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Renault Megane eVISION - the electric car of the future


Renault, the largest French car manufacturer, has been constantly innovating for 120 years. Today, there are many technological, social and environmental challenges that the automotive industry must find an answer to. Emerging new challenges are the driving force behind Renault's development.

Renault Megan eVISION

For several years now, the car is no longer considered as a simple means of transportation for its owner. It has taken on a new dimension. It has become a space of mobility and exchange, equipped with modern communication technologies. Renault realized this change very early. At the start of the year, the brand made those dreams come true with the launch of the MORPHOZ studio car. This versatile, modular and connected autonomous vehicle offers new opportunities for mobility.

Renault Megane eVISION - the electric car of the future

Today, Renault is writing another chapter in its history with the introduction of an innovative show car: the Megane eVision. This is an ambitious and innovative vision. Megane eVision announces a new generation of electric vehicles built on the new CMF-EV modular platform.

Megane eVision perfectly demonstrates the potential of the new Alliance platform. The dynamic show car, for example, features one of the thinnest batteries on the market and a new, ultra-compact powertrain that greatly increases interior space. High-tech elements and characteristic headlights emphasize the modernity of the car. The new show car of the brand breaks the canons of segmentation, proportions, design and energy efficiency.

This car of the future will soon become a reality. A production model inspired by the show car will be unveiled in 2021.

It's more than a name - it's a vision

Megane eVision symbolizes a new vehicle concept in this key segment. It shows how the future “compacts” will look like, to which it belongs due to its dimensions and spaciousness of the cabin. Megane eVision is a continuation of the history of Renault's flagship model, introduced 25 years ago, which fits it into the requirements of the modern world.

Renault Megane eVISION - the electric car of the future

The show car represents the first stage of a breakthrough change that manifests itself in emotional design, innovative interior and electrical technology - changes that meet the changing needs of customers. In this way, Renault continues the tradition of being an innovative manufacturer, creating cars that allow you to live life to the fullest. It takes what has always been the strength of the Megane, a model that sets the standard in this segment: driving pleasure, comfort and peace of mind to an even higher level. And it adds new benefits - breathtaking design, exceptionally spacious interior for a car of this length, and all the benefits of electric drive.

Renault ensures the continuity of history and the success of the models bearing this name. The brand offers a vision of the future, which today takes on tangible forms and will be available to everyone.

“Thanks to the new CMF-EV platform developed by the Alliance, we were able to break the canons of design, format, energy efficiency and possible use cases of the car and created the Megane eVision show car. Equipped with the thinnest battery on the market and a compact 4.21m body with a spacious C-segment interior, the Megane eVision is a master piece of ingenuity! We have taken one of our most iconic vehicles and transformed it into the future. Megane eVision offers a new vision for Megane and Renault offers a new vision for Renault. This is just the beginning, heralding a new generation of electric vehicles filled with innovative solutions.” — Luca De Meo, CEO of Renault Group

Renault Megane eVISION - the electric car of the future

Design that delights

The essence of Renault's design strategy

The Megane eVision fits perfectly into Renault's design strategy with its styling that skilfully combines soft and flowing lines with well-defined subtle elements. The fusion of sensuality, high technology and aerodynamics also demonstrates the evolution of the brand's design concept. His ad has already been seen on the MORPHOZ concept car that inspired the Megane eVision. The show car's precision and technical details are a clear sign of the car's electric drive and technological advancement, and they also herald the style of Renault's new generation of electric vehicles.

Dynamic hatchback proportions

The Megane eVision show car has completely new, modern proportions. Big wheels, a high lower belt of the body and the impression of solidity created by the car seem to be attributes of an SUV in a straight line. The compact silhouette, short overhangs and long wheelbase bring it closer to city cars. The exterior is also reminiscent of the coupe design, with an integrated roof spoiler and an aluminum diffuser under the bumper.

"floating" roof

The roof of the Megane eVision draws attention with the Gold paintwork that gradually appears on the A-pillar and creates an impression of lightness. The roof seems to float. It perfectly emphasizes the aerodynamics of the contoured cab.

Renault Megane eVISION - the electric car of the future

Convex mask

The show car's hood, with its two prominent air intakes, is strongly folded and has a convex shape. It adds personality to the car. The continuous line of the hood without any interruption shows well the Renault logo in the center of the grille.

Aerodynamic wheels

Like the MORPHOZ concept car, the Megane eVision has large, aerodynamically shaped wheels. The pattern of the 20-inch hoops is reminiscent of propeller blades. The outer elements are as flat as possible and do not protrude from the body line to provide better aerodynamics and higher efficiency by reducing turbulence. For the same purpose, caps with a diameter of 21 "are used, which cover not only the rims, but also part of the tire. They have aerodynamic flaps and the decorative lines are reminiscent of the stripes on the bottom of the grille.

Expressive wheel arches

The wheel arches also contribute to the overall appearance of the Megane eVision. The smooth surface, covered with glossy black lacquer, is reminiscent of electric drive and urban style.

front of the car

The front end of the Megane eVision is extremely sporty and the embossing enhances it visually. Air intakes are located at the bottom, and thin headlights are connected by a very effective three-dimensional strip. An illuminated Renault logo in the center highlights the car's electric drive.

Renault Megane eVISION - the electric car of the future


The grille becomes part of the identity of electric vehicles. It has already appeared in the MORPHOZ concept car and is associated with hi-fi equipment. The grille, or rather the grilles, located at the bottom of the front and sides of the car, have been specially processed and form a perfect unit with the body.

Fine optics

The headlights are the most visible of the many details that showcase the Megane eVision's precision and technological advancement. A thin line of headlights with matrix LEDs enliven the front of the car with light. The characteristic lighting system, which has become an attribute of electric vehicles and is also found in the production model, visually expands the body.

Air intakes in the bumper

Side air intakes at the bottom of the bumper improve the car's aerodynamics. They create an air curtain and make it easier for air to flow around the wheel arches. They are covered with the same gold paint as the roof.

Renault Megane eVISION - the electric car of the future

Illuminated cover for charging socket

As in the MORPHOZ studio car, the Renault logo is displayed on the cover of the charging socket. The transparent cover is illuminated and serves as an indicator of the battery charge level.

Rear of the car

A strip of light that runs across the entire width of the car and wraps around the Renault logo visually widens the rear of the Megane eVision. Like the headlights, the taillights have cross-shaped LED beams that create a twinkling effect and make the light signature appear larger and more modern. The rear end adds dynamics and smoothness to the overall silhouette of the car.

Photo: Renault

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Renault Megane eVISION — электромобиль будущего
Renault Megane eVISION - the electric car of the future