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Restyled XC60 - Volvo's bestseller just got smarter

Volvo XC60-2021

The Volvo XC60, the best-selling mid-size SUV in the premium segment, has received a number of improvements. First of all, a new on-board operating system was introduced, containing built-in services and Google applications (functions and services in the digital package differ depending on the market), based on the Android Automotive OS. The best-selling SUV is now smarter than ever.

New infotainment system for Volvo XC60

With the new infotainment system, the XC60 offers great personalization and connectivity options, complemented by an all-new digital services package. The most important elements of this package is the presence of Google Assistant, which allows voice control of functions, not just media. The new on-board system also offers best-in-class Google Maps-based navigation and access to in-vehicle apps from the Google Play Store. Access to all services is possible after logging in and having the necessary equipment in the car (depending on the market).

Restyled XC60 - Volvo's bestseller just got smarter

Volvo Car Group is the first car manufacturer to work closely with Google to create an in-car operating system that not only builds on the rich Android system, but also supports Google apps and services previously not available in cars. With this collaboration, the new system debuted in the first electric Volvo XC40 Recharge.

Restyled XC60 - Volvo's bestseller just got smarter

The Volvo XC60 is another model that will feature this system as factory standard equipment, and this hugely popular SUV will get another benefit. For more than a decade, the XC60 has been at the forefront of its segment with 1.7 million units sold between 2009 and 2020 across two generations of the XC60 (Global XC60 Generation I and II retail sales data combined, from January 2009 to December 2020). Even in a very difficult year for the industry, nearly 200,000 XC60s were sold. This model accounted for 29% of worldwide Volvo Cars sales. In Europe, the XC60 was the most popular mid-size SUV in the premium segment and ranked among the top five in the world. The XC60 has also received numerous awards and accolades, including the World's Most Important Car of the Year in 2018, as well as awards in other design and safety competitions.

Restyled XC60 - Volvo's bestseller just got smarter

Today, the XC60 is equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), a state-of-the-art active safety system made up of a range of radars, cameras and ultrasonic sensors. Among other things, this system provides detection of other road users, automatic braking and collision avoidance. Pilot Assist, on the other hand, offers assistance to the driver when pulling away to motorway speed.

In addition to the many changes made to the interior of the XC60, there are also minor improvements to the exterior - a new grille, new front bumpers, and new body colors and wheel designs. Additional personalization options include a choice of luxury options without leather upholstery or the new City Weave fabric upholstery. The R-Design version will be offered in a new navy blue colorway. Naturally metallic. The exhaust pipes of the facelift XC60 will be discreetly hidden behind the bumper.

The 2022 XC60 will go into series production at the end of May.

Photo: Volvo

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Рестайлинг XC60 — бестселлер Volvo стал еще умнее
Restyled XC60 - Volvo's bestseller just got smarter