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New Fiat Tipo and new Fiat Tipo Cross

Fiat Tipo Cross 2020

The Tipo has been updated: a completely new range, a new design with a more exciting, youthful and dynamic character, more advanced technologies and new, more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly engines. The range has now been expanded with a new crossover: the new Tipo Cross.

Fiat Tipo and Tipo Cross

The new model range consists of 3 trim levels: Tipo, City Life and Life, available in three body styles (4-door sedan, 5-door hatchback and Kombi); and a 5-door "Cross" with a crossover body, available in 2 trim levels: City Cross and Cross.

New Fiat Tipo and new Fiat Tipo Cross

New Tipo Cross, City life and life

The versatile and fascinating Fiat Panda Cross has a crossover body, which has become a strategic key to the success of this model in Europe. In essence, the crossover version brought the Panda closer to newer, younger buyers looking for a car that is not only functional and ideal for city driving, but also super cool and modern in design.

With the expansion of the family, the same strategy was adopted with the new Fiat Tipo. Following these guidelines, Fiat's designers and engineers have developed the new Tipo Cross, creating a new Tipo crossover, this time aimed at a new target group, wider than before in terms of age, taste and mobility requirements.

New Fiat Tipo and new Fiat Tipo Cross

Fiat Tipo Cross

New Kind of Tipo

The new Tipo design has been updated to look more modern, dynamic and elegant. The new front end features a redesigned grille with a new Fiat logo, an important element of the updated look. The Tipo is also the first Fiat car to receive this logo, right after the recently launched new Fiat 500.

The headlights have been completely redesigned, now fully LED front and rear, not only highlight the lines of the car, but also modernize its appearance and increase active and passive safety. With better visibility and a commitment to sustainability down to the smallest detail, these headlights reduce the vehicle's energy consumption and therefore CO2 emissions.

The bumper at the bottom of the car, completely redesigned in ICE MATTE satin chrome, is paired with new 16" or 17" diamond cut alloy wheels and redesigned rims.

New Fiat Tipo and new Fiat Tipo Cross

Fiat Tipo Cross

The interior of the car is also completely new. Armchairs are decorated with fabrics with an exclusive design. A fully customizable 7" digital TFT display replaces the conventional analog instrument cluster. This is by far the most modern and technologically advanced system, so you can control the state of the car, multimedia and phone. The car is equipped with the all-new UConnect 5 10.25-inch touchscreen radio, which FCA Group is offering for the first time for the new Fiat 500 and now also for the new Tipo.

Even the steering wheel, which has become even more elegant and sporty, was the focus of Fiat designers. It is now more compact and slightly smaller for better ergonomics and full visibility of the 7" TFT display. Attention has also been paid to the central control panel, which has a revised air conditioning control system and added new chrome and black trim elements.

The new Tipo range is also available in two unprecedented shades: Ocean Blue and Paprika Orange.

New Fiat Tipo and new Fiat Tipo Cross

Fiat Tipo Cross

New crossover Tipo Cross

The Tipo family has expanded with a new body. Now Fiat is launching the new Tipo Cross, which will add to the other three body styles (4-door, 5-door and station wagon): a true crossover aimed at an entirely new target group. Families, longtime Fiat Tipo customers, are shifting their preferences away from conventional 5-doors and station wagons to move closer to the world of crossovers without sacrificing space and comfort. Those same families are now ready to switch to a more emotional, expressive, dynamic and youthful car, while at the same time affordable at an affordable price. Answer: Tipo Cross, Fiat's new family crossover.

Overall, the body of the Tipo Cross is definitely stronger and bolder. At first glance, the car is noticeably wider, with a redesigned grille that runs below the headlights and much higher: a true crossover.

The height of the Tipo Cross has been increased by almost 4 cm thanks to a new suspension calibration and the addition of new rims and tires previously used on another Fiat 500X crossover. The Tipo Cross has wider tires for an even more solid look.

New Fiat Tipo and new Fiat Tipo Cross

Fiat Tipo Life

The new configuration also offers a higher and more comfortable driving position and makes it easier to get in and out of the car, and makes it easier to do everything Tipo families are used to, including putting kids in the back seats or finding things that might have fallen under the seats.

An aesthetic innovation, the Tipo Cross can be almost 7 cm taller, with additional crossover trim ranging from side wheel arches, side skirts, skid plates and bumpers front and rear, with an ICE MATE style open grille, giving the vehicle a more solid and muscular appearance. view. There are also roof rails that were previously only available on the Tipo Estate.

Advanced technology and advanced security systems

The new model has been updated not only in terms of style and design, but also technology, placing it at the forefront of the C-segment.

