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New Opel Mokka electric and energy


Electric, environmentally friendly and energetic - this is the new Opel Mokka. The German automaker is presenting the second generation of its compact bestseller, the powerful new Opel Mokka, which perfectly combines driving pleasure and modernity. Mokka offers eco-friendly electric driving, compact and more efficient than ever, perfect for commuting to city fitness clubs and driving safely and smoothly on the highway.

New Opel Mokka.

“The new Mokka is drawing attention and will change the perception of our brand! With Mokka, we are rediscovering Opel and presenting our style for the next decade. It shows everything the brand stands for today and in the future: Mokka is attractive, efficient and innovative in every way. In addition, it perfectly embodies the values of the Opel brand - exciting, affordable, German - in the most progressive way. This is the first electric Opel from the start; is real proof that Opel is going electric,” Opel boss Michael Lochsheller said enthusiastically about the new model.

New Opel Mokka electric and energy

Despite a slightly longer wheelbase (+2 mm), the new Mokka is 12.5 cm shorter than the previous generation and at the same time offers five passengers a similar cargo space, up to 350 liters in the luggage compartment. Its overall length of just 4.15 meters makes it very easy to maneuver and park in the city and suburbs. The design of the new Mokka surprises with stunning proportions and mesmerizing precision in everything, a daring appearance characterized by short overhangs and a successful wide landing, thought out to the smallest detail. The new Mokka also stands out as the first model whose front end represents the brand's future styling and features a new-generation fully digital cockpit: Opel Vizor and Opel Pure Panel, respectively. No analog displays, no fancy useless decorative animations: the usage is simple and straightforward, and the information provided is focused on what is really needed. The horizontally extended instrument panel combines two widescreen displays; the one in front of the driver measures up to 12 inches. To ensure intuitive operation and the driver's constant attention to the road, Opel designers have retained the buttons that control the main functions, avoiding the dangerous search in the depth of the menu.

The new Mokka continues Opel's tradition of bringing innovative high-end technology to a wide range of customers. These include advanced systems such as ACC (Advanced Cruise Control), whose "stop and go" function allows the driver to move smoothly and comfortably in traffic jams: the electric Mokka-e can automatically adapt to the movement of the vehicle in front. without requiring the driver to press the brake or accelerator pedal. In addition, the Active Lane Tracking System automatically keeps the new Mokka in the center of the lane. The lighting system also offers state-of-the-art 14-element glare-free IntelliLux LED® Adaptive Matrix LED technology, unique in this category. All versions of the Mokka come standard with front and rear LED lights, an electric parking brake, and traffic sign recognition. A 180-degree panoramic rear view camera is also available.

New Opel Mokka electric and energy

The new Mokka is based on a new version of the highly efficient CMP (Common Modular Platform) multi-energy platform. This lightweight and efficient modular system provides maximum vehicle design flexibility and allows the use of fully battery electric drive as well as internal combustion engines. The customer has a choice. The team of engineers in Rüsselsheim worked on the one hand to significantly reduce the weight, saving up to 120 kg compared to the previous generation, and on the other hand to increase the rigidity of the body, achieving up to 30% torsional rigidity for the electric version with a low integrated battery system. The benefits are clear: the new Mokka consumes significantly less energy while being much more responsive, agile and a pleasure to drive.

For the first time in Opel's history, the new Mokka will be available in an all-electric version from day one. The Mokka-e's handling delivers both emission-free performance and an exhilarating driving experience. The electric motor offers 100 kW (136 hp) and 260 Nm of maximum torque, which is available right from the start. Quick reaction, agility and dynamics are some of the distinguishing features. Drivers can choose between three driving modes - Normal, Eco and Sport - depending on their preference. The electronically limited top speed is 150 km/h, which saves the energy stored in the 50 kWh battery and the range. A 100kW DC fast charging system is included as standard, allowing you to charge the 80% battery in just 30 minutes. The Opel Mokka-e has an all-electric range of up to 322 km in normal mode according to the WLTP, while economy mode helps the driver achieve the maximum possible range. Whether it's a wall box, a fast charging station or a cable that allows you to charge from a household socket: the new Mokka-e is ready for all charging options, from single-phase to three-phase with an output power of 11 kW. Mokka-e also has an eight year battery warranty.

