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The new Renault Arkana is the original coupe SUV

Renault Arcana 2021

Renault's dynamic coupe-SUV with a sporty body and an impressive package of advanced technologies will enter the European market. It will also be available with E-TECH hybrid drive and the unique RS Line version, which draws attention with its dynamic, distinctive design.

Renault Arkana is coming to Europe!

The new Renault Arkana is a successful combination of smooth and elegant lines with a solid construction. The car breaks the traditional canons of the SUV market in Europe and offers a body design previously reserved for premium brands. This is the first such car offered outside the premium segment.

The new Arkana combines SUV and coupe with all the benefits of both body styles and the dynamic specificity of a hybrid drive: a high-security driver's seat, plenty of space in the cabin and at the same time a roomy trunk, as well as a modern and unique design. . The new offer complements and expands the range of Renault compact models (Megane, Kadjar, Scenic) with a model from the SUV segment, which is dynamically developing around the world.

The new Renault Arkana is the original coupe SUV

The interior of the new Renault Arkana also meets the needs of families, who will find plenty of space for passengers and luggage. The new Renault Arkana features some of the largest screens in the segment and the driver's seat is equipped with cutting-edge technology with a focus on quality and comfort.

Renault launches an unprecedented range of hybrid drives in this segment: E-TECH Hybrid 140 hp and TCe 160 with 12V mild hybrid system. The E-TECH Hybrid technology found in Clio, Capture and Megane is an innovative solution protected by more than 150 patents. In its development, the group's extensive experience in the field of electric vehicles and Formula 1 was used.


The new Renault Arkana introduces a new body style to the brand's range: an SUV with a coupe silhouette. The exterior styling skilfully combines elegance and solidity and is even more distinctive in the RS range.

The new Renault Arkana is the original coupe SUV

SUV and coupe in one

Nowa Arkana is an example of a unique hybrid style. The high ground clearance (190 mm), high sporty lower body line with heavily sculpted wheel arches fit perfectly into the off-road design. The impression is enhanced by linings on the front and rear parts of the body and wheel arch protectors. The sloping roof line and the glass surface that extends to the rear window create a dynamic, slender silhouette and underline the dynamism of the coupé style.

front of the car

The New Renault Arkana grille with a large brand logo in the center gives the model an elegant, sophisticated look, accentuated by chrome elements. The strict line of the front bumper emphasizes the dynamic style, and the protective plate gives the impression of solidity.

The new Renault Arkana is the original coupe SUV

Characteristic lighting design

The 100% LED worlds feature the brand's signature C-Shape and successfully display Arcana's elegance and dynamism. The rear lights are similar in shape and are connected by a strip running across the entire width of the flap. The lighting system sets the car apart from the rest and perfectly emphasizes the muscular and elegant lines of the body.

Profile silhouette

The body line when viewed from the side is one of the most distinctive features of the model. It allows you to recognize the new Arkana at a glance by its SUV-coupe silhouette and its unique combination of elegance, power and dynamics. The new model has large wheels, 4,568 mm long and relatively low 1,571 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,720 mm. Such proportions make the silhouette smooth. The class of the car is emphasized by chrome-plated trim elements: window frames, side moldings and emblems on the front fenders.

The new Renault Arkana is the original coupe SUV

Paint colors and wheels

At launch, the new Arkana will be offered in seven exterior colors: Arctic White (non-metallic), Universe White, Night Black, Metallic Grey, Zanzibar Blue, Flamme Red and Valencia Orange (RS Line only). The optional black roof trim enhances the car's agility. The range also includes three wheel designs in 17" and 18" diameters.

New Renault ARKANA RS Line

The new Renault Arkana will be available from the start in the RS Line version, developed by Renault Sport to meet the expectations of a growing number of customers who want to stand out with a dynamic design.

The new Renault Arkana is the original coupe SUV

The Arkana is the third model in Renault's range after the Clio and New Mégane, bringing a new version of the RS Line with a focus on sporty elegance. Its styling is inspired by the DNA of the Renault Sport and the legendary New Mégane RS. The expressive styling is beautifully enhanced by the Valencia orange body color specially developed for this version, and the 'black' décor with black painted or dark metal body parts, including the Formula Molding. -1 inspired by Formula 1.

This version has a special bumper and wheels with red inserts. An RS Line badge is visible on the fender, and a double chrome tailpipe tip and dark underbody protection are visible on the rear.

The RS Line version has a special interior design with carbon-look trim on the dash and doors, and a red stripe across the top of the dash. The leather-wrapped steering wheel and Alcantara-leather upholstery are embellished with elegant red sports stitching, which also adorns the door panels. A faint red line appears on the seat belts. Aluminum pedals, an e-shifter (on E-TECH Hybrid versions) and RS Line emblems complete the picture.

