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Volkswagen's first electric SUV coupe - ID.5


With the ID.5, Volkswagen is expanding its popular ID family. Thus, it accelerates the electrification of new vehicles and also enters the new automotive segment. The elegant and expressive design of the electric SUV coupe is equipped with a new ID. to charge batteries with higher power electricity and activate a modified voice control system.

Produced with a carbon neutral balance, the car combines cutting-edge technology with expressive design. Volkswagen is taking the next step towards autonomous driving technology with the latest generation of assistance systems in the ID.5.

Volkswagen's first electric SUV coupe - ID.5

“ID.5 is electric, sporty and elegant. The electric SUV coupe is another step in the ACCELERATE strategy,” said Ralf Brandstetter, CEO of Volkswagen. “This gives demanding customers the ability to drive a car that does not emit carbon dioxide while driving. Thanks to him, we are entering a completely new segment of cars.”

Volkswagen ID.5 and sporty ID.5 GTX

Elegant and dynamic design, very good aerodynamics, a range that allows you to move freely even over long distances - the ID.5 and the sporty ID.5 GTX with two engines and all-wheel drive are the new top models in the ID family. . Volkswagen's first electric SUV coupe was built, like all ID. models, on the MEB modular platform specifically designed for electric vehicles.

“ID.5 shows what the cars of the future will look like – aerodynamic, expressive, sporty and, thanks to the MEB platform, with a slight overhang,” said Josef Kaban, Head of Design at Volkswagen. “So even though the roofline was very dynamic, we were able to design a spacious interior. It hasn't been possible until now."

The use of generation 3.0 software in ID.5 allows you to update and apply new functions remotely. This makes the ID.5 the state-of-the-art vehicle in Volkswagen's electric vehicle range. Innovative assistance systems, such as Travel Assist, using collective intelligence data, make driving even more comfortable and safe. The new optional Parking Assist Plus with memory function can perform memorized personalized manoeuvres.

Volkswagen's first electric SUV coupe - ID.5

The 4599mm (ID.5 GTX: 4582mm) Volkswagen electric coupe-SUV will launch in 2022 with a 77kWh battery pack in three power ratings. The ID.5 will have an electric motor at the rear, while the ID.5 GTX will have one drive for the front and rear axles, this model will have all-wheel drive.

"The Electronic Driving Dynamics Manager is a pioneering solution for Volkswagen," said Thomas Ulbrich, member of the Brand's Technical Development Board. “It works in conjunction with other important systems, including the ID.5 all-wheel drive control. As a result, sporty driving performance, traction and safety are at an all-time high.”

All versions of the ID.5 engine are equipped with a high capacity battery. Low drag coefficient of 0.26 and 0.27 (ID.5 GTX) increases efficiency and range. The integrated spoiler in the aerodynamically shaped high tailgate also contributes to this. The electrically operated air-cooled slats at the front of the vehicle open only when necessary for optimal airflow.

Volkswagen's first electric SUV coupe - ID.5

New coupe-SUV from Volkswagen

No matter from what point of view you look at it, it looks unique. Distinctive LED strips on the front (optional) and back of the housing indicate that the ID.5 is without a doubt a member of the ID family. The shape of the bumper and the characteristic roof line distinguish it from the ID.4 model, which was produced on different continents. The expressive design of the coupe is truly unique here. With an even larger cooling air opening, standard IQ.Light matrix LED headlights with high beam function and 3D LED taillights, the ID.5 GTX has an even more dynamic look. In this vehicle, Driving Dynamics Manager interacts with the powertrain and suspension control systems. The optional DCC Adaptive Suspension provides excellent driving dynamics. In drive mode D, the Volkswagen ID.5 and ID.5 GTX use the sailing function, while in mode B the energy is recovered.

The modern silhouette and spacious interior of the new models showcase Volkswagen creativity and the innovation of the ID family. Despite its coupe-like silhouette, the rear passengers of the ID.5 only have 12mm less headroom than the Volkswagen ID.4. A large wheelbase of 2766 mm made it possible to make the interior as spacious as that of SUVs positioned above the ID.5 class. The volume of the luggage compartment is 549 liters. Finishing materials and workmanship at the highest level. Depending on the interior decoration, different types of upholstery were used. Perforated logo. at the top of the backrests, a hallmark of the optional higher standard seats.

Modern digital cockpit

The state-of-the-art digital cockpit features a new operating system for on-board functions. The screen in front of the driver and the high-resolution multimedia system monitor provide the perfect picture. The head-up display in augmented reality technology provides the driver with additional information. The new ID.Software 3.0 software brings a new quality to the operation of the natural voice control system (“Hello ID.”). Now this system can be trained and allows online access to information stored in the cloud. The interior uses ambient lighting in 30 colors to choose from. On the other hand, We Connect services provide drivers with online information about current traffic, navigation map updates, data about charging stations or Internet radio, and many other functions.

With Car2X connectivity, Volkswagen takes road safety to a new level. Data transmitted by other Volkswagen vehicles and signals from road infrastructure devices within a radius of up to 800 m are received in a fraction of a second, warning of dangers, accidents or traffic jams. The ID.Light in the cockpit gives these warnings a visual form.

Volkswagen's first electric SUV coupe - ID.5

With the ID.5 and ID.5 GTX, Volkswagen is entering a new automotive segment and is accelerating its push for electric vehicles in all classes. By 2030, at least 70 percent of Volkswagen vehicles sold in Europe will be pure electric, meaning there will be more than a million. In North America and China, the share of electric vehicles is expected to be at least 50 percent. To achieve these goals, Volkswagen will bring to market at least one new model each year with this type of transmission. Volkswagen aims to be carbon neutral by 2050 at the latest.

The new ID.5 and the sporty, most powerful version of the ID.5 GTX with all-wheel drive and two electric motors will be built at Volkswagen's Zwickau plant and delivered to customers as CO2-neutral models. If the user feeds them only the so-called. with green current, they can already be used in a practically climate-friendly way. With We Charge, Volkswagen offers the fastest growing convenient and sustainable battery charging system. It currently includes around 250,000 battery charging points in Europe. Volkswagen's electric SUV coupe can run on AC power up to 11 kW over a standard Mode 3 cable. At a fast charging station, this power can reach 135 kW (standard).

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Volkswagen's first electric SUV coupe - ID.5