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New hatchback Fiat 500 la Prima

Fiat 500 la prima hatch

Following the huge success of the limited series, the new 500 "la Prima" convertible was introduced in March this year. In Milan, the new 500 model range was expanded with a second "Launch Edition" - the new 500 "la Prima" hatchback. It is a skillful combination of the new "electric and sustainable spirit" of the third generation 500 with the unique design and attention to detail typical of the iconic Fiat model and distinguishing the best "Made in Italy" products.

Fiat 500 "La Prima" hatchback

With softer and even more rounded body lines than the previous generation, the new 500 "la Prima" retains the famous aggressive style of the legendary "Cinquino" of 1957, a unique icon of the global automotive industry that brings smiles to faces. people walking the streets of the city every day are coping with the increasingly complex city traffic and new restrictions.

New hatchback Fiat 500 la Prima

At a time when we expect mobility to be more sustainable and autonomous, the third generation of the Fiat 500 is once again coming to the fore, offering style and driving pleasure. This is not just a revolution, but a "reincarnation of the spirit" that inspires renewal. For a real revolution, rules and regulations are not enough, you need something iconic and beautiful - the new Fiat 500. As in the post-war period, when the first generation Fiat 500 breathed life into mass mobility, now the new 500 brings positive energy and joy to life, offering a new dimension and the nature of electric urban mobility.

Characteristics of the new hatchback 500 "la Prima"

The new 500 "la Prima" hatchback features an exclusive panoramic glass roof, a true "window to the sky" that fills the interior with light, enhancing driving comfort and well-being while traveling. In addition, a new, more accentuated spoiler adorns the rear of the car, improving aerodynamics. Buyers of the new 500 "la Prima" hatchback will be able to choose from three body colors inspired by nature and its elements: Ocean Green (pearl) which represents the sea, Mineral Gray (metallic) which evokes earth tones, and Celestial Blue (three colours). -layered) like a nod towards the sky. All this is complemented by full LED headlights, 17-inch diamond-cut wheels, chrome inserts, as well as eco-leather seat upholstery and instrument panel trim.

New hatchback Fiat 500 la Prima

The design of the new hatchback 500 "la Prima"

The unique form of the car is distinguished by the profile of the roof, combined with the characteristic slope of the rear line of the body. The spacious bodywork, which has always been characteristic of the iconic model, has undergone changes in the third generation along with the addition of a more accentuated spoiler. It has been specifically redesigned to improve aerodynamic performance and range, giving the model a more dynamic appearance that immediately grabs attention.

A more rounded trunk lid line makes the body more spacious. The new silhouette makes the car even more elegant. There is a distinctive simple chrome strip above the license plate. Above is the new prestigious FIAT logo. Finally, the symbols and horizontal lines on the trunk lid merge with the headlights, further increasing the car's width.

New hatchback Fiat 500 la Prima

Best range, charging and driving comfort

Range and charging time are two key elements for customers. Lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 42 kWh provide the new 500 with a range of up to 320 km on the WLTP cycle. To optimize charging times, the New 500 is equipped with an 85kW fast charger that charges the battery in a very short time. For example, it takes only 5 minutes to create an energy reserve of 50 km, which is more than the average daily use of a car. With the fast charger, you can also charge up to 80% in just 35 minutes. The Combo 2 socket at the rear right of the vehicle allows both AC and DC charging. This is a smart plug with the ability to schedule charging and provide information about the vehicle's charge level.

Home charging solutions are also available. For the new 500 "la Prima", both in hatchback and convertible versions, the customer can order the easyWallbox charger, which can be connected to the home power supply. This system was developed by ENGIE EPS specifically for FCA and will be sold by Mopar in Europe with the launch of the new model on the market. It is an easy-to-use plug and charge solution that does not require installation by specialized personnel. It can be controlled via Bluetooth, allowing the user to charge their Fiat 500 at home using up to 2.3kW of charging power without affecting other household appliances connected to electricity. In addition, the easyWallbox is designed for an increase in charging power of up to 7.4 kW. A Mode 3 charging cable will also be available for AC charging at public charging stations up to 11kW.

New hatchback Fiat 500 la Prima

The New 500 offers three riding modes.

In particular, Sherpa mode optimizes available resources to ensure safe arrival at your destination. Sherpa Driving Mode controls several elements to minimize power consumption to ensure you reach your navigation destination or the nearest charging station. It leads to its destination like the "Himalayan Sherpas" who lead mountain expeditions by adjusting various parameters: top speed, which is limited to 80 km/h; accelerator pedal response to reduce power consumption and deactivate the air conditioning and heated seats (the driver can, of course, turn them on at any time).

