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New MINI Multitone Edition


Until now, the multi-color paint technology, unique to the whole world, was used only on the roof – now in the new Multitone version of the 3-door and 5-door MINI, as well as in the MINI Clubman, this extraordinary look extends to the body and many interior elements.

MINI Multicolor Edition

The unusual design of MINI roofs has always been a feature of British premium models, which buyers used to emphasize their individuality. From the 26-colour MINI Paul Smith to the British Union Jack motif and the elegant Multitone color gradient, throughout MINI's history, the roof has always been the perfect canvas for individual and expressive design. The new MINI Multitone Edition pays homage to the diverse MINI community and complements the expressive design with exclusive exterior and interior details. The color options for the new special edition allow MINI enthusiasts to express their individuality and become part of the progressive character of MINI.

MINI Cooper S 3-door Multitone Edition

The Multitone Roof is an innovative roof design pioneered in the MINI Cooper SE (combined energy consumption: 17.6-15.3 kWh/100 km). The MINI Multitone Edition is available as a 3-door and 5-door MINI and is popular in the MINI Clubman premium compact car segment.

The new MINI Multitone Edition color gradient extends from the windshield frame to the rear of the roof. From light Aspen White at the front of the roof, the color fades to soft Melting Silver II gray, and then to an equally smooth shade of Jet Black. The special aesthetic created by this color gradient is complemented by the abstract white rainbow on the roof of the MINI Multitone Edition, which runs through the design of the special edition as another detail. The contrasting color gradient on the roof is unique to the competition. It emphasizes the characteristic three-piece MINI silhouette and becomes an expression of personal style. The distinctive look is achieved through an innovative wet-on-wet paint process used at MINI's British factory in Oxford. In this spray painting, three color shades are applied directly one after the other. Due to changing environmental conditions, the color pattern may change, which makes each MINI Multitone Edition unique.

MINI Cooper S 5-door Multitone Edition

MINI Multitone Edition expresses a friendly and positive attitude towards life and references in color to many different "faces of life". Both the 3-door and 5-door MINI are available in exclusive Sage Green, while the MINI Clubman is available in Indian Summer Red. The special graphic rainbow symbolizes diversity as well as positive attitude and is presented as an abstract white logo on two complementary colors: Red (Indian Summer) and Green (Sage).

The design centerpiece of the MINI Multitone Edition thus adorns the iconic side elements on the outside and the C-pillar with a polyurethane sticker. In addition, the discs are adorned with exclusive two-tone hubcaps. Depending on the model, the special edition is equipped with either 17-inch Scissor 2-Tone Spoke alloy wheels, or 18-inch Pulse Spoke 2-Tone or Multiray Spoke alloy wheels.

MINI Cooper S Clubman Multitone Edition

The side sill moldings, as well as the badges on the driver and passenger side floor mats, feature the word "Multitone" along with a rainbow in friendly complementary colors. An abstract rainbow also runs across the dashboard and adorns the sun visors. The multifunction sports leather steering wheel with edition badge on the lower arm fits comfortably in the hand, as does the 3D printed MINI Multitone Edition key case.

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Новый MINI Multitone Edition
New MINI Multitone Edition