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New Taycan Sport Turismo 2022


The Taycan Sport Turismo is the latest body style for Porsche's innovative electric sports car and is the third after the Sports Limousine and Cross Turismo. The new version is designed for people who want to combine the everyday practicality of the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo with the road dynamics of the Taycan sports limousine.

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo

The first member of the Taycan Sport Turismo family, the GTS variant, will hit the market at the end of February 2022. in just three weeks, in mid-March, other versions will follow. A new addition to the range of optional equipment for the Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo is the panoramic sunroof with sun protection, i.e. with electrical anti-dazzle.

New Taycan Sport Turismo 2022

From spring 2022, buyers will have a choice of five variants of the Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo:

  • Taikan Sport Turismo up to 300 kW (408 hp) in Launch Control mode, rear-wheel drive, optionally available with 350 kW (476 hp) Performance Plus battery, price: from 403 thousand USD (4 c.u. = 1 USD);
  • Taykan 4S Sport Turismo up to 390 kW (530 hp), all-wheel drive, optionally available with 420 kW (571 hp) Performance Plus battery, price: from 467 thousand. c.u. (4 c.u. = 1 USD);
  • Taykan GTS Sport Turismo up to 440 kW (598 hp), with all-wheel drive, price: from 578 thousand. c.u. (4 c.u. = 1 USD);
  • Taykan Turbo Sport Turismo up to 500 kW (680 hp), with all-wheel drive, price: from 666 thousand USD (4 c.u. = 1 USD);
  • Taykan Turbo S Sport Turismo up to 560 kW (761 hp), with all-wheel drive, price: from 808 thousand USD (4 c.u. = 1 USD).

New Taycan Sport Turismo 2022

“With a third body option, the Sport Turismo, we are complementing our line of electric sports cars with a sporty, practical and versatile offering,” said Kevin Geek, vice president of Taycan Model Line. “I am confident that the new variety will continue the success story of the Porsche Taycan. I find the balance and variety of the five Sport Turismo versions particularly appealing, with everything from an incredibly nimble rear-wheel drive car to an extremely powerful Turbo S version.”

The Taycan Turbo S Sport Turismo accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds and has a top speed of 260 km/h. The Taycan 4S Sport Turismo has the longest range of 498 km on the WLTP cycle. The Sport Turismo variants belong to the latest generation of the Porsche Taycan and therefore feature a particularly efficient drivetrain strategy in all-wheel drive versions. At the same time, the heat management and charging functions have been improved.

New Taycan Sport Turismo 2022

Both available batteries can be charged from 5 to 80% in 22.5 minutes. This means that it takes only 5 minutes of charging to increase the mileage by 100 km.

Functional design with numerous practical details

The Taycan Sport Turismo shares the same sporty silhouette, sloping roofline and functional design as the Taycan Cross Turismo variants, but it lacks all the off-road design cues. In addition, it also comes with rear wheel drive.

Rear headroom is more than 45 mm larger than in the Taycan sports sedan. Above the driver's seat there is an additional 9 mm in height. What's more, the large rear lid provides easy access to the trunk. The loading opening is significantly longer (801 mm) and higher (543 mm) than that of the sedan (434 mm and 330 mm, respectively).

New Taycan Sport Turismo 2022

The exact capacity of the rear rack depends on the specification. Combined with the Sound Plus package, it can hold up to 446 liters (limousine: 407 liters) and with the BOSE® Surround Sound System (standard on the Porsche Taycan Turbo Sport Turismo) it can hold up to 405 liters. With the rear seats folded down (60:40 folding ), capacity can be increased to 1212 or 1171 liters, respectively. And there is also an 84-liter front trunk (franc).

Panoramic sunroof: transparency can be adjusted at the touch of a finger

The new panoramic sunroof with a special sun protection feature provides protection from glare. The wide glass surface is divided into nine sections that can be controlled individually. This means that individual sections or the entire roof can be transparent or opaque (opaque) - depending on the desired amount of light in the interior.

New Taycan Sport Turismo 2022

In addition to the extreme settings (transparent and matte), you can choose between intermediate positions (bold or bold), which are predefined "templates" with narrow or wide darkened segments. There is also a dynamic roller shutter mode, in which individual segments are switched according to the movement of a finger over the image of the roof on the screen of the Porsche Taycan.

Remote parking assistant and automatic integration with Android

Taycan Sport Turismo also offers state-of-the-art solutions for comfort, safety, information and entertainment. Using the optional remote parking assistance system, the driver can remotely control entry and exit from a parking space without getting behind the wheel. Automatic control is available for both parallel and perpendicular parking spaces, as well as garages. The system automatically detects the space and measures it using ultrasonic sensors and a camera.

New Taycan Sport Turismo 2022

In the latest model year update, Android Auto has been integrated in addition to Apple CarPlay with Porsche Communication Management (PCM). This means that in addition to the iPhone, smartphones with the Google operating system - Android are now supported.

In addition, Voice Pilot can understand fluent commands even more effectively. Navigation has become faster, mainly using online search to find points of interest (POI) and displaying information more clearly. In addition, the charging scheduler has been improved to better schedule visits to fast charging stations and avoid short charging stops. Moreover, stations can now be filtered by charging power.

Photo: Porsche

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Новый Taycan Sport Turismo 2022
New Taycan Sport Turismo 2022