The RS Line version will be available with an E-TECH hybrid transmission and a TCe 140 petrol engine, and in the future also with the TCe 160.


The new Renault Arkana will be available with a hybrid offering unique in this segment, including: E-TECH Hybrid 140 hp and TCe 140 and TCe 160 engines with 12V mild hybrid system.

The new Renault Arkana is the original coupe SUV

E-TECH Hybrid - universal hybrid drive without recharging

Following the Clio, Captur and Megane models, Renault continues to spread its innovative E-TECH hybrid technology and introduces it in the New Renault Arkana. The all-hybrid drive used is identical to that already fitted to the Clio E-TECH Hybrid. It allows you to move off in electric mode and delivers pure driving pleasure in any driving situation thanks to its dynamic and instantaneous acceleration. It also boasts excellent energy efficiency, thanks in part to its innovative multi-mode transmission, efficient braking with energy recovery and fast automatic battery charging. City driving time in purely electric mode can be up to 80%.

This reduces CO2 emissions and results in fuel savings of up to 40% in the city compared to a diesel-only version. The MULTI-SENSE system allows the driver to select from several available modes: My Sense for daily commuting, Eco for further reduction in fuel consumption or Sport for simultaneous use of the combined power of all engines.

The new Renault Arkana is the original coupe SUV

The E-TECH hybrid drive of the new Renault Arkana adapts to any route and any type of use, ensuring maximum versatility. It is an engine for those who are looking for more energy efficiency thanks to driving in electric mode 100%, as well as for those who prefer diesel engines, long-distance drivers looking for cars with low fuel consumption that do not require their replacement. habits.

In 2021, the E-TECH Hybrid drive will be available in all Nowa Arkana versions, including the RS Line. This technology will allow the rider to enjoy purebred style and dynamic driving, taking full advantage of the technology for maximum energy efficiency and versatility.

TCe 140 and TCe 160 engines: cost-effectiveness, flexibility and high work culture

The new Renault Arkana will be available in all trim levels with a 1.3 TCe turbocharged petrol engine with direct fuel injection. This economical and efficient engine will provide the driver with pure driving pleasure.

It will be offered in combination with an EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission, first in a 140 hp version and later in a 160 hp version. And here's the news: Under the hood of the New Renault Arkana, the 1.3 TCe engine will be offered as a mild hybrid, thanks to the use of a starter-powered alternator connected to a 12-volt lithium-ion battery located under the passenger seat.

The new Renault Arkana is the original coupe SUV

This technology improves the performance of the stop-start system and provides energy recovery during the deceleration and braking phases. It also supports the engine during the most energy demanding phases, i.e. starting and accelerating. In this way, it helps to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while at the same time providing smoother engine starts and driving comfort.

1.3 TCe petrol engine with 140 hp develops a torque of 260 Nm, available already at 1600 rpm. This is an exceptionally successful combination of economy, flexibility and driving pleasure.

The new Renault Arkana will go on sale in Europe in the first half of 2021.

Arkana is another confirmation of Renault's culture of modernity and innovation. The Arkana is hybrid in every way, combining coupe design with SUV styling, dynamism and versatility. It brings a breath of fresh air to the branded compact SUV segment, which is a key segment in Europe today. Arkana looks to the future and offers a new driving experience through a host of hybrid technologies, culminating in the E-TECH hybrid drive. This innovative technology guarantees driving pleasure while reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. — François Laurent, Arkana Program Director

The new Renault Arkana will be built at the Busan plant in South Korea, which also produces the Renault Samsung Motors XM3. It will hit showrooms in the first half of 2021.

Photo: Renault

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  1. The car is high, passable, comfortable and most importantly — big, so that the family where to go. Positive qualities - reliability, stylish look, budget consumables. But of the minuses, too, not done. Disadvantages: the front seats rumble in the pits (the problem is in the skid), I will change it under warranty. At a speed of 80 km / h, cold air seeps through the legs - I plugged the holes in the A-pillars from the passenger compartment with foam - everything is gone. Noise isolation is poor (it is necessary to disassemble the interior in the future and glue it), the steering wheel is still crooked, endless adjustments did not help (it is possible that winter tires are budget). And the lowest score is a thin paintwork. I put a scratch somewhere, polishing took place with me with soft circles and gentle paste, the varnish began to burn, i.e. varnish - a very thin layer (for those who want to polish, be careful).

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Новый Renault Arkana – оригинальный внедорожник-купе
The new Renault Arkana is the original coupe SUV