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New Citroen C4 X and E-C4 X with electric drive


Citroen introduced the C4 X and e-C4 X models with electric drive. It is an elegant vehicle with a unique concept, designed for customers looking for an attractive alternative to compact sedans and SUVs.

Design Citroen e-C4 X and C4 X

The design of the Citroen e-C4 X and C4 X is reminiscent of the Citroen C5 X. It breaks away from traditional definitions of compact body versions and offers customers an innovative alternative that stands out from other cars. It combines the sleek silhouette of a fastback with the modern look of an SUV and the timeless sophistication and spacious interior of a sedan.

“We are pleased with the opportunities presented by the introduction of new models in our range. e-C4 X and C4 X will make a significant contribution to strengthening Citroen and expanding sales in the markets of Europe, the Middle East and Africa,” said Vincent Coby, general manager of the brand. “Many customers have told us that they are looking for an affordable, sustainable and stylish alternative to the hatchbacks and SUVs that are plentiful in the large compact car segment. Today we offer them a model that is our response to these expectations. This is a concept that half combines different body styles, distinctive and forward-looking. And also delivering all the comfort, technology, safety and value that customers expect from Citroen, not to mention exceptional space and great versatility, and with the benefits of an emission-free all-electric drive.”

New Citroen C4 X and E-C4 X with electric drive

Users of the electric Citroen C4 X and e-C4 X with 100% will also have access to the next generation MyCitroen Drive Plus infotainment system and a full package of connectors and connected services.

Citroen contributes to energy transformation

The brand has taken the bold decision to offer in many more mature European markets only the electric Citroen e-C4 X model. a combination of attractive style, comfort and plenty of space in the popular mid-size car market. With the addition of a large 510 liter luggage compartment, we get a car that will be the ideal companion in the active life of customers with their families or business customers on business trips around the city, for example, in the case of professional drivers.

New Citroen C4 X and E-C4 X with electric drive

In non-European markets and in some European countries, customers who prefer an economical heat engine can choose between proven PureTech petrol engines or superior efficiency BlueHDi diesel engines.

The new Citroen e-C4 X and C4 X will be produced exclusively in Europe at the Stellantis plant in Villaverde, near Madrid, Spain, and from there will be sold to markets worldwide.

Sales of both models will begin gradually towards the end of 2022.

Modern and energy efficient engines for the new C4 X

To meet all needs in certain markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as in a number of other non-European markets, the C4 X will also be sold with Citroen's proven, energy-efficient and high-performance petrol engines.

Depending on the market, up to three different configurations of the Citroen PureTech 3-cylinder turbocharged engine with direct fuel injection and gearboxes will be available:

  • PureTech 100 Stop & Start Euro 6.4 with manual 6-speed transmission
  • PureTech 130 Stop & Start Euro 6.4 with EAT8 automatic transmission,
  • PureTech 130 Euro 6.1 with EAT8 automatic transmission - for the Middle East and Africa and other non-European markets only.

In addition, a diesel version will be available in some markets:

  • BlueHDi 130 Stop & Start Euro 6.4 with EAT8 automatic transmission

New Citroen C4 X and E-C4 X with electric drive

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems

The Citroen C4 X and e-C4 X join the latest generation C4, C5 Aircross and New C5X models. They offer customers a very extensive, full range of the latest driving aids and safety enhancement systems. The offer includes 20 advanced driving assistance systems that improve driving safety and reduce stress levels for the driver and passengers.

New Citroen C4 X and E-C4 X with electric drive

The range of technologies developed by Citroen to improve driving safety includes, among others, the following systems:

  • Active Safety Brake: If there is a risk of a collision, it automatically brakes the car by detecting and analyzing stationary and moving obstacles, including pedestrians, cyclists and of course other vehicles, also at night.
  • Collision Safety Brake Post Collision Safety Brake: Warns the driver of the risk of a collision with the vehicle in front at speeds above 30 km/h. The post-collision safety brake is activated automatically after a collision to prevent further movement of the vehicle.
  • Highway Driver Assist: Level 2 semi-autonomous driving assistance system that combines Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go and Active Lane Keeping Assist. The driver can trust some of the on-board assistance systems to drive the vehicle, provided that he remains focused on the traffic situation and keeps both hands on the steering wheel (as required by current regulations). The driver can regain full control of the vehicle at any time.
  • Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go: The system adapts to the speed of the vehicle in front, automatically maintaining a safe distance set by the driver. If necessary, the system can also automatically stop and restart the vehicle without the driver having to press the brake or accelerator pedal.
  • A number of other technologies are also available: Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Alert, Coffee Break Alert, Driver Fatigue Detection, Automatic High/Low Beam Switching, and Advanced Traffic Sign Recognition with Recommended Speed Display.

New Citroen C4 X and E-C4 X with electric drive

The range of technologies developed by Citroen to improve comfort and reduce stress includes the following systems:

  • Color head-up display: the most important driving information (speed, navigation, etc.) is displayed in color directly in the driver's field of vision, allowing the driver to fully concentrate on the traffic situation.
  • Reversing camera with Top Rear Vision: When reverse gear is engaged, the camera provides a view of the area behind the vehicle on the touch screen, and colored markers inform it of approaching possible obstacles. By default, a bird's-eye view of the area behind the vehicle is displayed in a 180-degree field of view.
  • 360-degree camera: Activated automatically when reverse gear is engaged or manually by the driver, it creates a bird's-eye view of the vehicle and its immediate surroundings in a 360-degree field of view during all low speed manoeuvres. The image is systematically updated as the vehicle moves.
  • Also available are Keyless Entry and Start, Parking Assist, Hill Start Assist, Static Cornering Lights, Electric Parking Brake, Parallel Parking Assist and Trailer Stability Control (not available on e-C4X).

Citroen C4 X - preliminary technical data

The most important data:

  • Overall length - 4 600 mm
  • Overall height - 1525 mm
  • Width / with folded / unfolded side mirrors - 1800 mm / 2032 mm / 1834 mm
  • Wheelbase - 2 670 mm
  • Trunk capacity - 510 liters
  • Front overhang - 880 mm
  • Rear overhang - 1,050 mm
  • Wheel diameter - 690 mm
  • Turning radius - 10.9 m
  • Ground clearance - 156 mm
  • The height of the trunk sill is 745 mm.
  • Curb weight - 1,225 kg

Inner dimensions:

  • Rear knee height - 198 mm
  • The maximum width at shoulder level in the rear seats is 1366 mm.
  • The maximum width above the armrests in the rear seats is 1440 mm.
  • The distance from the seat to the roof on the rear seats is 860 mm.
  • The height at which the driver's eyes are located is 1,218 mm.
  • The distance from the seat to the roof on the front seats is 900 mm.

The new e-C4X is fully electric:

  • Power - 136 hp (100 kW)
  • Battery - high-voltage lithium-ion 400 V with a capacity of 50 kWh
  • The range according to the WLTP cycle is 360 km.
  • Torque - 260 Nm
  • Maximum speed - 150 km / h
  • Acceleration 0-100 km / h - 9.7 s (in Sport mode)

New Citroen C4 X and E-C4 X with electric drive

Charging time:

  • DC fast charging 100kW - 10km/min
  • 80% battery charge in 30 minutes
  • Wall terminal block 32 A - from 5 h (three-phase current + 11 kW charger available as an option) to 7.5 h (single-phase current)
  • Household outlet - charging possible

Photo: Citroen

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Новый Citroen C4 X и E-C4 X с электроприводом
New Citroen C4 X and E-C4 X with electric drive