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New Abarth 595 lineup: Scorpio performance and style


New Year and New 595 Series. 2020 has been marked by a string of sporting and commercial successes with the debut of two new special editions: the 595 Monster Energy Yamaha and the 595 Scorpioneoro.

At the beginning of 2021, the Scorpio brand is also showing its “claw” with the new 595 line. A brand icon that, as her story shows, perfectly embodies the two “souls” of the brand: performance and style.

New Abarth 595

The four editions of the updated range - 595, Turismo, Competizione and Esseesse - showcase new colours, high-quality materials, new styling details, cutting-edge technology and extensive customization options that highlight the nuances of Abarth's character.

“Abarth 595 is a success story with soul that has won and continues to attract thousands of enthusiasts around the world. The Scorpio brand has developed a community unique in the automotive industry that we are extremely proud of. In the just-ended 2020, the positive momentum continued and the market share increased by almost 50% compared to the previous year. We owe this success to the unique character of this small supercar and the enthusiasm of many fans,” said Luca Napolitano, Director Fiat, Lancia and Abarth EMEA.

New Abarth 595 lineup: Scorpio performance and style

New Abarth 595 Competizione

“A small supercar with a full range of experiences both on the road and on the track. It has many secrets, among which: "explosive" performance, exhaust sound, light and aggressive style and character, and, of course, incredible driving pleasure. Today we are introducing the new 595 Series, completely redesigned to make the Abarth 595 even better. I am sure that our customers, both those who value style more and those who value performance above all else, will appreciate the new solutions and all the details that make the Abarth a collector's gem. Let's take a look at four new versions that allow us to be more optimistic about the future and 2021."

New Abarth 595 lineup: Scorpio performance and style

New Abarth 595 Competizione

New lines Abarth 595, Turismo, Competizione and Esseesse

Available in hatchback and convertible versions, the Abarth 595 range combines unique features that emphasize their sporty character and boost performance. Four equipment levels offer power from 145 to 180 hp, comply with the Euro 6D Final standard, so they can satisfy all customer needs.

The distinctive yet affordable version of the 595 is the entry point into the world of Abarth and comes standard with the equipment needed to deliver the driving pleasure typical of a Scorpion car. First of all, the Sport mode selector, which in the new Scorpion range is called the Scorpio mode. Pressing a button on the instrument panel delivers maximum torque, power steering calibration and more precise engine response to the accelerator pedal. In terms of technology, the 595 version comes with a 7-inch touchscreen radio as standard, and a new welcome screen is available to the delight of Abarth enthusiasts. Compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™ is available upon request.

Rapid acceleration and effective braking are the basis for sporty driving and driving pleasure; That's why the 595 is equipped with Abarth's special high-performance braking system for maximum safety thanks to 284mm ventilated front discs and 240mm rear discs. The 595 Turismo and Competizione have also been technically and stylistically updated in the name of personalization to offer customers two different ways to enter the world of Abarth and experience extraordinary emotions. Since 595 Turismo is associated with the values of style and comfort typical of the Italian Granturismo, it is designed for customers who want to stand out with their style, love the city, but want to live boldly in it.

New Abarth 595 lineup: Scorpio performance and style

New Abarth 595 Turismo

On the other hand, Competizione is dedicated to lovers of performance and sporting events where all tricks are allowed, those who want to enjoy driving both on the road and on the track, those who never refuse the opportunity to turn an ordinary journey into an extraordinary experience.

The 595 Turismo introduces an updated interior, starting with exclusive leather seats with new finishes, offering a choice of different hues, including the new Helmet Brown color.

In terms of body colors, the highlight of the 595 Competizione is the new matte Rally Blue paint, a color inspired by the 1970s Fiat 131 Abarth Rally, while the new 17-inch alloy wheels are a nod to the 1990s Lancia Delta Rally Integrale. XX century.

New Abarth 595 lineup: Scorpio performance and style

New Abarth 595 Turismo

To make the exterior even sportier, a body-coloured "kit" specific to this version is available in combination with the new Rally Blue or Scorpione Black. Inside, in addition to the Scorpio mode selector, we find new equipment that characterizes the car, including an Alcantara instrument panel, new leather seats and a carbon fiber shift lever.

For the top-of-the-range 595 Esseesse range, Abarth's design and engineering team has developed new titanium tailpipes for the Akrapovic exhaust system, which deliver pure sonic emotion both on the road and on the track, as well as fun and enjoyment. which is the maximum excitement for the driver.

All models are fitted as standard with polyelliptical headlights and LED daytime running lights. Xenon headlights are also available upon request. The steering wheel is flattened in the center and designed to be more efficient for sporty driving. The dashboard provides excellent readability. In addition, the pressure indicator is illuminated in white, which makes it easier and faster to read the readings.

Engines, transmission, mechanics

The new Abarth 595 range is powered by a 1.4-litre T-jet engine, the same engine on which the Italian and German Formula 4 cars are based. The 595 Competizione and 595 Esseesse develop 180 hp. and are the perfect vehicles for those looking for racing adrenaline. both in terms of performance and technology.

Competizione and Esseesse also have a Garrett GT1446 turbo; mechanical self-locking differential that improves traction in difficult traction conditions and on rough terrain; Koni FSD shocks on both axles and Brembo brakes with fixed aluminum calipers.

New Abarth 595 lineup: Scorpio performance and style

New Abarth 595 Esseesse

All 1.4 T-jet variants are mated to a manual transmission, but can be fitted with an Abarth robotic sequential gearbox with paddle shifters on request. In addition, all engines comply with Final Euro 6D standards.

multimedia system

The new 595 series comes standard with Uconnect™ with a 7-inch display, fast HD screen platform and DAB digital radio, with optional Apple CarPlay, Android Auto™ and navigation compatibility. Also new in the lineup is the multimedia system splash screen.

New Abarth 595 lineup: Scorpio performance and style

New Abarth 595 Esseesse

Finally, the sophisticated and powerful BeatsAudio™ is also available to please even the most discerning and persistent music lover. Created in collaboration with Beats by Dr. Dre, the BeatsAudio™ system has a total output power of 480W and is equipped with an 8-channel digital amplifier with an advanced equalization algorithm that can reproduce the full spectrum of sound an artist encounters during a studio recording. The Beats Audio™ system consists of two dome tweeters in the A-pillar, two 165mm mid-range drivers in the front doors, two 165mm full-range speakers in the rear side panels, and a 200mm subwoofer centrally located in the spare wheel compartment in the trunk.

Communication of the new Abarth 595 series

“To suit your style” will be the advertising slogan for the launch of the new Abarth 595 series. The ad, created by creative agency Independent Ideas, aims to present the two faces of the series. On the one hand, it provides the performance associated with the characteristic style reflected in the 595 Turismo, on the other hand, the maximum performance and sportiness presented by the 595 Competizione.

The video begins with a detailed description of the exclusive design of the first model, to give the viewer an idea of the character of one of the Scorpion cars in terms of lifestyle. Along the way, the 595 Turismo passed the baton to the 595 Competizione, and with it the sudden change in style of both the surrounding landscape and the driver. Every element of the same landscape transforms and becomes compatible with the pure sporting rivalry that is in Abarth's DNA. The slogan refers to "style" and shows how Abarth offers its customers the opportunity to express their individuality by choosing from an updated and exclusive new range.

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Новая линейка Abarth 595: производительность и стиль Scorpio
New Abarth 595 lineup: Scorpio performance and style