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New Opel Astra: reliable, electric and economical

Opel Astra 2021

Opel has introduced a completely new, sixth-generation Astra. Opel's bestselling success story began 30 years ago with the successor to the legendary Kadett. With the premiere of the all-new Astra, the German manufacturer opens another chapter in its history: for the first time, an electric compact class model is available.

New Opel Astra 2021.

Opel will offer the new Astra with a plug-in hybrid drive with two power levels. In addition, versions are available with a high-performance petrol or diesel engine and a friction-optimized six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission.

The new Opel Astra is also a declaration of the brand's stylistic possibilities. Modern dynamics, cut, muscular surfaces devoid of superfluous elements and a new face of the brand - Opel Vizor. With the next generation of compact cars, Opel shows that Astra is ready to define a new era.

New Opel Astra: reliable, electric and economical

This year, the new Opel Astra will hit the market as a five-door car with a low, sporty silhouette that offers significantly more space than its predecessor. With a length of 4,374 mm and a width of 1,860 mm, it is ideal for the compact car segment.

Thanks to a particularly short front overhang, the new Astra is only 4.0 mm longer than the outgoing model, despite a significant increase in the wheelbase to 2,675 mm (+13 mm). Despite its muscular and solid posture, the new Astra's practical luggage compartment with adjustable floor still provides the driver and four passengers with 422 liters of cargo volume.

New Opel Astra: reliable, electric and economical

The next generation is designed and developed at Opel's headquarters in Rüsselsheim, where production will begin in the fall. Like its 2015 predecessor, the new model brings innovations to the compact class that buyers previously knew only from pricier vehicles. For example, Astra can turn "night into day": the latest development of Intelli-Lux LED® adaptive pixel headlights comes directly from Opel's flagship Insignia; 168 LED elements make it a leader in the compact and mid-size car segment.

New Opel Astra: reliable, electric and economical

The interior of the new generation Astra has been significantly upgraded. With Pure Panel, analog displays are a thing of the past. Instead, there is a new HMI with fresh, modern graphics, offering customers a clear and intuitive interface. Passengers can intuitively control the new Astra using the ultra-wide touch screens, just like on a smartphone. Opel designers and engineers have made every effort to ensure that the driver has access to all the necessary information and useful control functions. However, the driver does not feel burdened by an excessive amount of data or features. Plus, key settings like climate control can still be controlled via physical switches and buttons.

New Opel Astra: reliable, electric and economical

As usual, Opel also offers exceptional seating comfort in the new compact class. The front seats, developed in-house, are AGR-certified (Aktion Gesunder Rücken eV - German Healthy Back Campaign) and are extremely comfortable thanks to exemplary ergonomics, which is especially important on long journeys. The driver is assisted by the most advanced systems, from the head-up display to the semi-automatic Intelli-Drive 2.0 assistance system and the Intelli-Vision 360 all-round camera.

New Opel Astra: reliable, electric and economical

“The new Astra is the next part of the legendary lightning! It's amazing style and best-in-class technology. An electrified and highly efficient vehicle that delivers the lowest possible exhaust emissions marks a whole new era. The Astra model is made with the highest precision in every, even the smallest, detail. We are convinced that the next generation Astra has everything to become the next best seller and attract many new customers to the brand,” said Opel CEO Michael Lochsheller.

A new interpretation of Opel's bold and clean design philosophy.

After the Mokka, Crossland and Grandland SUVs, the new Astra is Opel's first hatchback to reflect the brand's bold and clear design philosophy. The Opel Vizor motif (the new face of the brand appeared for the first time with the Mokka model and is the centerpiece of the exterior design) follows the design of the Opel Compass, in which the vertical and horizontal axes - a sharp kink in the hood and daytime running lights with a shaped fender motif - merge with the Opel Blitz emblem in center. The Vizor theme, which extends across the front of the car, not only makes the new Astra even wider, but also makes it easy to integrate technologies such as ultra-thin Intelli-Lux LED® headlights and an Intelli-Vision front camera. From the side, the new-generation Astra looks especially dynamic thanks to the noticeable curve of the A-pillar.

New Opel Astra: reliable, electric and economical

At the rear, the design of the Opel Compass is repeated, with a centrally mounted "Blitz" lightning bolt emblem, vertically positioned and high-mounted brake lights and taillights (energy-saving LEDs - as in all exterior lighting). The "Opel Blitz" badge is also present on the trunk lock, which is made from a modern composite material. This technology not only ensures low weight and rigidity, but also allows precise design details such as particularly thin taillights.

“The new Astra is a great step forward for our new project,” says Mark Adams, vice president of design. “The bold front end with Vizor design, muscular wheel arches and sloping surfaces give the new Astra a very sporty and confident character. The interior of the cabin is also a huge step into the future. The one-piece driver-centric cab with new Pure Panel glazing will give our customers a powerful new experience.”

