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New BMW iX3

BMW iX3-2021

The BMW Group is raising the bar again: purely electric driving is even more sporty. As part of the ongoing drive towards "electrification", the BMW iX3 is receiving updates that underscore above all the dynamic character of this all-electric SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) with 210 kW and 400 Nm. The new BMW iX3 now comes standard with a specially developed M Sport package.

BMW presents the new iX3

The new front and rear design also expresses a conceptual and technological affinity with the latest premium electric vehicles, the BMW iX and BMW i4. These models are also available with the optional M Sports package, and the BMW i4 is also available in the BMW M version. New controls and extended standard equipment underline the advanced premium character of the interior of the new BMW iX3 (combined energy consumption: 18.9-18.5 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km according to WLTP).

Technology pioneer of the fifth generation BMW eDrive

The BMW iX3 is a pioneer in the field of electric driving pleasure of the new generation BMW i. It was the first model to feature fifth-generation BMW eDrive drive technology, now also used in the BMW iX and BMW i4. The highly integrated powertrain, in which the electric motor, power electronics and transmission are housed in a single housing, develops a maximum output of 210 kW (286 hp), which is classically transmitted to the road through the rear wheels.

New BMW iX3

The high-voltage battery in the BMW iX3 also belongs to the fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology. The total energy content of 80 kWh and the very high efficiency of the electric motor provide a WLTP range of up to 460 km. Customer surveys and comparative driving tests conducted by professional and independent testers clearly show that, thanks to the high-capacity lithium-ion battery, the BMW iX3 achieves an exceptionally long range compared to the competition, both in everyday driving and in challenging conditions such as very low outside temperature or a very sporty driving style. Advanced charging technology enables charging up to 150 kW at DC fast charging stations. In this way, enough power can be charged within 10 minutes to increase the range by 100 km on the WLTP test cycle. This makes the BMW iX3 ideal for long journeys.

Universal vehicle design, production start in September 2021.

The new BMW iX3 is a full member of the Sports Activity Vehicle family. Its unrestricted everyday suitability and as sporty as it is safe and secure driving performance are the result of an excellent overall vehicle concept. It offers the reliable versatility of conventional BMW X3 models, plenty of room for five passengers and a boot space that can be expanded from 510 to 1560 litres. active vehicle. Thanks to its versatile design, the BMW X3 is the brand's first model to be offered with both high-performance petrol and diesel engines, as well as plug-in hybrid systems and all-electric drive.

New BMW iX3

The new BMW iX3 will be produced from September 2021 at the Chinese plant in Shenyang, operated by the BMW joint venture Brilliance Automotive. It will assemble an all-electric SAV for both the local market and for export.

Holistic approach to sustainability, a positive environmental balance throughout the life cycle of a car

The detailed facelift of the BMW iX3 brings new impetus to the world of electric vehicles. In addition to the pioneering role it plays in fifth generation BMW eDrive technology, it also shares many similarities with the BMW iX and BMW i4. Of particular importance here is the holistic approach to sustainability, which is firmly rooted in the character of the BMW i brand. The associated goals cover the entire life cycle of a car, from the acquisition of raw materials, through the supply chain, production and use. , and subsequent recycling., and relate not only to environmental but also to social sustainability.

The share of cobalt, the raw material used in the production of the BMW iX3 high-voltage battery, has been reduced to around one third compared to the previous generation batteries (2019 BMW i3). The BMW Group has developed its own process for obtaining cobalt and lithium and supplies them to battery cell manufacturers from sources it controls to comply with environmental and social regulations. In the production of elements, as well as the entire vehicle, only renewable electricity is used. The BMW-specific principle of engine design made it possible to eliminate the use of rare earth metals in the rotor. The extensive use of recycled materials in the production of aluminum castings and thermoplastics also contributes to achieving the goals set by the BMW Group to reduce CO2 emissions and the circular economy.

New BMW iX3

Already during the design phase of the BMW iX3, it was determined that this all-electric SAV should significantly outperform a conventional comparator in terms of CO2 balance throughout its life cycle. Certified by independent research institutes, the advantage over the diesel BMW X3 xDrive 20d is more than 30 percent when using Central European electricity and about 60 percent when using only green electricity.

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Новый БМВ iX3
New BMW iX3