The new Tipo is equipped with a wide range of the latest driver assistance systems (ADAS):

  • Traffic sign recognition to determine the maximum allowed speed,
  • Intelligent Speed ​​Assist, which advises the driver to obey the speed limit,
  • The Lane Control system, which helps to keep the car in its lane, provided that the road markings are correctly determined,
  • Attention Assist, which helps the driver during long and monotonous driving, recommending the driver to take a break when the driver is too tired to continue the trip,
  • Adaptive high beam for better visibility when driving at night by automatically turning on the high beam when the oncoming road is empty,
  • Blind Spot Assist is a system that uses ultrasonic sensors to detect vehicles in the blind spot and displays a warning on the appropriate outside rearview mirror.
  • Front parking sensors, Keyless Entry/Go system and wireless charger to wirelessly charge your smartphone. A real burst of power: a 15W fast charger with three times the power of the best smartphones.

New Fiat Tipo and new Fiat Tipo Cross

Fiat Tipo Life

In terms of infotainment, the Tipo is the first FCA car since the new 500 to feature fifth-generation UConnect 5, a future-proof connectivity platform available with a 10.25-inch screen. Designed by FCA to provide customers with simple and convenient operation, it uses the intuitive and customizable Android Auto operating system. Uconnect 5 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless means you can use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto wirelessly on the touchscreen radio with customizable profiles and the ability to save up to 5 configurations.

With the new infotainment system of the new Tipo, two phones can be connected via Bluetooth at the same time: for example, you can use both your work phone and your personal phone, as well as handle incoming and outgoing calls at the same time, without having to switch from one connection to the other in order to answer a call on a phone that is not currently connected.

Also worth mentioning is the new white backlighting of all controls in the cabin for a more modern look and a USB port for the rear seat, a feature that is especially useful for families on long journeys, allowing children to use a tablet while driving, for example.

New Fiat Tipo and new Fiat Tipo Cross

Fiat Tipo Life

New, more economical and more environmentally friendly engines

The engine range of the new Tipo has been completely redesigned. At launch, the model will be available with the following petrol and diesel engines.

Gas engine. The new Tipo will be available with a new 1.0 GSE T3 petrol engine with 100 hp. The new three-cylinder engine develops a maximum torque of 190 Nm at just 1500 rpm instead of the 4500 rpm of the current 95 hp 1.4 petrol engine. with a torque of 127 Nm.

Part of the FireFly Turbo engine family, the 1.0 GSE T3 engine is the most efficient and advanced version, delivering superior performance, significantly lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Its maximum power is 74 kW (100 hp). The new engine is very easy to drive and ensures optimal starting thanks to a favorable torque curve even at low revs. It is also more comfortable due to its impressive silent operation. CO2 emissions are reduced to 121 g/km (WLTP).

New Fiat Tipo and new Fiat Tipo Cross

Fiat Tipo Life

In addition, the gearbox has been recalibrated for maximum dynamic responsiveness in city traffic and best comfort on the highway, keeping the engine revving up to 3200 rpm at a constant speed of 130 km/h.

Diesel engines. Euro 6D Final Multijet diesel engines offer two power levels: 95 and 130 hp. (previously 120 hp), with a significant improvement in performance and a reduction in CO2 emissions from 110 g/km in the diesel engine family (WLTP).

1.6 Multijet engine with 130 hp is also the ideal engine for fleet customers, a strategic area for the C segment and therefore Tipo.

Mopar D-Fence Package

On request, the increasingly sustainable range of the new Tipo can also be equipped with Mopar's new D-Fence protection package, which consists of three devices for optimal car hygiene: a filter that prevents pollutants from entering the car from the outside, blocks fine particles and absorbs 100% allergens and reduces the formation of mold and bacteria by 98%; an air purifier, which is placed in the passenger compartment of the car and filters out microparticles such as pollen or bacteria; A UV lamp that disinfects all the most frequently touched elements in the car interior, such as the steering wheel, gear knob and seats.

New Fiat Tipo and new Fiat Tipo Cross

Fiat Tipo

Like a success story

Fiat Tipo launched in 2016; Since then, the Tipo family has expanded with a 5-door hatchback and a family station wagon alongside the sedan, and a new version of the Tipo Cross is now debuting.

Since its launch, the Fiat Tipo has immediately become one of the most awarded models in its segment in Italy and throughout Europe, which has contributed to the increase in sales of Fiat models. It is also one of the most global models in the brand's range, with over 70% vehicles sold outside of Italy.

A total of 670,000 vehicles have been sold since launch, achieving the largest market share outside of Italy in 2019.

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Новый Fiat Tipo и новый Fiat Tipo Cross
New Fiat Tipo and new Fiat Tipo Cross