New Opel Mokka electric and energy

Buyers can look forward to a very energetic, fun and agile new generation Mokka. It will go on sale at the end of summer 2020, and will appear in dealerships in early 2021. The new generation will also be offered with particularly efficient diesel and petrol engines.

Clean structure: a new look for the front and cockpit Opel

The second generation Mokka is once again called simply Mokka, as it was when it debuted in 2012. “Clarity and simplicity is our constant mantra,” says Opel CEO Michael Lochsheller. For the first time in Opel, the model name is displayed in the center of the rear panel in a new, precise technical font. When the first Mokka was released, its compact size and rugged appearance surprised me. The new Mokka has become even more compact and solid, and very progressive: extremely efficient, minimalist and bold, with significantly less overhangs (minus 61 mm in front, minus 66 mm in the rear), an additional 10 millimeters in width and an optically elongated silhouette for ideal proportions. The compact dimensions and overall appearance make the 18-inch wheels more impressive than ever.

New Opel Mokka electric and energy

The Mokka is also the first model with a new and unique front end design from Opel: the Opel Vizor. Stretching across the front of the car under the hood, the Opel Vizor is an elegant module that horizontally surrounds the brand's signature elements, including the latest generation of IntelliLux LED® matrix headlights and the typical wing design with centrally split LED daytime running lights. featuring the iconic Opel logo in the shape of a lightning bolt. Opel Vizor, created by the design team led by Mark Adams, will be present on all brand models in 2020.

“Bold and simple, this is what the Opel style of the future will look like. The new Mokka presents sporty proportions combined with finely structured flowing surfaces. We have developed this philosophy in line with distinctive German design, combining progressive, bold design with cleanliness,” explained Mark Adams, Vice President of Design, Opel.

This philosophy is continued in the interior, where the Pure Panel is the benchmark, echoing the stylistic concept of the Opel Vizor theme. Passengers are greeted by two screens 10 and 12 inches wide; the center screen is deliberately tilted towards the driver, and the air intakes are pushed back to draw attention. Pure Panel provides the latest technology and the most important information for the driver, without all the visual stimuli. The center console is also impressively tidy, with an electric parking brake and a new power mode strip, so no protruding element interferes with the cleanliness of the design. All controls and modules are stylishly integrated.

New Opel Mokka electric and energy

Segment leader: Opel lighting and technologically advanced driver assistance systems

The new Mokka enters the B-segment with the best innovations that until recently were only available in the luxury class. Opel is a leader in lighting technology. All Mokka variants are equipped with the latest generation of LED lamps, from the daytime running lights with typical Opel motif to the front fog lamps. An absolute highlight in this segment is the adaptive IntelliLux LED® matrix lighting system, consisting of a total of 14 elements. As with the Opel Insignia, Opel Astra and the new Opel Corsa, the lighting system allows driving with high beams. In order not to dazzle drivers, individual LED elements deactivate within milliseconds, adjusting the light beam and "cutting off" oncoming traffic and vehicles ahead - no one is blinded, and Mokka passengers receive stadium-like lighting. At the rear, the choice of exclusively LED technology has allowed designers to use ultra-thin, stretched headlights that enhance the sense of precision and quality.

New Opel Mokka electric and energy

Extremely comfortable: Opel seat technology and the best network of contacts

The ideal seat design is typical of Opel. There are ergonomic seats with six settings that can be individually adjusted. The Mokka can be upholstered in sporty Alcantara and classic full leather, which is unusual for a B-segment car. The crowning achievement is a heated leather seat with perforated upholstery and a driver massage function.

The driver and front passenger can store their smartphones in the storage compartment in the center console. Compatible phones are charged inductively (wirelessly) here. The rubber mat prevents the devices from moving. The new range of multimedia systems provide excellent connectivity and entertainment for the Mokka driver and passengers. There are Multimedia and Multimedia Navi systems with a 7-inch color touch screen and the top Multimedia Navi Pro system with a 10-inch high-resolution color touch screen. The monitors are integrated into the new Opel Pure Panel and are ideally positioned towards the driver.

New Opel Mokka electric and energy

Media systems compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have built-in voice control. The new Mokka also offers the OpelConnect service. Online navigation with traffic information and a direct link to accident assistance and eCall make the trip even more enjoyable for drivers and passengers. If airbags or seat belt pretensioners deploy during an accident, the eCall system will automatically contact the local Public Safety Office (PSAP).

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Новый Opel Mokka электрический и энергетический
New Opel Mokka electric and energy