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About the Philips flashlight and car interior trim

I will say this: a flashlight is like a flashlight, it has nice details, but still it is just a flashlight. Nevertheless, thanks to him, I came to some general considerations. Not about the meaning of life, of course, but almost.

Well, as I recently realized, in shooting amateur video, the most difficult two issues are sound and light. I already somehow figured out the sound, but without good lighting, my videos could not even be disassembled by a super-big-eyed user.

And I was guided by two magnets, surprisingly strong, which this PenLight has on a clip.

About the Philips flashlight and car interior trim
Image: Philips Small Flashlight general view

Hence my love for flashlights, which is why I have three of them. What is especially important to me: charging via micro-USB is quite fast, and then they shine for several hours. And second, they have this clip with a magnet, so it's easy to stick them somewhere in the car and light up while recording.

The problem is that this is not easy at all, because modern cars - and this is where my thoughts begin - completely non-metallic inside. Oh, what a discovery, you say. But take a deeper look at it. Today, the automotive industry is moving to cover up technological stagnation with ever more sophisticated designs, ever more "super-modern" materials, and ever more interesting textures.

Today, ordinary wood no longer amuses anyone. Wood with structure, knots and pores is important today. Necessarily oiled, God forbid varnished. And best of all, if she came from such a small island inhabited only by a couple of natives in loincloths.

Today, no one is impressed by plastic, no matter how soft it may be. Today, interior elements are made of vacuum-pressed hibiscus and sheep wool, breathing such clean air that the average inhabitant, if he takes just one sip, would have anaphylactic shock, and even Dr. House would have no other diagnosis for him than well known autoimmune disease.

Today, even load-bearing structures are made not from plebeian sheet metal or aluminum, but from carbotitanium or some other mixture of carbon, plastic and heavy-duty fibers.

And do you know what happened? Well, it got to the point that beautiful, cold and hard steel became something unnecessary, even shameful. How many times have I read that a small city car in the Interior category gets a minus because its low price shows up with sheet metal in the cabin - for example, near the door or near the window. How many times have I read that this mid-range sedan spoils everything with a tailgate that is not covered with any lining from the inside.

But what's wrong with beautiful, cold, hard steel inside, coated with a durable paint of your choice?! What could be better than plastic, fastened with cheap clips to the bottom of the tailgate? Of course, steel structures, painted in the factory in body color!

I would just stab anyone who complains about it!!!

How important is the color of a car to a buyer? I'd say it's damn important. I would give color importance in 70%. So, in my opinion, color is crucial for many. Well, think for yourself - will you buy a dirty green C-class car? Or a blood red Audi A6? I doubt.

So if color is so important, then why are we ashamed of it, why don't we want to see it inside - when it covers the steel elements of the structure? No, this is not the same as plastic moldings pretending to be aluminum. Why are we ashamed of steel and not ashamed of the plastic covering the entire interior with the texture of the heel of an old gypsy boot?

Take a look at the plastic interior of your car. Now take a look at the inside of my Fiat Cinquecento.

About the Philips flashlight and car interior trim
Image: General view of the Cinquecento interior

Go back to your car and then to mine.

About the Philips flashlight and car interior trim
Image: Fiat Cinquecento interior trim

If you mentally clean your cars of cheap plastic, they can be just like mine. See and compare.

About the Philips flashlight and car interior trim
Image: Metal in yellow paint in a Fiat Cinquecento

Where are you now? You're in a car that might look like mine if it weren't for that crappy plastic. What do you have on hand? Look at my car. I have cold and hard steel in exactly the color that I liked in this car. Look again at yours. You have plastic that just creaks when not needed.

But let's get back to the flashlight. I attached it like this.

About the Philips flashlight and car interior trim
Image: Philips small flashlight mount

And besides these PenLights, I have another good flashlight - one that, in theory, should be stationary, but also with a magnet.

About the Philips flashlight and car interior trim
Image: Philips Stationary Flashlight

I even tried to put a piece of metal on the outside of the glass, hoping that the magnets could stick to it through the glass. But it didn't work.

About the Philips flashlight and car interior trim
Image: USB output

Strange affair. Some particularly smart designer once decided that beautifully hard and alluringly cold steel in a deliberately chosen body color should not appear anywhere in the car. He decided that plastic from remelted plastic bottles and "ecological" leather, the production of which leaves a carbon trail, is much more prestigious. Yes, and calling such plastic environmentally friendly is a terrible mistake, close to cynicism ...

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About the Philips flashlight and car interior trim