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Take a look at the 2020 SEAT Ateka


Soon, the premiere of the updated SUV of the Spanish brand took place in Russia. The manufacturer has just released a package of new photos of the 2020 SEAT Ateka showing changes from the previous version. For interesting details, a live broadcast from the brand's Virtual Showroom dedicated to the release of this year's best-selling model is available.

SEAT Ateca 20202

The new version of the Ateka is a response to SEAT's success in the SUV segment. Since its introduction in 2016, more than 300,000 units of this model have been sold worldwide, paving the way for more vehicles of this type from the Spanish manufacturer Aronie and Tarraco.

Take a look at the 2020 SEAT Ateka

Ateca 2020 features even higher security, a more expressive design and a fully connected network environment. From now on, customers can also choose from a new range of efficient drives. The model will be available in four trim levels - Reference, Style, FR and the recently released Xperience, which will replace the Xcellence. The Polish price list starts from 509 USD. (4 c.u. = 1 USD) per month or 87,800 c.u. (4 c.u. = 1 USD) for a one-time payment.

Take a look at the 2020 SEAT Ateka

Changes in the style of the car can be seen in previously unseen photos. On the occasion of the Polish premiere of Ateka 2020, the SEAT virtual showroom was also broadcast live. During a 15-minute virtual meeting, brand consultants presented the most important upgrades that have been added to the SUV. A record comparing this year's model with the previous version is available at

The virtual salon, launched in the second quarter of this year, was a response to new consumer trends, primarily to the rapidly developing digitalization of services, which until now were associated with direct contact. It allows you to visit the SEAT dealership online and see the selected car in real time with the support of a consultant. Thus, it fits into the context of an even greater need to care for health and safety than before.

The first Ateka 2020 show in Russia took place on the SEAT Twitter profile, where the latest information about the Spanish manufacturer's products and brand initiatives is published. The rest of the broadcasts take place on the site, where there is also a schedule of meetings with information about the topic of each of them. During the public coverage of the Virtual Motor Show, SEAT experts present the manufacturer's most popular models and answer visitors' questions. Participation in electronic meetings does not require registration.

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Присмотритесь к SEAT Ateka 2020
Take a look at the 2020 SEAT Ateka