New Opel Astra: reliable, electric and economical

Digital cockpit of the new generation "Pure Panel" with full glazing

The same German precision is evident throughout the cabin, with the absolute star of the interior, the next-generation Pure Panel cab, debuted at the Mokka. The expansive digital cockpit (optional on the fully glazed version) features two 10-inch displays, while airflow from the driver's side is seamlessly integrated into the horizontal layout. With an anti-reflective louvered windshield applied to the design, there is no cover over the displays, further enhancing functionality and creating a high-tech ambiance.

By minimizing physical controls in the form of precisely placed keys, the Pure Panel cockpit strikes the right balance between digitization and intuitive operation, free from annoying visual stimuli and the need to use submenus. There is also no need for cables, as in all model variants, next-generation multimedia systems with online services (supporting voice and touch control) can be connected wirelessly using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via compatible smartphones.

New Opel Astra: reliable, electric and economical

Dynamic yet smooth handling, reliable braking and autobahn stability

The new Astra is based on the highly flexible third-generation EMP2 multi-drive platform. From the very beginning of the development of the new Astra, the focus has been on maintaining the DNA of the Opel brand. This means that driving is both comfortable and dynamic, and the new model, like any Opel model, can be called "autobahn-tight". In other words, the ability to achieve high speed was the main goal of developing this model.

Steering and suspension systems - McPherson at the front, torsion beam at the rear - are designed for the most effective damping of vibrations and highly effective control of lateral movements of the body (damping of movement around the horizontal axis). When braking, the new model provides powerful braking and maintains a high level of stability both in corners and on straight lines. The torsional rigidity of the new Astra is higher on the 14% than the previous version.

New Opel Astra: reliable, electric and economical

Advanced driver assistance systems including semi-automatic lane change.

The new Astra architecture also includes state-of-the-art automated driver assistance systems. These technologies include, including a multifunctional windshield camera, four body cameras (one front, one rear and one side), five radar sensors (one in the front and one in each corner) and ultrasonic sensors in front and rear .

In Intelli-Drive 2.0, cameras and sensors are integrated with the e-horizon online service, which expands the range of cameras and radars. This allows the system to adjust speed around curves, provide speed recommendations, and perform semi-automatic lane changes. A hand motion sensor on the steering wheel ensures that the driver is always involved in driving.

New Opel Astra: reliable, electric and economical

The Intelli-Drive 1.0 system includes rear cross-traffic alert, long distance blind spot detection and active lane keeping. The long list of automated driver assistance systems also includes adaptive cruise control, which increases or decreases speed depending on the movement of the vehicle in front, without exceeding the set speed - if necessary, to a complete stop. Thanks to the automatic transmission and the Stop & Go function, the trip resumes automatically.

The range of best-in-class assistance systems also includes a large display, as well as Intelli-Vision, a camera and a radar system for parking assistance.

New Opel Astra: reliable, electric and economical

The new Astra brings premium Intelli-Lux Pixel Light® headlights to the compact segment.

Astra plays the role of high-tech carrier, which is also reflected in the lighting and seats, areas of specialization typical of the Opel brand. In 2015, the previous model pioneered the introduction of adaptive matrix headlights, while the new generation brings the latest lighting technology to the compact car sector for the first time with Intelli-Lux LED® pixel headlights.

The cutting-edge technology previously available on Opel's flagship Grandland (SUV) and Insignia models is a class-leading 168 LED elements (84 per ultra-thin headlamp). High beam smoothly adapts to conditions in milliseconds and does not dazzle other road users. Vehicles moving in front or behind are precisely "cut out". The range and direction of the light varies depending on the driving situation and environmental conditions.

New Opel Astra: reliable, electric and economical

Best in class ergonomic seats with massage and ventilation functions, approved by AGR.

Opel's AGR-approved ergonomic seats have won numerous awards, and the new Astra continues this long tradition. The front seats are AGR approved (Aktion Gesunder Rücken eV - German Back Health Campaign) and are 12mm lower than the previous model's seats, further enhancing the "sporty" driving feel. A good body position is guaranteed, and the density of the seat filling is optimized depending on the equipment version - "Sport" or "Comfort".

The new Astra's AGR-certified front seats are the best in the compact class and offer a wide range of additional adjustments, from electric reclining to electro-pneumatic lumbar support. Seats trimmed with nappa leather are equipped with ventilation, massage for the driver, heated rear and front seats. Seats with stylish Alcantara trim are also available.

New Opel Astra: reliable, electric and economical

Electric Astra for the first time with a plug-in hybrid drive with two power levels

From launch, the new Astra will be available with a high-performance plug-in hybrid drive, high-performance petrol or diesel engines, making it the first compact electric car in Opel's history. Power range for vehicles with petrol or diesel engine: from 81 kW (110 hp) to 96 kW (130 hp). Plug-in hybrid vehicle power range: up to 165 kW (225 hp). A six-speed transmission is standard on petrol or diesel versions, while an eight-speed automatic transmission (electric for plug-in hybrids) is available as an option on vehicles with a more powerful engine.

Opel will start accepting orders for the new Astra this fall. The first customers will receive their vehicles early next year.

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Новый Opel Astra: надежный, электрический и экономичный
New Opel Astra: reliable, electric and economical