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Prophecy - Hyundai's New Electric Concept

Hyundai has unveiled the new electric concept Prophecy, developed in accordance with the design philosophy called "Sensual Sportiness". The forward-thinking concept clearly reflects Hyundai's latest Sensuous Sportiness brand design philosophy and continues the assumptions set out in last year's '45' concept car – ditching complex shapes in favor of simple lines and minimalist structures.

Hyundai Prophecy

Designers, inspired by aerodynamic design, sought to achieve ideal proportions. To achieve the desired result, a longer wheelbase and shorter overhangs were used, as well as a new architecture for electric vehicles, which is characterized by flawless surfaces and simple shapes, aesthetic harmony and functionality.

“We have created an icon that sets a new standard in the electric vehicle segment and also takes Hyundai's design philosophy to an even higher level. Part of the new vision is Optimistic Futurism, embodied in the concept of Prophecy. The premise of optimistic futurism is to create an emotional connection between people and cars.” Said Sang Yup Lee, head of the Hyundai Global Design Center.

Prophecy - Hyundai's New Electric Concept

The appearance of Prophecy fully expresses the philosophy of sensual sportiness.

The use of the philosophy of sensual sportiness is especially noticeable in the side profile of the car, whose shape resembles stones polished by wind and rain. A line running from the front to the back crosses the case, giving it a lightness and underlining the timelessness of the design. The dynamic and elegant tail of the boat gives the impression that the car is in constant motion, even when it is standing still.

In addition, the body structure provides excellent aerodynamics, which is extremely important in electric vehicles. The propeller-shaped discs not only add style, but also create the right amount of airflow for improved aerodynamics. The integrated spoiler affects the corresponding aerodynamics and increases downforce, improving driving stability at high speeds.

Prophecy - Hyundai's New Electric Concept

Pixel lamps, which first appeared on the 45 concept, were used in the headlights, taillights and spoiler lip. Pixel lamps will be a hallmark of future Hyundai models.

The electric nature of the Prophecy concept is also reflected in the chassis design. A wide front air intake, located under the front bumper, draws in fresh air to efficiently cool the batteries and improve eco-friendly driving.

Prophecy - Hyundai's New Electric Concept

Prophecy interior takes advantage of EV platform

The interior of the Prophecy represents the possibilities offered by the use of an electric vehicle platform. Instead of a traditional interior, a stylish and comfortable space has been designed, inviting customers inside.

Prophecy also uses autonomous driving technology. Instead of a steering wheel, two intuitive joysticks are used, which provide a completely new driving experience. The joysticks can be moved left and right, one located on the side of the door and the other on the center console, allowing the driver to control the car from a comfortable position. In addition, a number of different functions can be controlled using the buttons on the joysticks.

Prophecy - Hyundai's New Electric Concept

The use of joysticks in the interior design gives passengers even more freedom. In relaxed mode, they can sit comfortably in their reclined seats and watch content projected onto a full screen screen that tilts for better visibility.

In the Prophecy, Hyundai has created an interior that combines clean design and a range of eco-friendly materials. The interior of the concept portends Hyundai's future electric vehicles. Side air intakes located at the bottom of the door ensure constant air circulation, which is supplied to the Clean Air Technology system, and then filtered, enters the car and finally returns clean to the atmosphere.

Prophecy - Hyundai's New Electric Concept

Interior colors have a relaxing effect, while ambient lighting with smoothly changing colors encourages rest and relaxation.

The name Prophecy (Polish for "Prophecy") reflects the idea of the concept, which indicates the future direction of the design philosophy and future technologies that will be implemented in new Hyundai models.

Photo: Hyundai

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Prophecy - Hyundai's New Electric Concept