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New Renault Talisman.


Design has been the most important buying criterion for Talisman since its launch. The changes made further emphasize its style and increase its attractiveness.

Renault Talisman

The refined style of the front of the body is emphasized by a new grille with a transverse chrome strip and a reshaped bumper. The new Renault Talisman now has 100% LED lighting across the entire range. The adaptive headlights use LED MATRIX Vision technology and there are also sequential LED turn signals. A more elegant appearance of the car is emphasized by the C-shaped daytime running lights, typical of Renault models.

New Renault Talisman.

At the rear, the 100%'s LED taillights are adorned with a chrome strip, while sequential turn signals add to the clean and stylish styling of the new Talisman. A sporty touch that further enhances the infotainment system is the shark fin antenna mounted on the back of the roof of the new Talisman. The new Talisman features new exterior colors: Baltique Grey, Millésime Red and Highland Grey. The stylistic evolution is complemented by new wheel models: Pierre (17 inches), Stellar (18 inches) and Sato (19 inches).

As the driver approaches the car, the Talisman triggers a welcome sequence that turns on the headlights and illuminates the door handles. The welcome sequence continues in the saloon.

New Renault Talisman.

Carefully thought-out interior design

The cabin of the new Talisman is meticulously finished down to the smallest detail. A new chrome trim accentuates the shape of the new Ambient illuminated center console, while new bleached wood trim on the instrument panel and doors adds to the elegance of the INITIALE PARIS version. For a more personalized interior, driver and passengers can now choose from eight types of ambient lighting using the MULTI-SENSE system.

For greater readability, the new Talisman instrument panel features a fully customizable 10.2” digital display, which is included with the Intens level. You can personalize the driving experience with the mode selected in the MULTI-SENSE system, including information from the GPS navigation system shown on the display.

New Renault Talisman.

More comfortable and ergonomic, the new Talisman features an electrochromic frameless interior rear-view mirror and large cup holders adorned with chrome details and illuminated. An inductive phone charger appears on the center console, and the ventilation controls have a digital display of the selected temperature. In addition, a new "Auto-Hold" button immobilizes the vehicle even when the handbrake is not applied. The cruise control switches have been moved to the steering wheel for improved ergonomics.

The new Talisman combines comfort and sophistication. New types of upholstery are offered from the first configuration, and leather appears in the cabin from the second Intens configuration. The range is available in three Riviera leather colors: Sand Light Grey, Castenyera Brown and Titane Black. The INITIALE PARIS version comes standard with new quilted nappa leather upholstery in Titane Black or Light Sand Gray with new stitching in Cognac. Starting with the Intens level, the buyer can choose between black or light gray interior color.

New Renault Talisman.

Technological innovations that enhance comfort and safety

The new Talisman is equipped with the latest Renault technologies that provide the driver and passengers with an experience comparable to traveling in first class.

More comfort and safety when driving at night

The new Talisman is the second model in the Renault range, after the new Espace, to feature LED MATRIX Vision technology. These intelligent and adaptive headlights enhance driving safety by illuminating the road better than traditional LED lights. Compared to LED headlights, the headlights on the 50% are brighter and have a range of up to 220 m instead of 175 m. The constant adaptation of the light beam to road conditions and the presence of other users ensures safe and relaxed driving.

New Renault Talisman.

Better access to mobile technology while driving

The new Talisman uses the Renault EASY CONNECT system, which includes many applications such as MY Renault, the new Renault EASY LINK multimedia system and mobile services such as automatic updates and remote control of vehicle functions.

The Renault EASY LINK multimedia system has an easy-to-use and personalized interface. The horizontally positioned 9.3-inch screen gives the cabin a modern look. Renault EASY LINK includes digital DAB radio, multimedia, phone kit compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as navigation with Google address search, fuel price information and real-time traffic information. Renault EASY LINK 7” compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is available from the first Zen trim level.

New Renault Talisman.

The premium 13-speaker Bose® audio system standard on INITIALE PARIS has also been redesigned for a more complete listening experience with five preset listening modes.

Improved road safety

The new Talisman enriches its cutting-edge technology offering with the latest generation of driving aids, including Level 2 autonomous driving systems. The Highway and Traffic Jam Assistant combines two driver assistance systems: Active Cruise Control and Lane Keeping even when cornering.

New Renault Talisman.

The system is active from 0 to 160 km/h, regulates the vehicle speed and allows you to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. It allows you to automatically stop and start again after three seconds without driver intervention.

AEBS Active Emergency Braking can now detect pedestrians and cyclists.

In addition to the new features, the new Talisman continues to feature a full range of assistance systems to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. These include Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, Driver Alertness and Blind Spot Monitoring, now using two radars at the rear of the vehicle (Rear Cross Traffic Warning).

New Renault Talisman.

More dynamic and comfortable

The new Talisman is the only vehicle in its category equipped with 4CONTROL running gear (standard on INITIALE PARIS). The permanently active four-wheel steering system automatically handles turning in both directions. It provides exceptional driving precision for such a large car, as well as high driving comfort in the city.

The 4CONTROL running gear of the new Talisman works in conjunction with an electrically adjustable damping system to ensure stable road behavior and optimal driving comfort by continuously adjusting the damper parameters. The system has been optimized for better body stability when overcoming obstacles.

New Renault Talisman.

Latest generation engines

The new Talisman is powered by the latest generation of Renault petrol and diesel engines that comply with WLTP standards. These engines are more economical and efficient. With respect for the environment, TCe engines are equipped with diesel particulate filters, while Blue dCi diesel engines use SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) aftertreatment technology with AdBlue® injection to reduce NOx emissions.


The TCe 160 EDC FAP engine, recently featured on the Talisman, is a 1.3-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine with direct fuel injection. It develops 160 hp. and a torque of 270 Nm at 1800 rpm.

New Renault Talisman.

It is offered with a 7-speed dual-clutch EDC automatic transmission. It is quiet and very flexible in operation, with reduced fuel consumption (6.2 l/100 km), which corresponds to CO2 emissions of just 140 g/km on the WLTP cycle. It is an interesting alternative to diesel engines for fleet customers and companies.


The TCe 225 EDC FAP engine will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers with its power. The 1.8-litre, 4-cylinder, direct-injection petrol engine has a three-position variable geometry twin turbocharger. It reaches a power of 225 hp. The engine is also mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch EDC automatic transmission. A torque of 300 Nm, available already at 2000 rpm, ensures high performance and pure driving pleasure. The engine consumes just 7.4 l/100 km on the combined cycle, which corresponds to 166 g CO2/km.

New Renault Talisman.

Blue dCi 120 and 150 with 6-speed manual and Blue dCi 160 and 200 EDC

The range of diesel engines is one of the most complete on the market. The new Talisman offers a 120- and 150-horsepower (depending on the country) 1.7 Blue dCi 4-cylinder diesel engine with a 6-speed manual transmission. The very low fuel consumption of 4.9 l/100 km (128 g CO2/km) makes them an exceptionally attractive proposition for fleet customers. The range is complemented by a 2.0 Blue dCi engine with 160 or 200 hp. The engine is available with a 6-speed dual-clutch EDC automatic transmission. 200 hp version guarantees dynamic acceleration. It meets the expectations of customers who are looking for high performance with moderate combined fuel consumption of 5.6 l/100 km (146 g CO2/km).

Photo: Renault

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New Renault Talisman.