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The new Golf R sets new performance standards.


The new Golf R, available from the beginning of the year, with a 235 kW/320 hp engine. and a maximum torque of 420 Nm, is the most powerful Golf R ever. Powerful transmission of torque to the wheels is most effectively provided by the new 4MOTION all-wheel drive with Torque Vectoring for the rear axle wheels. This is the basis for even more driving pleasure with the Golf R, which sets new standards in terms of performance in its class.

Volkswagen Golf R

Traditionally, the most powerful version of Volkswagen's best-selling model is the Golf R. Equipped with all-wheel drive and very extensive standard equipment, this extremely dynamic vehicle has always represented both the best performance and technological solutions in its class. Golf class. Same this time too: the Golf R is the first Volkswagen model to be launched with the new 4MOTION all-wheel drive with R Performance Torque Vectoring. This system, combined with others responsible for driving dynamics, adds a new dimension to the sportiness of the Golf R.

“Our goal in developing the Golf R was to make it as neutral on the road as possible. In other words, we wanted to make sure the car didn't oversteer or oversteer. Driving the Golf R should always be as simple as possible,” explains Jonas Thielebein, Golf R performance engineer. As a member of the Volkswagen R team, he is particularly proud of Torque Vectoring. The new all-wheel drive system distributes torque not only between the front and rear axles, but also between the wheels on the rear axle. The agility of the Golf R is thus greatly enhanced, especially in tight corners. “Being able to control torque at individual wheels, not just the axles, pushes the boundaries of a car’s grip and performance yet again. Even at high speeds, the Golf R has very neutral handling,” Thilebein adds.

The new Golf R sets new performance standards.

R performance package

The Golf R can be ordered with the optional R Performance package, which allows a top speed of up to 270 km/h. The R Performance package also includes a larger rear spoiler to increase downforce on the rear axle, 19-inch Estoril wheels and two additional ride profiles - Special (Nürburgring mode) and Drift. Quick access to the selection of driving profiles is provided by the R button on the steering wheel.

Two additional ride profiles maximize the performance of the Golf R.

Away from public roads, the Drift profile opens up a whole new level of driving dynamics and fully exploits the potential of Torque Vectoring. In this style of driving, the Golf R has a natural tendency to oversteer, with the maximum possible torque coming from the wheel on the outside of the corner. The ESC system in the Drift profile is set to Sport mode by default, which means that stabilization starts very late. In the Golf R, unlimited sideways movement is also possible - the ESC system can be completely deactivated.

The new Golf R sets new performance standards.

Golf R gives the driver more control over the car.

In both driving profiles available with the R Performance Package, the characteristics of the accelerator pedal have been adapted to give the driver a performance feel with as little filtering of sensation as possible. The feeling you need when driving on snow and ice, as well as on asphalt. In the Special and Drift driving profiles, the transmission has been optimized to maintain a constant high engine speed. When operating in automatic mode, the dual-clutch transmission upshifts as late as possible and downshifts as quickly as possible so that the engine can develop power smoothly.

For the first time since the introduction of the DSG, it remains in manual shift mode in both driving profiles if the driver chooses to do so. Unwanted return to work with an automatic transmission is a thing of the past. It's something professional drivers like Benjamin Leichter have been waiting for. As brand ambassador and test driver for Volkswagen, Leuchter makes a significant contribution to the development and fine-tuning of the Golf R.

“My verdict is clear – the Golf R stands out from other models with similar features! A new all-wheel drive system that distributes torque perfectly between the wheels and two new driving profiles make driving the Golf R incredibly fun.”

Photo: Volkswagen

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Новый Golf R устанавливает новые стандарты производительности.
The new Golf R sets new performance standards.