The most expensive discs in the world: how do they differ from ordinary ones

MMany four-wheeler enthusiasts are probably interested in tuning their car. Tuning means more than just increasing power and performance. There are mechanical and optical tuning. Many less wealthy car owners, as well as young enthusiasts, prefer optical tuning to mechanical tuning.

Why? Because the car looks better and every outsider, seeing a “super car”, thinks that something amazing is hiding under its hood. This is a classic technique that is used not only by less wealthy people. However, there are experts who go much further. When tuning a car, they do things that are simply incomprehensible to other people. Sometimes they invest a fortune to stand out from the crowd.

The most efficient 4 wheels - literally!

The greatest connoisseurs are people for whom the value of money is completely different from that of an ordinary person. When it comes to cars and their tuning, it is worth knowing that a sufficiently large amount can literally work wonders. You can be an eyewitness in many cases. For example, car rims.

car tuning - it's mostly a mechanic that, unfortunately, can't be flaunted too much. Therefore, the optical setting catches the eye. The richest people invest unimaginable amounts of money in optical tuning. paint color - this is what catches your eye immediately after you notice the car on the horizon. However, there is something else that draws everyone's attention. Wheels.

When the car pulls up close enough to expose the wheels, it turns out that they are an equally nifty item worthy of tuning. Not everyone knows, but the cost of car wheels, and actually disks, sometimes exceeds the cost of a car. People with unimaginable amounts of money work hard to ensure that their car is perfect in every way. Well, you should not look for an explanation as to why they are pumping such measures to increase the aesthetic value of their cars.

Beautiful and expensive car rims

Before introducing wheel rims for expensive cars, it is worth considering what are they made of the best of them. Well, what's funny is that the same cheap, steel rim on the most expensive car will not impair driving. However, we are talking about optical tuning, so the rims on each wheel should have something more.

Currently alloy wheels lead the way. This is usually aluminum, which is easy to work with and is strong and durable. It can be freely formed by milling. And all this in accordance with road safety considerations. Beautiful discs differ not only in shape, but also in color. For this, they are used the best and most durable varnishes. The price is also determined by their diameter or width.

In addition, the price of discs significantly affects the brandwho promotes them. This is important because by buying brand rims with an established trust, you can be sure of their durability and safety on the road. Safety, as it turns out, is far from everything that the richest owners of equally expensive cars think about.

The most expensive car rims

The discs in question are a purchase beyond the reach of the average person. Only the richest people can afford such a set. These are frames for the bourgeoisie, for people with above-average incomes. It is worth adding that their price often exceeds the cost of an elite house, and these are just, it would seem, 4 car rims. The price of tires here can be omitted at all, because this is a meaningless fraction of the price of the rims themselves. How much are? How are they different from other discs? The time has come to answer these questions.

The most expensive discs in the world: how do they differ from ordinary ones
Image: Super glowing car rims

It's time to fasten your seat belts and hold on tight to your seat. The rims in question are manufactured by the Asanti brand. These are alloy wheels, but the difference is in the fittings. They are the ones who raise the price. These frames are encrusted with up to 26,000 diamonds. Yes! Twenty six thousand! Thus, it is diamonds that increase the price of discs. As if that wasn't enough, 1,200 rubies were also installed to add to the final cost of the discs.

The cost is staggering and unsurprisingly hard to imagine. It's nothing, $2,000,000. It's worth repeating, that's two million dollars! Do not convert this amount into rubles, because dollars alone can make you dizzy. These exclusive wheels are perfect for the same exclusive cars as Bentley and Rolls Royce. An interesting fact is that they can be ordered even in Russia! And surprisingly, there are those who want to buy them. Ehh .. What lucky people!


It is clearly seen that the richest people in the world can afford the highest quality toys. Perhaps such extravagance of money is completely unnecessary and even incomprehensible, but how will he discuss a certain proverb: "Who will forbid the rich?" Well, that's what it means to be rich.

Well, I suggest looking at more mundane options for quality products, although also at a “normal” price for many of us.

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Самые дорогие диски в мире: чем они отличаются от обычных
The most expensive discs in the world: how do they differ from ordinary ones