in showrooms in Russia in March.

Photo: Nissan

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Nissan JUKE ENIGMA — новое специальное издание
Nissan JUKE ENIGMA - new special edition