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Cheating with old tires on an Alfa Romeo 159

I remember one case, it was about five or six years ago. A friend bought a car in one expensive salon. In general, it’s pretty cool - a black Alfa 159 station wagon, beautiful and neat, on a good diesel engine, new year, of course 194, from Italy, everything is paid for. And the salon did everything to order.

In general, everything is OK, except for one thing - before buying, the salon showed a friend a few photos from Italy and there was this Alfa Romeo on the same disks, but on a different summer tire. It is difficult to say what exactly, because the photos are not quite high-quality, but definitely on others.

A friend wondered why the tires were changed in the cabin ... until he discovered that he had a Conti Premium Contact 1 already ... 2005!

Can you feel it? In a rather expensive car, they stupidly replaced their native tires with 15-year-old ones. I do not believe that 5-year-old tires were sold separately from the car. Rather, some smart employee of a car dealership did an upgrade on a personal car. Scoundrel and bastard :)) what else to say about such an employee.

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Обман со старой резиной на Альфа Ромео 159
Cheating with old tires on an Alfa Romeo 159