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The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.


Toyota introduces the all-new Aygo X crossover, a unique model in the A-segment. The vehicle was built at the Toyota European Design Center. The new design takes into account the needs and habits of city car use in Europe. So this is a model made in Europe for residents of European cities.

Toyota Aygo X

“Segment A is very important to us. It is thanks to him that Toyota acquires many new customers. In addition, it helps us achieve our priority goal of providing the right vehicle for everyone,” said Andrea Carlucci, VP Product and Marketing, Toyota Motor Europe.

The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.

The new smallest Toyota model was developed on the GA-B platform in the TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) architecture. The first vehicle built on this platform was the new Yaris, which was named European Car of the Year 2021, while the second was the all-new Yaris Cross B-segment crossover.

Original styling with a twist

With the new Aygo X, Toyota designers aim to redefine the A-segment with bold, distinctive styling and unique body styling. The team at ED2 (Toyota European Design and Development) near Nice showcased their vision for a small city car for the first time with the Aygo X prologue concept model this March.

The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.

Since its launch in 2005, the Aygo has been more than just the most affordable Toyota model in Europe. Now, together with the larger C-HR crossover, it is Toyota's most stylish urban model with a distinctly contemporary style, designed to appeal to the tastes of a young group of drivers.

Today, more than ever, Toyota customers expect something special that will allow them to express themselves and showcase their own style. The ED2 designers decided to create a car specifically for such people, taking as their starting point the achievement of the Aygo as a style icon in the A segment.

The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.

“Everyone deserves an attractive, fashionable car. When I look at the Aygo X, I am proud to say that the ED2 team has created just such a car. I am convinced that the new Toyota will revolutionize the A-segment,” said Jan Cartabiano, president of ED2.

Following a very positive public reception of the Aygo X prologue concept, which drew attention with its intriguing two-tone body design and specially designed sparkling Chilli Red, the Aygo X design was handed over to Toyota Motor Europe Design in Belgium. There, the stylists worked directly with the R&D and product planning departments to accurately transform a new car concept into a real product.

The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.

The bold two-tone look of the Aygo X, highlighted by a new spicy paint finish, creates a unique whole that draws attention from afar. The sloping roof line makes the car more sporty. At the front, high-tech lights form a wing-shaped bonnet frame. The large, low grille, fog lights and underbody protection are hexagonal.

The choice of colors had a huge impact on the design of the Aygo X. To emphasize its expressive character, Toyota used colors of natural spices, such as delicate cardamom green, red chili, warm beige ginger or a muted, bluish green hue. juniper. Each of these colors creates a contrasting composition with the black roof and rear.

The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.

The expressive color of Chilli is emphasized by blue metallic flakes. The result is the unique, brilliant color Sparkling Chilli Red. Juniper's youthful styling lacquer was developed specifically for this vehicle and makes the Aygo X even more visible.

The bold design of the crossover is emphasized not only by the original color scheme, but also by large wheels, the diameters of which together correspond to 40 percent of the body length.

The zesty colors also show up in the car's interior in the form of body-coloured accents, including on the dashboard and center console, which give the cabin a distinct look. Looking closely at the seats, you can see that the “X” mark is built into the structure of the upholstery material. The name Aygo X is also subtly reflected in the design of the headlights.

The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.

“The two-tone exterior of the Aygo X immediately catches the eye. Its composition is an integral part of the car's design,” emphasizes Anastasia Stolyarova, Aygo X Product Planning Manager at Toyota Motor Europe.

A special limited edition Aygo X will be available in the first months of sales in Cardamom, with matt Mandarina Orange accents and specially designed matte black alloy wheels. Mandarin accents also appear in the interior trim panels and upholstery.

Compact and agile city car

With the Aygo X, a completely new, unique offering in the A segment is launched on the market. The car is based on the proven GA-B platform, adapted to its smaller dimensions. The rear of the platform has been reduced, and the front and rear overhangs have been shortened.

The new crossover has a length of 3700 mm and is 235 mm longer than its predecessor. The wheelbase is 90 mm longer than the second generation Aygo. The front overhang is 72mm shorter than the Yaris. The chassis of the new model allows the use of 18-inch wheels.

The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.

The Aygo X has been designed to navigate even the narrowest city streets efficiently, so it's extremely agile. Its turning radius of 4.7m is one of the best in the segment.

The body width is 125 mm more than the previous model, and is 1740 mm. As a result, the front seats were opened by 20mm, increasing shoulder room by 45mm. The trunk is also one of the largest in the segment. Its length has increased by 125 mm, and its capacity has increased by 63 liters to 231 liters.

