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Renault opens sale of the new Espace


Renault opens orders and presents prices for the new Renault Espace in Russia. The new Renault Espace will be available starting at $169,900. (4 c.u. = 1 USD) in ZEN version with Blue dCi 200 EDC engine.

The Renault Espace is an iconic model that is always ahead of its time and constantly changing. The fifth generation of this model is an elegant crossover with an attractive design and top-end equipment. The tallest and most elegant version of Initiale stimulates all the senses, incl. touch, hear, smell and provide an unrivaled driving experience. In Russia, the Initiale Paris TCe 225 EDC FAP and Initiale Paris Blue dCi 200 EDC versions are available for $193,400. (4 c.u. = 1 USD).

New Renault Espace.

The new Espace is equipped with new Easy Drive technologies that support the driver – incl. Adaptive LED Matrix Vision headlights for better illumination of the road and greater safety, as well as Easy Pilot - an assistant for driving in traffic jams and on the highway. Thanks to the multifunctional systems Multi-Sense and 4Control, i.e. the all-wheel steering system, the driving characteristics of the new Renault Espace can be quickly adapted to the individual needs of the driver and passenger.

The new Espace is available for sale in Russia from today.

  • ZEN Blue dCi 200 EDC 169 900
  • Initiale Paris TCe 225 EDC FAP 193 400
  • Initiale Paris Blue dCi 200 EDC 193 400

Renault opens sale of the new Espace

New Espace - a new dimension of elegance and technology

Renault Espace debuted on the market in 1984. Over 1.3 million copies have been sold. This iconic model is always ahead of its time and constantly changing. The fifth generation is another reinterpretation of the famous car, which is now a purebred high-end crossover with a distinctive design.

The new Espace is Renault's flagship model and the most luxurious in its lineup of premium cars, including Koleos (SUV), Talisman (sedan) and Talisman Grandtour (station wagon). The new Espace is on sale.

“Since 2015, over 60% Renault Espace customers have chosen the Initiale Paris version. This confirms that repositioning for a high-end crossover was the right move. This group of customers appreciate the new design and technology that the Espace is equipped with, as well as the consistently high levels of comfort and roominess that have made the model a great success in the market for more than 35 years. The latest version of the model provides comfort worthy of a business class. — Valerie Kandeiler, Chief Marketing Officer, High-End Cars

Renault opens sale of the new Espace

External and internal design

Crossover Renault Espace will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Design is one of the main factors motivating buyers to choose this particular model. The stylistic changes made underline the expressive and luxurious character of the car. All these innovations are embodied in the new Espace in the Initiale Paris version.

Racial appearance

New to Renault's range, Matrix Vision Adaptive LED headlights add elegance to the silhouette and emphasize the brand's C-shaped lighting pattern. As the driver approaches the car, a welcome sequence is triggered and the headlights come on.

Attractive front end in the Initiale Paris version

The new Espace has a new façade. The bumper, lower grille and lateral chrome strips have been redesigned, emphasizing the iconic shape of the front of the car. The new front end has become a hallmark of the Renault range in the upper segment. As is the case with other models available in this version, the Initiale Paris emblem is placed on the grille.

Renault opens sale of the new Espace

Redesigned rear bumper

The rear of the car has also changed. The new Espace features a redesigned bumper and skid plate that enhance the crossover's style. Twin tailpipes give a sporty look, while the new lighting signature is highlighted by full LED taillights.

New body color Millesime Red

The new Millesime Red lacquer has been added to the color palette and is available for the entire range. This amazing color features a deep color with black and red highlights.

New rims

New models have been added to the current range of rims, including 20-inch Initiale rims only available in the Initiale Paris version.

Renault opens sale of the new Espace

Updated center console

The suspended center console in the new Espace looks not only more stylish, but also more practical. New features include a lockable glove box with cup holders, two USB inputs and a slot on the right side of the shift lever. Thanks to the use of an electrically operated "e-shifter" lever that is not mechanically connected to the gearbox, there is room for smartphones. They can be placed under the console, on a shelf with a wireless inductive charging function.

On the console, all the most important controls are now at your fingertips: the Renault Eeasy Link infotainment system, the Multi-Sense quick access button, the parking brake and the switch for the new Auto-Hold feature that keeps the car stationary when the parking brake is applied. not involved. The driver and passenger can adjust the ventilation temperature on the digital display, which is very convenient.

Digital instrument display and head-up display

The new version of the Espace Initiale Paris features a 10.2-inch digital clock display with 3D navigation that can be set to change depending on the selected Multi-Sense mode. In addition, the instrument panel has a head-up display that shows the most important driving information. This improves comfort and safety.

Renault opens sale of the new Espace

Five new sound modes with BOSE premium sound system.

BOSE, which has been working with Renault for over 10 years, has optimized the audio system for the new Espace. Thus, all users can enjoy perfectly clear sound, no matter where they are in the vehicle. As with high-end home audio solutions, the system includes 12 powerful three-way speakers. The user can select one of five operating modes for each type of sound and number of passengers:

  • Lounge mode - neutral and balanced sound,
  • Surround mode - surround sound worthy of the best cinema,
  • Studio mode provides clear and crisp sound just like in a recording studio.
  • Immersive mode - dynamic and spacious sound, reminiscent of a concert hall,
  • Driver mode directs sound waves towards the driver.

Renault opens sale of the new Espace

Engines - impressive performance

The new Espace is available with modern Renault engines that meet the requirements of the new WLTP test cycle, resulting in higher performance and driving comfort. All units use the latest exhaust emission control technology.

TCe 225 EDC FAP - we improve performance and driving pleasure

The TCe 225 EDC FAP is a 1.8-litre turbocharged direct injection petrol engine developed by Renault and Renault Sport engineers, which is also used in the Alpine A110. The unit is paired with a 7-speed dual clutch EDC automatic transmission to ensure responsiveness in all conditions. In combination with a dual intake turbine and a three-position variable valve timing system, the engine develops an output of 225 hp. and delivers high torque across all ranges for increased performance and driving pleasure.

Renault opens sale of the new Espace

The Blue dCi 200 EDC is an efficient diesel engine that delivers unrivaled power

The new Espace is powered by the award-winning 2.0 Blue dCi engine, which is built in France at Renault's plant in Cleon, Normandy. It works with a 6-speed dual-clutch EDC automatic transmission. The Blue dCi 200 is an extremely powerful engine with 400 Nm of torque at 1750 rpm for excellent acceleration and speed in all rev ranges.

This engine is equipped with an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system that reduces emissions and uses AdBlue® fluid injected into the exhaust system to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. It presents innovative solutions that lead to even greater fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions.

Photo: Renault

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Renault открывает продажу нового Espace
Renault opens sale of the new Espace