Normal mode is closest to driving a car with an internal combustion engine, while Range mode activates single-pedal drive. By selecting this drive mode, you can virtually control the New 500 using only the accelerator pedal. This is a mode that maximizes regenerative braking, resulting in an increase in the vehicle's range. Always depress the brake pedal to bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

The engine delivers 87 kW at a top speed of 150 km/h (electronically limited) and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.0 seconds and from 0 to 50 km/h in 3.1 seconds.

New hatchback Fiat 500 la Prima

Level 2 autonomous driving and connected to the world

Fascinating and exclusive, but also perfectly connected and technologically advanced, the new 500 "la Prima" comes standard with automatic emergency braking, a high-resolution reversing camera, twilight sensors and automatic high beams, intelligent emergency call (eCall) and electric handbrake . In addition, it is also equipped with advanced ADAS driver assistance systems that make the New 500 the first vehicle in its segment to offer Level 2 autonomous driving.

The front camera, thanks to its advanced technology, monitors all areas of the vehicle both longitudinally and transversely. Intelligent adaptive cruise control slows down or accelerates, reacting to all road users: cars, cyclists, pedestrians. The lane control system keeps the vehicle in the center of the lane when the lane markings are correctly positioned on the road.

Intelligent Speed ​​Assist reads and recommends speed limits, and when driving around the city, Blind Spot Control uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor blind spots and warn of obstacles with triangular warning lights built into the door mirrors. Driver fatigue detection, on the other hand, suggests taking a break when it detects signs of fatigue or an increase in driver distraction. Finally, 360° parking sensors give you a bird's-eye view of your vehicle to avoid obstacles when parking or performing difficult manoeuvres.

New hatchback Fiat 500 la Prima

The 500 "la Prima" hatchback also comes with the new UConnect 5 infotainment system with 7" TFT display, digital radio, navigation, 10.25" touchscreen and wireless CarPlay/Android Auto as standard and offers connectivity services via Uconnect Box. Service package. The third generation Fiat 500 is the first FCA vehicle to feature the new UConnect 5 multimedia system, a connectivity platform designed for the future, available with a 10.25-inch screen. FCA uses the intuitive and easy-to-configure Android Auto operating system, designed to provide the user with intuitive and user-friendly control. For example, you can use widgets to customize how features and apps are displayed. Apple CarPlay is now available wirelessly and the system has also been adapted to provide the same functionality for Android Auto. The new 500 offers full smartphone compatibility, offering a high-resolution touchscreen that fits perfectly into the car's dashboard and is designed to effectively eliminate the risk of driver distraction.

UConnect 5, combined with the Uconnect Box, as well as the obligatory eCall feature for new models, offers customers a range of innovative communication services:

  • My helper: a support system that allows the client to contact the roadside assistance operator using geolocation and help in solving any technical problems related to the car. As part of the "My Assistant" package, the customer will also receive a monthly report by e-mail, in which he can check the current condition of the car.
  • My remote: using a mobile application on a smartphone, customers can plan refueling the car at the most favorable time, check the exact location of the car; lock and unlock the door; turn on and off the lights, adjust the air conditioning and turn on alerts depending on the speed and position of the car.
  • My car: allows you to check the condition of the car on your smartphone and quickly check individual parameters from the battery level, to tire pressure, mileage and service schedule.
  • My navigation: through the mobile application, you can search for a destination on your smartphone and send it to the car's navigation system, determine the route, check the traffic situation, weather, and speed cameras. You can also view nearby charging points, graphically identifying the points you can reach on the map based on your current battery level. Maps will always be updated.
  • My electronic charger: allows you to manage charging operations both at public charging stations and using a home charger.
  • My WiFi: a real 4G hotspot that can connect up to 8 devices at the same time, just like at home. My Wi-Fi also lets you interact with your car with Alexa voice assistant technology from industry leader Amazon.
  • My warning: thanks to this service, the client will receive a notification in case of car theft. When the theft is confirmed by the police, a dedicated call center will help the police track the vehicle to find it as soon as possible.

New hatchback Fiat 500 la Prima

In this way, the new 500 is perfectly connected to the world - it connects with the driver both inside and outside the car, allowing you to set a route in advance or cool the car adequately on a hot day. After opening the car door, the mobile phone will be connected without cable in just 5 seconds.

With a 10.25-inch display and built-in navigation, the Uconnect 5 system also features a natural language user interface with advanced speech recognition, so you can "talk to the car" and control it through the app to control parameters, adjust the air conditioner, or select your favorite music.

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Новый хэтчбек Fiat 500 la Prima
New hatchback Fiat 500 la Prima