The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.

The roof design of the Aygo X follows the shape of the roof of a Japanese pagoda, roughly keeping the dimensions of the roof of the previous model. The salon added in comfort and spaciousness, including due to the greater height of the car, which increased by 50 mm to 1510 mm.

The steering system has been optimized for driving in European cities and suburbs. The new optional S-CVT transmission makes the Aygo X one of the most dynamic vehicles in its segment. The gearbox is smooth and intuitive, which strikes a very good balance between performance and fuel consumption.

Stable and confident to drive

Confident driving is extremely important - both in the city and on the highway. The Aygo X rides with confidence and stability thanks to many different design elements.

One factor contributing to a more confident driving feel is the crossover's characteristic increased ground clearance and bulkier bodywork. The driver's seat is 55 mm higher for better visibility around the vehicle. For the same purpose, the 10% has increased the angle of inclination of the A-pillar, which is now 24 degrees.

The large wheels and tires pair well with the proven TNGA suspension. Driving stability is also improved by greater body rigidity and less body roll.

The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.

Have a nice trip

The interior has been further cushioned with additional insulation materials, improving the articulation index by 6 percent to one of the best in the segment.

When developing the Aygo X, Toyota once again teamed up with JBL to develop an optional premium audio system precisely tailored to the model's interior. This system consists of 4 speakers, a 300W amplifier and a 200mm subwoofer installed in the trunk. The JBL sound system delivers clear, rich sound and powerful bass.

The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.

Optionally, the new model can be equipped with a folding fabric roof - this will be the first A-segment crossover with such convenience. The new canvas roof is designed for maximum enjoyment.

Using high quality materials commonly found in premium vehicles, a canvas roof provides better protection against water and dust. The new fairing design improves the durability and strength of the roof.

The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.

Modern technologies

Although Aygo X is a small city car, it has received many new solutions and advanced technologies. Customers will be able to stay connected to their Aygo X through the Toyota Smart Connect system and the MyT smartphone app. Thanks to the MyT application, it will be possible to check the location of the car by GPS and observe its performance statistics, such as driving style analysis, fuel level or various warnings. A large 9-inch touch screen, a wireless phone charger and atmospheric lighting also enhance the comfort of using the car.

Toyota's latest high-quality multimedia system is equipped with cloud-based navigation that provides real-time route information and other online services. Cloud technologies allow you to systematically update the wireless system and introduce new services into it while using the car, after buying it. Toyota Smart Connect also offers wired and wireless smartphone connectivity via Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay®.

The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.

Another highlight of the Aygo X is the advanced Full LED headlights. The daytime running lights and direction indicators consist of two LEDs surrounded by a thin strip of light that highlights the vehicle's distinctive profile at any time of the day. “The headlights give the Aygo X focus and confidence. At Toyota, we call this type of design Insight,” said Tadao Mori, design director at Toyota Motor Europe.


Aygo X sets new safety standards for the A-segment – for the first time, a vehicle in this segment will be equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense active safety package in all markets free of charge in all markets. The car receives a new generation TSS 2.5 package based on the interaction of the camera and radar. The radar sensor, which will replace existing laser technology, has greater sensitivity and range, making TSS 2.5 systems also operate at high speeds.

The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.

The Aygo X will be equipped with a new version of the Early Collision Warning System (PCS) with which it will be introduced: Pedestrian Detection Day and Night and Cyclist Detection Daytime, Collision Assistance System, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (IACC). ), Lane Keeping Assist (LTA), and collision avoidance support.

The Aygo X also received additional passive safety enhancements, including body reinforcements that effectively absorb impact forces.

Low operating costs

The new model has been designed to minimize operating costs. The Aygo X has the lowest unsprung weight of any vehicle in the A and B segment, contributing to low fuel consumption. The very good aerodynamic properties of the car include the effect of the refined shape of the front bumper and wheel arches, which not only reduces fuel consumption, but also reduces vibrations when driving. The rear wheel arches are shaped to direct airflow away from the tires towards the rear of the car.

The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.

Aygo X is powered by the award-winning 1.0-litre 3-cylinder 1KR-FE engine. It has been improved to meet the new European standards while maintaining good performance and a very high level of reliability. According to preliminary estimates, the Aygo X engine consumes 4.7 l/100 km of gasoline and emits 107 g/km of CO2.

Designed and produced in Europe for European customers, the new Aygo X will set the style in European cities.

The car will debut in Toyota showrooms in 2022.

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Новая Toyota Aygo X — современный и стильный городской кроссовер.
The new Toyota Aygo X is a modern and stylish urban crossover.